Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

“I had a feeling it would turn out like this.”

Suddenly, a calm voice echoed, carrying a sense of composure.

“You guys were bound to protest. That’s why I’ve come to the class earlier than expected, to deal with it properly.”

“Huh? What’s the deal about breaking school rules? You’re telling me that just because I didn’t sleep at 8, they deduct 100,000 yen from my pocket? Give back the money you took from me, dammit!”

The male student yelled back at the composed female teacher.

He seemed like he was about to charge at her any moment. Watching through the door, I fidgeted restlessly. A female student held him back, giving the teacher a troubled look.

“U-um, sensei… The truth is, everyone has the same opinion as Kiri—uh, I mean, Kiri-kun. It’s a bit excessive to impose a 100,000 yen fine for not turning off the lights at 8 AM… We know we’re at fault for not reading the school rules properly, but…”

As she spoke, about eighty percent of the silent students nodded along.

Her ponytail and bright chestnut hair, her charming double-toothed smile peeping out from her lips—contrasting her sporty appearance, her demeanor was soft, quite fitting for a class representative. However…

“Kurashiki Hotaru… I understand. But you all knew the consequences for not reading the rules. It’s your own fault.”

At her words, a sense of freezing spread through the entire class.

The atmosphere became tense in an instant. And, in the midst of it, I began to seriously consider heading back.

…Nah, impossible. I don’t have the courage to swing open the classroom door in this atmosphere.

Seriously, I wish they wouldn’t have this class meltdown without me.

If it’s going to collapse anyway, I wish they had at least waited for me to enter the classroom.

As I smoothed out the wrinkles between my brows, the male student referred to as Kirido let out a shout.

“I’m telling you to quit messing around! What school rules? You’ve been saying that all this time, but I’ve never heard any of it! You just suddenly throw this stuff at us—”

“Haven’t you heard? Isn’t it strange? Didn’t Headmaster announce it?”

The female teacher’s voice overlaid the male student’s voice, resonating across the room, reminding me of the Headmaster’s words.

“…That guy never explicitly mentioned the school rules.”

But I still think he must have touched upon that ‘fragment’ for sure.

Because those words the school principal said last――

“Adhere to the rules and enjoy a better school life.”

It sounded like a typical phrase from the school principal, as if he was the very embodiment of it.

But what happens when you take the meaning of those words at face value?

“…Hey, didn’t he say it? Follow the rules.”

Kiri-boy stuttered in response to those words.

Certainly, the school principal’s words must have remained in his memory.

That’s right, after creating such a sense of foreboding with the student handbook, he then offered his own ‘sweet words’. Students who had such a sense of foreboding couldn’t forget it, especially that level of sweetness.

That’s why there was no room for argument. In the realm of logic, emotional arguments like his wouldn’t hold up.

The female teacher smiled thinly at Kiri-boy’s silence and then scanned the entire class with her gaze.

“Well then, the start couldn’t have been worse. You foolish lot have managed to fail spectacularly at the starting line. I will be taking charge of your class starting today. My name is Rei Sakaki.”

And so, with me still absent, the curtain of school life was drawn.

…But the problem is not the classroom chaos, but the timing of my appearance.

In which scene and with what attitude should I make my entrance? It’s a bit of a high hurdle for me… Should I go back seriously? Maybe it’s better to start fresh today.

As I was contemplating all this, I heard the voice of the teacher named Sakaki from the class.

“…So, we’ve finished our self-introduction. It seems there’s one person who hasn’t arrived yet, though. Hey, the guy in the hallway.”


When I turned my gaze towards the classroom, our eyes met squarely.

…I wonder when she noticed. It’s a little embarrassing, but thanks to her, I got my chance to make my entrance. The class atmosphere is still terrible, but if I miss this opportunity, the timing might never come again.

Summoning my courage, I opened the door and stepped into the classroom.

“…Yuuto Amamori. He was one of the only four students in the year who managed to avoid breaking the school rules this time. Just when you thought you were lucky to avoid a rule violation, you appear at the worst possible moment… I don’t know if you’re lucky or unlucky.”

“…I think the same about myself.”

Suddenly, I was exposed as someone who had “avoided breaking the rules,” and skeptical glances from the entire class gathered on me. Even if they look at me as if to say, “Why didn’t you tell us?” Or something like that. Is there anyone in this class who exchanged contact information with me? Probably not.

Ignoring the gazes, I sat down according to the seating chart posted on the blackboard.

The seating arrangement seemed simple, following a numerical order separated by gender.

The desks are arranged with the boys whose surnames start with ‘A’, headed by me, Amamori, lined up vertically along the windows, and the girls lined up vertically next to them according to seating order.

So this time I was able to secure a position by the window in the very front, which tends to be a blind spot for the teacher during class, but… the countless stares stabbing into my back are a little painful.

“Now that everyone has gathered, time for self-introductions. One by one, state your name and granted ‘esper ability’, and feel free to add anything else you want to say. I should note there is no need whatsoever to honestly reveal your ability. Boasting of a stronger power to make a stronger impression is one strategy. Though if your lies are exposed later, your credibility will plummet.”

The students had varied reactions to those words.

Kirido, who had an unpleasant sneer when it was mentioned to boast about strong powers, now had a blue face at the part about credibility plummeting. And Kurashiki, the class rep-like girl from before, was frowning as if struggling over it.

And amidst all that, a girl sitting next to me caught my eye.

Lustrous black hair flowing down to her waist. Her firmly shut eyelids didn’t allow a single emotion to be read. Yet even with closed eyes, a sense of beauty could be felt.

Her straight back and textbook perfect posture.

It was like a marble sculpture.

Such a paragon of ‘beauty’ was sitting right beside me.

…Well, fancy talk aside, she was incredibly beautiful.

And seeing how still her torso was, she must be quite athletic. That was my honest impression. Nothing else really. Though with how bizarrely still she remained in this situation, I felt she stood out a bit too much in this class.

As I watched her, I suddenly recalled something.

That there were four of us who avoided violating the school rules, including me.

“Then starting from seating order, Amamori, you start.”

At those words, countless stares gathered on me again. Roughly half were the same piercing gazes as before. Getting this hated on the first day, I smiled wryly inside and stood up.

My name and esper ability, right? I had nothing in particular to tell my classmates, but… Keeping it simple for now should be fine.

Giving up on thinking too hard, I just stated it bluntly.

“I’m Amamori Yuuto. My esper power is [Worsening Eyesight]. Nice to meet you.”

I sat back down to a frozen classroom behind me.

My power is [Worsening Eyesight].

The effect is just as it sounds.

I can worsen the eyesight of anyone I touch for three seconds, but it has no use.

I’d never use it in daily life. Let alone for esper battles.

I think it’s probably the weakest, compared to other esper powers.

I said it believing it’s the weakest.

Looking ahead, Ms. Sakaki at the teacher’s podium was holding her stomach laughing.

What a teacher. Just quit. I thought, but kept silent.

…No, she’s a teacher. She must have already known my power from the start.

And despite that, making me do self-introductions first… She has a nasty personality.

The first time she showed a human-like smile to me, she asked,

“Pfft…hahahaha! W-What’s the effect of that ability, Amamori?”

“….It slightly blurs the vision for three seconds.”

What a nasty question.

I’m an idiot for answering it, but refusing here would just lead to expectations I couldn’t meet later. I should humble my power a little.

Well, my power is weak anyway.

And so, attempting the honest strategy to gain trust from my classmates –

“Pfft…Hahahahahahahaha! What the hell is that!?”

– it completely backfired.

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