Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 3

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The Guardian Forest.

That’s what the Kijin called the vast forest known by we human as Tittis. Suzume is a survivor of the Kamuna clan, who protects the Guardian Forest—the last of them.

Originally, the Kamuna village was a small settlement where around a hundred Kijin lived. Against humans, the policy was “Invade or don’t invade”; they wouldn’t do anything unless the forest was disturbed.

The choices for the Kamuna village were taken away from humans. Forty years ago, the Kamuna village was destroyed by a group of samurais from the east.

Despite the Kijin’s fierce resistance, the samurais’ power was overwhelming, and only seven survived. There were elderly people who were too old to fight and children who were too young to fight. Suzume’s parents were among those children.

After that, the surviving Kijin resumed their lives normally, but it was impossible for a group of elderly and children to live in the depths of Tittis, the nest of monsters.

Some fell ill, others were attacked by monsters, and others gave the little food they had to their children and died.

The Kijin dwindled more and more. By the time Suzume was born, her parents were the only surviving Kijin. And her parents were no longer there. Suzume’s father went hunting when she was three years old, but he never returned, and her mother died from an illness on Suzume’s sixth birthday. Seven years had passed since then. Suzume had been protecting the Kamuna village alone.

At sunrise, she searched for nuts and edible plants in the forest, returned to the village at night when monster activity was high, and carried out cleaning tasks. Including houses other than her own.

That’s what her mother used to do, and Suzume took over after she passed away. It was for when the residents would return someday—Suzume remembered her mother’s sad face as she said that.

And there was one more thing that Suzume inherited from her mother. That was the offering to the sacred tree that stood to the north of the village and performing a dance in dedication.

A ritual to calm the spirit of the serpent that slept in this land.

It was a ritual that the Kamuna villagers had been performing for generations, and even though they had reduced their food intake, Suzume’s parents had always prioritized the offerings.

Even for her sick mother, it was indispensable, and after she could no longer dance, she taught young Suzume how to do it.

Previously, Suzume was captured by the Lord of the Flies because the quantity of offerings wasn’t sufficient, and she ventured outside the barrier to gather more food despite the danger.

That’s when she encountered a human, and he helped her.

—It was the first time she had exchanged words with someone since her mother’s death. Until then, she was desperate to survive and had no time to spare. Monsters couldn’t enter the Kijin village due to the barrier, but small animals like squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs, and birds frequently visited her. Talking to them made her feel less alone. Even if something happened, she never thought of leaving the forest and going to a human city.

But since that encounter, Suzume’s feelings towards humans had changed slightly.

That person wasn’t a monster who would attack a Kijin as soon as they saw one, but someone she could talk and laugh with.

When she found a lost human in the forest, instead of staying silent and running away, she spoke to him and guided him to the river.

He was a different person from the one who helped her escape from the Lord of the Flies, but he was still a human, and she thought she had repaid the favor in some way.

But there was no way a thirteen-year-old girl could predict that the person who helped her had sold her information to a slaver.


The location of the village could be specified because of that. Hunters were sent one after another.

Because of that, she couldn’t leave the barrier, and thus, she couldn’t foresee that the ritual for the spirit of the serpent couldn’t be performed.

Then, the Rotten Sea spread from the Serpent King’s appearance, swallowing part of the village, withering the sacred tree, and the barrier vanished.

Suzume faced the monster alone. The peculiar long pupils of a snake. Were those completely red eyes filled with delight at the delicious prey in front of it or with the hatred of being sealed for many years?

Suzume tried to escape up a small hill, but she received a powerful blow from the Basilisk’s trunk-like tail and was quickly captured.

With a throaty sound of joy, “Kyurororo,” the monster climbed the sacred tree while holding Suzume.

…..Ahh, am I going to die here?

Trembling with pain and fear, Suzume thought that. She wanted to escape, but her body wouldn’t move.

She knew it. Since the barrier protecting the village had disappeared due to the Rotten Sea, even if she could survive today, a harder life than ever would await her tomorrow.

A thirteen-year-old girl couldn’t survive in Tittis without any protection. In that case, if she died here, the suffering would be shorter. She could see her parents again.

“Please, be happy.”

Her mother died lamenting about leaving her young daughter alone. Suzume was sad because she couldn’t respond to those last words, but it was already impossible.

“…..I’m sorry, mother.”

She murmured with a trembling voice. The basilisk extended its long tongue as if laughing at that and licked Suzume’s face and body. A terrifying sensation ran through her entire body. But she no longer had the strength or energy to dispel it.

Her vision grew darker. Just like her consciousness. Right before everything was about to be engulfed in blackness, she felt that someone was in her field of vision— but surely, it was just her imagination. Suzume thought that.

There was no way someone could be here. Even if there was, they were probably some kind of reaper coming to take her away. Thinking that, she tried to surrender to her consciousness.

But at that moment…


An explosion rang out near the monster, followed by a thunderous roar. Sensing something had happened, Suzume’s body felt weightless. The Basilisk, which had been squeezing her like a vice, released its grip.

The Basilisk had climbed the sacred tree while holding Suzume. But as it let go of her body, she fell according to the laws of nature. It was a great height. Moreover, Suzume couldn’t move her body. Was it due to the monster’s venom or a reaction to having given up everything? As she involuntarily closed her eyes, a voice reached her ears.

“—Oh, that was close.”

With such a voice, Suzume’s body was firmly held in the air and landed as it was. When she timidly opened her eyes, she saw a young man with black hair and eyes looking at her with a daring smile on his lips.

It was a familiar face. It was, but she didn’t know why he was here at this moment.


The young man whom Suzume murmured to—Sora winked one eye. Suzume didn’t understand that, but she opened her mouth, intending to thank him. However, instead, her eyes widened in the next moment.

The Basilisk that was above Sora and Suzume had flames of anger in its eyes and charged downward—no, it gained momentum from there!

If you were crushed by the enormous body of the Basilisk, whether you were human or Kijin, there would be no salvation.

“Uhh… Uh…!”

Suzume tried to somehow warn Sora of the danger, but her tongue, like her body, didn’t move. Sora, who was holding Suzume in his arms, didn’t have a weapon to face the Basilisk.

No, even if he did, there was no way to counter the weight of a 10-meter Basilisk.

Run, Suzume tried to convey that to Sora. It didn’t matter if he had to abandon her, but he should run.

But just before Suzume could utter a word, the enormous Basilisk descended. In response to that, Sora looked up. Even as he saw the Basilisk approaching, he didn’t bat an eyelid. Not even a tenth of Suzume moved.

Seeing that, Sora slowly opened his mouth—

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