Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 2

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Whether it’s natural phenomena or other poisonous beasts.

In any case, the situation of decay in Tittis was very critical. Luna María opened her mouth and spoke with great concern.

“If the Tittis forest is swallowed by the Rotten Sea, the blessings of the forest will disappear. Medicinal herbs, woods, monster materials… the products that support Ishka’s economy will be lost all at once, and Ishka will be thrown into chaos.”

“That’s true. Additionally, the monsters in Tittis, having lost their habitat, won’t remain idle while starving.”

“Yes. Surely the monsters will attack people in large numbers in search of food. An outbreak of uncontrolled monsters would be inevitable. Moreover, there is a more serious problem.”

Luna María said it.

The Kale River, originating from the Tittis forest, is the lifeline for daily water and hybrid resources used in Ishka. If the Kale River is contaminated by the poison of the Rotten Sea, the damage would not only affect Ishka but also all the cities and towns in the Kale River basin. The poison damage would spread not only to humans but also to livestock and the soil. It’s not an exaggeration, this is a crisis that would affect Ishka and then the Kingdom of Canaria.

As I listened to Luna María’s words, I suddenly remembered the request I was currently receiving from the orphanage. The request to collect Aldo herbs. Perhaps the cause of the fever in the orphanage was due to the poison from the Rotten Sea.

It could be that the poison from the Rotten Sea had dissolved into the river water and entered the mouths of the residents—if that were the case, the first to fall would be the children, who had less resistance than the adults.

It’s just a supposition. But it’s a very plausible one. Knowing that, I have to take serious action.

Right now, I have two options. Identify the cause of the Rotten Sea outbreak or return to Ishka to inform them about it.

The longer the report is delayed, the longer it will take to take action. Delay only increases the damage.

In that sense, informing Ishka should be the priority. Identifying the cause is important, but widespread decay is not easy to find. Especially if you’re not an expert.

Now, the most important thing is to avoid wasting time. Taking that into account, the course of action was obvious.

— “Well, both of you will return to Ishka on the Wyvern.”

Saying that, Luna María and Seal looked at each other. Then Luna María spoke on behalf of both of them.

“Did you say ‘both of you’? What will you do, master?”

“I’ll stay and search for Suzume. That was our original purpose in coming here.”

“…I know the master’s power. But I think it’s reckless and dangerous. The Rotten Sea is not something that can be fought with a sword. And if something were to happen…”

I don’t think there will be any problems. If I die, you’ll be free from slavery—I tried to say it lightly, but looking at the two of them who were very serious, the words disappeared.

In fact, I told the slave trading association to free them if I die. There are good and bad things in the world. This is probably the latter.

“…W-Well, there’s nothing to worry about. I have no intentions of dying. If something happens, I’ll just escape to the nest. The Wyvern will return once I’ve left you in Ishka.”

Luna María wanted to say something, but she simply closed her mouth without uttering a word. She was probably thinking that it would be useless to say anything, or that we shouldn’t waste any more time.

Seal remained silent like Luna María. I held both of them as they were and hurried to reach the nest of the Lord of the Flies.

“Well, I guess I should get going too.”

After watching Luna María and Seal fly away on the Wyvern towards the south, I slapped my cheeks and raised my spirits.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I’m getting so involved in finding Suzume. It’s true that part of it is the thought of “I don’t want my few good deeds to be in vain,” but prioritizing a Kijin girl in the midst of the Rotten Sea situation must seem inexplicable to many.


—Probably, I’m sympathizing with Suzume based on what happened five years ago.

Of course, Suzume and I are in completely different situations, but it’s a situation where no one offers you help despite your efforts— that’s the only thing we have in common.

That’s why there was no option to abandon Suzume. Because if I did that, I would be no different from those people five years ago. That didn’t sit well with me at all.

I kicked the ground and started running with determination. I was convinced that I could run for three days and three nights without getting tired.

I wonder how far I’ve run. Then, I came across a strange place deep in the forest.

It was a small village. Wooden houses were lined up in a circular pattern in the open forest. They didn’t look like simple huts; each house was quite sturdy.

Earthen fences and wooden assembled doors. At first, I thought it might be a hidden village of the elves, but judging from the architectural style of the houses, they were clearly human-made. Building houses with trees instead of stones reminded me of the oriental architecture of Onigashima.

The number of houses exceeded twenty, and assuming that each house housed a family of five, the total number of villagers exceeded a hundred.

If there is a village of this size deep in Tittis, where monsters roam all the time, it should be known and talked about by many.

But if that’s not the case, it’s because this village was completely isolated from the outside world.

In other words, this is…

“The Kijin village?”

A village hidden by a barrier. Now, the landscape before me must be that.

“But then, why is there no one?”

I tilted my head in doubt as I looked at the quiet village. It’s too soon for them to have noticed my presence and hide.

Furthermore, I didn’t encounter any barriers or anything of the sort before reaching here.

I didn’t get lost, I wasn’t blocked by solid walls, and I wasn’t attacked by guardians. I was concerned about that aspect.

Then, as I entered the village and paid close attention to my surroundings, my brows furrowed more and more.

It was as if there were no signs of life in the houses. I had already seen a dozen houses, but all the doors were closed, and the windows were covered with wooden boards.

Rather than evacuating over time, it seemed like no one had ever lived here in the first place.

Looking at the damaged houses, I could only think of that. It was only natural that I couldn’t sense any signs of life.

As I ventured deeper into the village, I noticed a strange smell. This nose-tingling smell seemed familiar to me. I closed my eyes for a while.

After that, I decided to continue forward. And what awaited me, in a way, was a familiar sight.

The northern part of the village had been swallowed by the Rotten Sea. There was an enormous centuries-old tree, which seemed to be a symbol of the village, standing tall against the sky. But the massive tree was decaying from its roots. The trunk was cracked, the branches and leaves were torn, and it was practically dead. Then, I realized something.

—A monster was attached to the trunk of the massive tree.

In simple terms, the appearance of the monster resembled an eight-legged lizard. Poisonous scales of dark red color. It was over six meters long, and if you include its sturdy-looking tail, it could reach ten meters. It flicked its tongue in and out like a snake, occasionally emitting a sound of “Kyurororo.”

By its appearance, it resembled one of the “Poisonous monsters that could cause the Rotten Sea” that Luna María mentioned before returning to Ishka.

In other words, a Serpent King, a Basilisk.

According to the wise elf, the monster known as a Basilisk is characterized by the poison that emanates from its body. Once, a knight who faced a Basilisk died despite dodging all of its attacks.

He was poisoned through the lance he used to attack the monster. That was the monster known as a Basilisk.

As the monster advances, the herbs die, the ground decays, and the pristine springs turn into poisonous swamps.

A disaster-class monster that must be defeated immediately upon discovery.

The basilisk clung to the trunk with six legs and was gripping its captured prey with its remaining two legs.

Two horns that seemed very familiar. It was without a doubt Suzume trapped by the Basilisk.

Suzume’s face looked so grim even from here. She seemed unconscious, not moving at all. It was like she was dead. Given the toxicity of the basilisk that erodes the land, even approaching it is dangerous. Moreover, it’s touching her directly… it might already be too late.

“—Reborn Soul Equipment.”

Well, whether Suzume is alive or dead, the fact remains that I will kill the Basilisk. Energy surged through my entire body with just a breath.

I manifested my Reborn Soul Equipment and positioned myself. It seemed like the Basilisk didn’t notice me—perhaps it did, but it ignored me. I aimed at the serpent king as it opened its mouth to devour Suzume and casually swung my blade.

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Translator Note : If you fan of Classroom of the Elite / Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsue, take a look at the new Novel that I’ve just picked up for translation

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