Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 1

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Chapter 6: Large-scale Investigation

Villebron’s largest adventurer party, “Night Dragonflies,” embarked on a large-scale labyrinth dive.

It’s impossible to go unnoticed. As we headed towards the Adventurer’s Guild, we were exposed to various people’s gazes and gossip along the way.

“Vim, I heard your name,” Heidemarie grinned and nudged me with her elbow.

“Ah, come on, stop it,” I said, but it started to bother me. I had been hearing voices here and there that seemed to be referring to me. Things like, “Is that him?” or “Is that Vim?”

Well, I can’t blame them for not looking pleased. Being kicked out of a party and immediately clinging to a major party, it’s natural to be suspected of having connections. Actually, it’s Heidemarie’s connection.

When you start to worry about the gazes around you, you end up following the gazes that are thrown at you. Then naturally, your eyes are drawn to the source of those gazes. And once you become conscious of others to that extent, there are things you can’t help but remember.

I wonder if everyone is watching me.

It surprises me too. I still call everyone from “Dragon’s Wing” my friends.

Recently, I rarely hear about “Dragon’s Wing.”

I don’t think we’ve achieved anything remarkable in the labyrinth dive, but I haven’t had the courage to investigate it either.

Maybe our injuries haven’t healed yet, and we haven’t been able to undertake a lucrative labyrinth dive.

…Even though I’m no longer involved with “Dragon’s Wing,” what am I thinking?

I wonder what everyone would think if they saw me now. It wouldn’t make them feel good.


No, no, even if it’s because of connections, even if it’s flattery, the members of “Night Dragonflies” still appreciate me. I shouldn’t think unnecessary thoughts and focus on what I can do.

The Adventurer’s Guild is a special facility rather than a regular building. On the surface, there’s a large building for reception and requests, while the underground houses the first level of the labyrinth. The first level is under the guild’s control and has the appearance of a basement floor of a building.

From the entrance of the first level to the teleportation gate at the farthest point, there is a paved road that can accommodate a whole army.

It’s not often mentioned, but the Adventurer’s Guild is technically a governmental agency under the country’s control. It’s a part of the financial system, but due to the amount of money it generates, it possesses an absolute power that transcends jurisdiction. The Guild Master and the Sage Association of the Adventurer’s Guild are famous for their power in Villebron, which one should not antagonize.

After finishing the reception, we finally enter the first level. After walking on the road for a while, Camilla turns around at an open area halfway up the hill and gives a command to everyone.

“All members, focus!”

Everyone straightens their posture. The gaze of the 122 members of “Night Dragonflies” is concentrated in one direction.

A large-scale labyrinth dive by a party like “Night Dragonflies” is slightly different from that of smaller parties.

The frontline party bears the responsibility of jumping into danger first.

The labyrinth is irrational, and it’s not uncommon to encounter traps that are like deathtraps for first-timers.

In the past, slaves were sent as advance parties to gather information, but proud individuals did not tolerate such a wicked practice.

Only the strong should throw themselves into danger. Honor lies beyond the danger of the labyrinth.

In other words, this time, we are going to face danger head-on. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we’re going to die. The determination required is on the brink of madness, bordering on suicide.

Camilla, who leads us, is also no ordinary person.

“From here, we will embark on an investigation of the unknown 98th level! As you all know, this is a genuine life-or-death mission that surpasses the previous explorations! We left fear behind with our farewell letters! Prepare yourselves!”

We nod and respond.


“Sacrifice your lives! And use those lives to protect honor, treasures, and the comrades by your side! ‘Night Dragonflies’ will return intact, without losing a single member! There should be no room for sorrow on our way back!”

For a moment, everyone’s gaze shifts away from Camilla and looks at each other. They feel a shared passion. The combined heat amplifies and grows without notice.

“For a triumphant return filled with high spirits! ‘Night Dragonflies’ in Villebron!”

When Camilla raises her right arm, morale explodes.

The deep, thunderous roars of the male members resonate in the labyrinth, and the equally thunderous roars of the female members join in, raising the volume. Everyone shouts, “Uooh!”

I also raise my arm and try to shout.


Since I’m not used to shouting loudly, it probably wasn’t perfect, but I still felt a sense of unity and joy that I could participate.

And just as I finish or almost finish shouting, Camilla firmly utters a single phrase.

“Everyone, march forward!”

The group starts moving again. Their pace is clearly more powerful than before. I hurriedly keep up with them.

So this is the seriousness of the largest adventurer party. Truly impressive.

“You know I’m not good with this kind of atmosphere,” I say.

” …… You don’t have to say that even if you realize it, Heidemarie.”

The first thing we did when we reached the ninety-eighth level was to take our time and form up.

The purpose of this major investigation is extensive mapping. Thanks to the efforts of numerous parties, the maps within the range that can be reached round-trip from the teleportation gate have been fully explored. To go beyond that, we must embark on overnight investigations that take more than a day. This time, we have a planned investigation of two nights one-way and a total of four nights.

It is anticipated that we will be able to reach the edge of the level this time, but there have been instances in the past where even with a three-night stay, we couldn’t reach from one end to the other in the largest level. So, it’s just a prediction. No one would expect it to go exactly as planned.

The most worrisome aspect of long-term investigations is encountering the level’s master. Currently, there have been no sightings of the master of the 98th level, but with such a large-scale investigation, the chances of encountering them are considerably high.

Encountering the level master is highly dangerous. Casualties are inevitable, and defeating them on the first encounter is nearly impossible.

The same applies even with Villebron’s strongest warrior, Camilla. The level master is not an opponent that can be handled individually. Therefore, in the event of an encounter during this investigation, it is best to bring back as much information as possible with the minimum sacrifice.

For this purpose, the “Bifurcation Formation” was devised.

Everyone is bestowed with powerful communication magic and forms a formation with large intervals front and back. Several scouts are positioned at the edges of the formation to continuously report if there are any dangerous monsters.

The name comes from the unique method of progress, where the group is divided into two at the branching paths and proceeds simultaneously. When one of the squads reaches a new branching path and confirms that there is no dead-end, the other squad returns and rejoins. This process is repeated.

At first glance, it may seem like an inefficient method, but when exploring unknown levels, it is advantageous in terms of mapping. Most importantly, it avoids the situation where the entire party is cornered when encountering the level master and allows for the possibility of a successful ambush.

My assignment is the left squad in the front row. It requires high mobility and offers the most combat opportunities. My role is to enhance everyone’s abilities as much as possible, increase their running speed, attack power, and defense. Additionally, if there is spare capacity, I assist in scouting, predicting routes, and traps.

The responsibility is immense. If I fall behind, it will delay the progress of the entire expedition. I’m proud that they took my abilities into consideration, but it makes me feel nauseous.

“Are you nervous, Vim-san?” Abel is worried about me. Abel is also a candidate for future leadership, just like Heidemarie, but due to being the same age and gender, Camilla arranged for us to be in the same squad.

“I’ve done everything I can, so I’m prepared,” I replied.

“You’re looking pale.”

“Sorry. I’m fine. I’m fine.”

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