Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 3

Kirido’s raucous laughter roared, enveloping the classroom in laughter.

I looked around the classroom. Both the boys and girls were almost all laughing in unison.

From those guffawing loudly like Kirido, to those awkwardly laughing while trying not to, the breadth was wide, but they were all undoubtedly ‘laughing’.

Yeah. I expected this, but… still felt bad.

Calmly surveying the classroom, a few didn’t react at all – no, they had the complete opposite reaction.

And the one who stood out most distinctly was the girl sitting beside me.

Her closed eyelids opened, revealing transparent emerald green eyes.

Those eyes that seemed out of place on a Japanese showed strong anger, making me wonder what she planned to do, but before I knew it—

“What a nasty group of people this class is.”

A sharp, frigid voice rang out.

With a weight that seemed to pierce directly into one’s core, the sounds around us vanished.

Amidst the somehow cold stillness, that girl smoothly stood up.

“I have no intention to lecture. However, I scorn all who just laughed. Honesty is a virtue, not something to be ridiculed. That is my conviction, and I will not bend no matter what. That is all, just my impression.”

Those words were a blade of sharp, hostile tongue.

But this time, the one brandishing that blade was—overwhelming ‘beauty’.

The cold yet seemingly passionate beauty left everyone at a loss for words.

Clearly distinct from some pop idol or the like, she possessed absolute ‘beauty’. That passion and beauty further reinforced her argument.

“My name is Asahina Kasumi. My esper power is [Blessing of the Thunder God], able to summon, control, and completely dominate lightning. Incidentally, I’m also one of the four who avoided violating the school rules mentioned before.”

Shock rippled through the classroom at those words.

I was surprised too. Huh, isn’t that way too strong?

I kinda figured she’d be one of the ones who didn’t break the rules, but I absolutely didn’t think she had such a powerful esper ability.

Her gaze suddenly turned to me.

As I looked up at her in surprise, she flicked her long hair with her right hand and said just one thing.

“My dream is to be a ‘hero of justice’. To aid the weak and defeat evil. I intend to be that kind of hero! I look forward to the next three years with you, Amamori-kun!”



Scene transition



And so she smirked at me.

A bizarre existence with icy coldness and youthful passion.

And probably among the top espers in our grade.

Meanwhile I’m… probably like roadside trash?

I don’t know what kind of future this encounter will lead to.

I don’t really understand, but anyway.


I quietly muttered to myself in my mind, feeling like this was becoming a hassle.


After that.

The mood wasn’t really right for continuing self-introductions (though we did all introduce ourselves), so carrying that atmosphere, we jumped right into our first class.

It was math class first period.

This school uses the same system as elementary schools, with the homeroom teacher teaching all subjects.

Right now Ms. Sakaki was explaining some difficult formulas.

The class content was far harder than a normal school. Flawlessly teaching material at this level, if Ms. Sakaki could do this for all subjects, she’d have to be way beyond just excellent as a teacher. There must be something to be able to teach at this paradise-like oppressor’s school.

I was staring at the blackboard, mechanical pencil in hand, but…


The stares stabbing into my back this whole time were getting a little annoying.

Basically some wanted to complain to me since they got reamed out by Asahina earlier, but didn’t have the guts to speak to her directly, so they’re taking it out on Amamori instead.

Well, there were only a few with ill feelings towards me.

Ignoring them, I turned my focus to the blackboard… However.



Now the sideward glances from my neighbor were annoying.

She’d been repeatedly glancing over as if to say ‘Is he keeping up with the lesson? Is he okay?’ really persistently. I sharply made eye contact, ‘Stop looking over here!’

Yet for some reason Asahina wasn’t looking this way now. Hey, look over here!

“Quite relaxed, aren’t you, Amamori.”


I looked up in surprise at the voice I heard from ahead to see Ms. Sakaki there with a cold smile.

But her eyes weren’t smiling at all.

“Zoning out in my class takes some nerve. Answer the question on P21, #3. Of course if you were properly listening to class you could answer it.”

At those words.

Weren’t we on P12 just now?

I kept that doubt to myself.

Flipping to page 21, I saw a notation for excerpts from past entrance exams for top universities and became dizzy.

“I’m sorry… I don’t know.”

Answering honestly, I sighed, expecting to be laughed at again.

But the ridicule from classmates never came, and looking beside me curiously—what do you know, the beautiful Asahina had raised her hand primly.

The boys sighed at the sight while the girls forgot their envy, entranced by her beauty.

And what are you doing, idiot?

I tilted my head inside while the aforementioned Asahina opened her mouth.

“The answer is ‘ + ‘, right?”

“….Correct, but why are you answering, Asahina?”

“Supporting a classmate in need is natural, no?

She returned Ms. Sakaki’s sharp words with her own.

Turning her gaze to me, she gave a cute smile.

“No good, Amamori-kun. You have to properly pay attention in class.”

…Come on, who do you think caused this!? I’ll kill you!

I thought that, but kept it hidden and gave a small polite bow to smooth it over.

Watching our exchange, Ms. Sakaki heaved a big sigh.

And at that timely moment, the chime signaling the end of class echoed.

“Well, fine. Be more attentive from next time onward. This concludes the first period. Next is PE. Everyone go change into gym clothes in the locker room and gather on the field.”

And so, the class ended without any greetings.

I couldn’t help but mutter quietly to myself, feeling that things were getting bothersome.

It seemed like I had caught the attention of the teacher on the very first day, and my classmates didn’t seem to like me.

I let out a sigh for various reasons, but I quickly changed my mindset and started moving with the jersey I had been given earlier.

The reason was straightforward:

“The ninth rule: Be on time for class. Those who are not prepared for class when the bell rings for the start of class will, in principle, be subject to a fine of 100,000 yen or expulsion, whichever is deemed appropriate.” …That’s why I had to move.

Well, what’s written seems reasonable as a rule, but honestly, the fine amount is insane. A fine of 100,000 yen? That can buy two game consoles.

With all that in mind, I was the first to start moving.

I didn’t want to linger too long and get caught up with Asahina san or other students.

But as I acted on this thought…

“Hey, hold on a second!”

Somehow, a line straight out of a manga like “Kim○k” was thrown at me.

When I turned around, there was a student who had been called “Kirido” standing there.

He clearly had dyed hair and artificial curls, as if to say, “I’ve got style.” He had gray eyes, probably from wearing colored contacts. Honestly, it didn’t suit him at all. He was trying to look cool, wearing his uniform loosely and acting like the leader of the class, but he wasn’t exactly handsome, so I honestly thought he looked lame.

In conclusion, he should apologize to Kim○k.

“Hey, did you say your name was Amamori? You seem to have stumbled upon a pretty weak ability! As for me, I have ‘Instant Acceleration,’ the strongest ability when it comes to speed. No one can beat me!”

I looked at the guy next to me in silence. …I looked back at him, understanding what he was trying to say.

“…That’s fortunate for you. So, what do you want?”

“Huh? What’s with that cheeky attitude? If I go all out, it’ll be over in an instant, you know?”

I wondered what would happen in an instant. I was a little curious, but well, I understood what he was getting at.

This Kirido guy had been increasingly focusing his attention on Asahina san since earlier. He probably wanted to show off his good side to the class’s pretty girl.

Well, I think it’s counterproductive when it comes to Asahina san.

She stood up from her seat and came over to me.

“…Yuuto Amamori. The next class is physical education. Shall we go together?”

Her lifeline to rescue me. Should I continue to deal with Kirido or move with Asahina san?

Honestly, I didn’t like either option, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be the latter.

I adjusted the bag containing my gym clothes and started walking with her.

“Oh, hold on, the conversation isn’t over yet!”

I heard Kirido’s voice from behind, but Asahina san ignored him.

“Don’t worry about it, Yuuto-kun. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

I didn’t need to be told that.

I hadn’t paid much attention to such a small fry from the beginning.

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