Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 4

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A loud sound that could shatter eardrums echoed. At that moment, Suzume’s body jumped in Sora’s arms.

She was also startled by the loud noise, but because Suzume possessed a magical organ called a “horn,” she noticed and reacted to the immense magical power contained in the loud sound.

She shuddered to the core of her being. Her ears rang, and for a moment, every sound disappeared from her hearing. This was just the aftermath. If a direct blow was received, her body could literally break apart.

Suzume thought of that. Confirming that assumption, the enormous Basilisk, struck by Sora’s magical power, soared above gravity.


The 10-meter Basilisk flew through the air as if it had been hit by a cannon directly.

After witnessing that, Sora briefly spoke to Suzume, who was astonished.

“We’ll jump. Be careful not to bite your tongue.”

Jump? There wasn’t time to ask. In the next moment, Sora swiftly squatted down and kicked the ground while holding Suzume.

A powerful impact struck Suzume’s entire body, to the point where she was on the verge of screaming.

Then, Sora descended onto ground that had not yet been consumed by the rotten sea.

After setting Suzume down, Sora reached out for the katana that was impaled in the ground in front of him. He gripped the black katana emitting a mysterious power without hesitation.

At that moment, the ground shook violently. The Basilisk that had been sent flying by Sora’s magical power crashed to the ground. The Basilisk immediately fixed its gaze on Sora and let out a roar of intimidation.

The ground was rotten and muddy, so it seemed to have received little damage from the fall.

Aiming at that Basilisk, Sora casually swung his katana. It was a strike that wouldn’t reach it, yet it easily severed the monster’s leg. The monster’s leg danced in the air, spraying poisonous blood, and a howl of agony echoed in the area.

Looking again, the Basilisk, which should have had eight legs, unexpectedly now had five. If the earlier attack was the first strike, then the second—when Suzume thought of that point, she finally realized what had happened.

Sora, who hurried to this place, first cut off the two legs that had trapped Suzume. After that, he thrust the katana into the ground and, with his arms free, leaped to the base of the sacred tree to catch Suzume as she was falling. Then, after catching her, he repelled the Basilisk’s counterattack with magical power, jumped back into the air, and returned to this place. It was something a human couldn’t do.


While Suzume silently watched Sora’s back, he spoke to her in a soft voice.

“Suzume, step back a little further.”


As she was told, Suzume quickly moved away from Sora. Sora, who confirmed it with a sideways glance, raised his katana into the air. The black tip pointed directly to the sky.

“—Illusory Sword Style.”

As soon as Sora murmured those words, Suzume felt a strong heat and let out a surprised voice. When she looked, the black katana held by Sora was burning red as if it had turned into a flame. A column of fire shot straight into the sky.

“Burn together with this rotten forest—Flames of Grudge!”

When Sora swung his katana, the flames that stretched toward the sky quickly turned into torrents and attacked the Basilisk. It enveloped and crushed the enormous Basilisk along with the rotting sea that surrounded it.

Suzume could only watch that sight as if she were dreaming.


“Hm, it’s really resilient.”

I muttered quietly so Suzume wouldn’t hear me. And as I said that, the Basilisk engulfed in flames continued to thrash about for a while. It’s a monster with the name of a king, so I suppose it’s not weak enough to be defeated by a single technique.

But that was the Basilisk’s last resistance. It was inevitable. Then, the soul of the dead serpent king came to me.

Immediately, my body trembled. It was a familiar sensation—the level increase.

Now my level is “8”. When I tried to exhale in satisfaction, I heard a weak voice saying, “Ah…” from behind. Then, I heard something falling. Looking over, Suzume had collapsed with a pale face.

I hurried over to her. I thought she had collapsed due to all the tension with the Basilisk, but her breathing was ragged, her face was pale, and there was a lot of heat when I touched her forehead. No matter how you look at it, these were symptoms of illness.

At first, I tried to take Suzume to one of the houses in the village, but I immediately changed my mind. The smoke rising from the burning rotten sea was a darker purple black. It was obvious that it was highly poisonous and contained substances that were harmful to the body. Depending on the direction of the wind, sparks could start a fire. Keeping Suzume in the village in this situation was dangerous.

…Did I rush to use fire? No, if I left the rotten sea as it was, it would surely engulf the forest and villages. If we think about it simply, it would be “A forest that continues to decay” or “A forest reduced to ashes.” Considering that, the latter was less harmful. A girl who lost her birthplace might come to a different conclusion, but everything will be resolved in due time.

“For now, we need to get away from here. Other monsters besides the Basilisk might attack.”

I remembered that we were still in danger. I surveyed the surroundings and left the Kijin village, carrying Suzume.

After that, I headed to the Lord of the Flies’s nest.

I placed Suzume on the bed that Miroslav had used when I brought her here before, and tried to give her the Jiraiya Oaks fruit that I had take. Suzume’s symptoms were worsening. I felt that, at this rate, things would go very badly.

However, Suzume had been unconscious for a while. In that state, she wouldn’t be able to eat the fruit. With no other choice, I decided to chew the Jiraiya Oaks fruit and feed it to Suzume mouth-to-mouth.

Fortunately, it was a success. Suzume’s labored breathing gradually recovered. Her fever subsided, and I felt more relieved, but the problem was not yet over.

This time, her body temperature began to drop rapidly. Even if the poison disappeared, the lost physical strength wouldn’t return. At this moment, Suzume’s body had no room for warmth. Remembering, she remained unconscious even after eating the sour Jiraiya Oaks fruit. Perhaps her spirit had been exhausted to the core.

“This is bad… even if I take her to Ishka and have her receive healing magic, I don’t think she has enough physical strength…”

There was the option to go and buy a stamina potion or a superior potion—but the problem was the same. Suzume’s endurance wouldn’t last until I returned.

A feeling of frustration emerged from the depths of my heart. I couldn’t take her to Ishka, and there wasn’t much time. In that case, I had to do something with the things in this place. There should be a multipurpose potion in my luggage—no, wait. I was thinking about many things, but I remembered what Luna Maria said. That my blood is equivalent to that of a dragon.

“She said, ‘Drinking the blood of a dragon will cure any illness, and eating its meat will rejuvenate the body.’ It might be poisonous to a weak body… but we’ll have to try.”

At this rate, she won’t survive. So, we can only take a risk.

I bit into the flesh of my right arm, absorbed the blood that spilled, and put it into Suzume’s mouth. I repeated it two, three times, thinking I would stop if something went wrong.

As I did that, Suzume’s cheeks started to turn red. When I touched her forehead and arms, I could feel a certain warmth in her body that had been cold as ice.

Haaa. I exhaled, feeling a great relief. I think she’ll be fine now, but I can’t let my guard down. I lay down next to Suzume in case her condition suddenly changed.

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