Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 3

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“we went all the way to the back, so you’re in the last row. Next, please.”

As Hughan resumed the proceedings, the students quickly faced forward again.

(I-I was surprised…)

Raze relaxed her shoulders. She was taken aback by the sudden attention, but it seemed she had barely grazed their friend zone.

(A character who can study, huh… Well, I did intend to do my best not to be looked down upon…)

Being labeled as a scholarship student, Raze’s direction and character in her mind quickly solidified. If she entered as a commoner, she knew that the nobles wouldn’t pay her any attention unless her grades were outstanding. She had planned to work hard enough not to be shunned, but now it seemed like aiming for the top to meet expectations would be a better approach.

(I wanted to avoid standing out too much… Things aren’t going quite as planned…)

Despite feeling bewildered by the unfamiliar task, Raze decided to do her best to avoid receiving disapproving looks from the noble students.

“All right then, let’s head to the dormitory as part of the campus tour. Once we arrive at the dorm, the second-year students will take care of you, so make sure to listen to them. Tonight, there will be a freshmen welcome party, so the seniors will fill you in on the details. Also, tomorrow, we’ll have classes starting from the first period. Make sure to come to this classroom on time. You only need writing utensils. That’s all. Any questions?”

Since no questions were asked, homeroom ended, and Hughan began guiding them around the academy.


Folia rushed over to Raze first thing. Since there were no other commoners in this class, she was undoubtedly relying on Raze.

“A scholarship student? Amazing! You surprised me.”

“Folia-san’s healing magic aptitude is also rare. I was shocked. My movement magic isn’t flashy at all so I’m jealous.”

“Th-That’s not true! I’ve never met someone with movement magic as their aptitude before you, Raze-san. All kinds of magic have wonderful powers, I think.”

Smiling sweetly, Folia’s voice like a bell and appearance you might mistake for an angel felt pleasant to listen to.

“You’re right, thanks.”

While honestly answering, Raze checked out the charms – magic stone accessories and ornaments – on Folia’s arm.

The bracelet charm had a white magic stone. Using a stone matching your aptitude element improves magic quality. Good choice, Raze thought.

“Cute charm.”

“Thank you very much. Raze-san has earrings, right? Weren’t you scared getting them pierced?”

“Huh? I got them magically pierced so I was fine. Earrings don’t fall off so they’re best for me.”

Raze’s earrings simply had finely cut stones embedded. Magic firmly affixed the earrings so they wouldn’t detach from any impacts.

Made for her in the military, they weren’t fashionable accessories. Calling them combat equipment wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Clearly different from the nobles’ high design sense charms.

Magic stone size and contained magical power aren’t proportional. What’s important is the original stone’s innate strength, and skillfully carving out the core portion.

Raze’s magic stones were collected by her and processed by skilled military friends, so they had sufficient power despite the small size. If you can’t draw out a magic stone’s power, it’s just a rock. Needless to say, her magic stone activation was master class.

Well, you couldn’t ascertain that just by looking. No one had any idea of Raze’s ability.

“The training grounds over there. The ‘Tower of Time’ visible in the back is staff only so don’t enter without very good reason. There’s a flower garden to the east. You’ll get severely scolded if you mess with it so be careful.”

Stepping out to the outer walkway, a spacious courtyard came into view. Apparently this area was called the training grounds.

The tower with the large clock visible in the back was the ‘Tower of Time’. Beautifully intricate Gothic architecture. A precious private space since teachers live in the academy too.

I’ll visit the flower garden sometime.

“It’s so big.”


Having been to military facilities much larger than this, Raze didn’t feel the academy was that spacious, but she was interested in the barriers in place here.

Unlike the other students, she wanted to look into the distance and investigate the limits of the defensive boundaries.

But that would make her a problem child, so she held off.

Heading back the way they came, taking a left at the dead end this time. Passing through the doors to outside, a stone-paved path extended to a gate in the distance.

“Beyond is the ‘Pheaser Shopping District’. Built referencing commoner townscapes so even you all who normally can’t casually go out can shop here without reservation. There are all kinds of stores so you should enjoy it.”

At this, the students’ eyes lit up.

For commoners, shopping districts were a place you could visit anytime, but to them it likely felt somewhat like a theme park.

(The nobles have it rough too, huh~.)

While absentmindedly observing their reactions, Raze witnessed a shocking sight.

“Lord Addis. If it pleases you, won’t you accompany me to the shopping district to play next time?”

“Ah, I was just about to invite you myself!”

“No, with me!”

“Lord Addis, how about the next holiday with me?”

(–……What’s going on over there?)

Somehow, the Grim Reaper’s son had a group of female classmates waiting on him.

Raze watched the small crowd blankly. Just how would he respond?


“Thanks for the invite. Then, why don’t we all go together next time?”



“As if.”

Overlapping voices of disapproval, Raze hurriedly looked to the girl beside her opposite Folia.

“Good thing there’s a comrade here.”

“Lady Mortens…”

The girl there was the Foreign Minister’s only daughter, Carne Foot Mortens.

With delicate features suiting her light purple rolled hair, she was a different kind of pretty girl from the cute Folia. The beauty mark under her eye was charming.

Raze unintentionally became infatuated.

“As expected, that’s going too far. I’m glad a girl I can talk to properly was here.”


“Fufu. There’s no need to be so modest. This is a place where those who passed the same exam gather. You’re a scholarship student, right? I think you can be more confident. Please call me kana. You as well, Raze-san and Folia-san.”

Getting addressed by the top ranking young lady in Class A was an honor.

Raze smiled brightly.

“Understood, kana-sama. Please treat me well from now on.”

“K-kana-sama. Thank you very much.”

“It’s fine. I was determined to become friends with Folia-san from the start.”

Her wording was as if she had known Folia for a long time already.

Something felt off to Raze about kana’s words, but she convinced herself that Carne had likely decided to call out to cute Folia during the enrollment ceremony or such, and thought no more about it.

“Oh, that’s right. Your Highness! Claude! How about joining us too?”

Addis’ voice calling out to get Prince Ruben involved could be heard, and once more Raze looked that way.

Ruben seemed unable to refuse, an awkward expression on his face. Claude Or Lezia nearby, the prince’s foster brother, was sending Addis an icy gaze from behind his glasses as if to say “Don’t get me involved”.

However, with that one call, the number of young ladies heading Addis’ way definitely increased.

(Ah, I feel bad for the class’s boys…)

She viewed the left out male students with pitying eyes.

She had thought the people of this world grew up a bit faster compared to her old world, with many youths acting mature, but students this brazen were surprising. It was like manga characters had popped out.

“I don’t know what to say… He’s incredible in various meanings.”

“But shopping together sounds fun, doesn’t it?”

Folia smiled as she assessed the group of young ladies that way.

(Guh—! What a pure-hearted girl!)

Faced with the overwhelming light attribute aura she emitted, Raze’s withered military heart took damage. She thought she might be blinded, but somehow endured.

(A girl so pure she seems likely to be tricked by bad guys any moment—)

They had only just met several hours ago, but as fellow commoners, Raze couldn’t overlook Folia becoming prey for Addis.

“Um…Folia-san. Would you like to go shopping with me?”

Raze braced herself and invited her. Her last words turned to polite speech, and she realized afterwards she had tensed up. With so little experience making friends, even she was surprised.

“Ehh, you’ll go with me?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all! I’m looking forward to it!”

Having gotten an okay from Folia, Raze did a guts pose internally.

Bolstered by that, she looked to Carne beside her.

“How about you, kana-sama?”

“I’d love to. Thank you for inviting me.”

Honestly, if I were a guy I’d have fallen for her here. I felt like jumping for joy at kana’s radiant smile and nod.

(Shopping with girl friends… Is this a dream?!)

Somehow, Raze had flowers in both hands.

“Time to head to the dorms.”

With an exasperated voice, Teacher Hugan called out to the small group.

Then the young ladies swiftly switched gears, saying they had to hurry back and prepare for the party, dispersing quickly.

Raze was slightly surprised at the scene.

(As expected of a nobles’ school…)

By the way, the prince and steward’s son didn’t become prey for the Grim Reaper’s son, it seems.

“Miss kana. If you wouldn’t mind, how about having tea at the shopping district this Saturday? If you come, I believe His Highness will as well.”

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