Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Prologue


“――I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

The black-haired boy lowered his head, his voice devoid of emotion. He was a high school freshman this year, with a stature and build befitting his age. His dark eyes peered from the tousled strands of hair.

At least from seeing him in his school uniform, there was no impression other than “normal.” However, if you were to pinpoint one distinctive feature about him…

“…That’s all well and good. But can’t you do something about that expression? Utterly emotionless, no matter what you talk about. Making friends would be quite a challenge with that demeanor.”

Since taking the boy in, there hadn’t been a single instance where he had seen the boy’s expression. His blue eyes, clouded like cheap marbles, revealed nothing.

“I’m not trying to make such things. You know that, don’t you? You, too.”

“…Well, I guess that’s true.”

Having heard the man’s response, the boy bowed and began walking. He didn’t turn back to look at the man. There was no hesitation in his steps.

Watching his retreating figure were a tall man and a single attendant who accompanied him.

“Master, we don’t know the specifics… Is it really alright?”

“About harboring him… or perhaps supporting him so he can attend this academy. Either way, it’s not something you should be concerned about.”

Only the man knew the boy in this house. He had hidden him away, ensuring it stayed that way. Therefore, he didn’t even bother preparing a proper response to these inquiries.

“…Just who is that boy?”

Suddenly, the attendant let out a question. Even for this inquiry, he had no intention of providing an answer.

Yet, as he gazed at the departing boy’s back, strangely enough, words formed in his mind.

He was the illegitimate heir of a lineage that had once devoured even gods, stronger and wiser than anyone else. Still, that boy would undoubtedly speak more truth than anyone else while deceiving.

“…Well, he’s just a liar, that’s all.”

That boy, in common parlance known as a ‘hero of justice,’ was the complete opposite—a mere monster.



Senei Academy Student Guidelines:

1. Develop the ability to adapt to all situations by maximizing the use of your given abilities to excel in both academics and physical training, laying the foundation to become a productive member of society.

2. The Student Council within this school holds certain authority granted by the academy to act as impartial mediators solely in the event of disputes between students.

3. All students will receive a stipend based on their performance in regular examinations. This aims to foster self-sufficiency in students and ensure a fulfilling school life.

4. To enhance individual initiative, students are not permitted to have any external contact in any circumstance. Leaving the academy grounds is only allowed in cases of withdrawal.

5. School rules within the academy are absolute, and the academy staff and teachers are to be respected as such. Going against these rules will not be tolerated.

6. Keep in mind the above guidelines while maintaining a disciplined school life.


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