I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 2

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Next, she appeared in a cute maid outfit adorned with lots of frilly lace. She wore a light blue headband, looking extremely adorable.

I racked my brain and answered, “It’s like a maid.”


Then, I saw Eve wearing cat ears and gloves shaped like cat paws, beckoning with a gesture mimicking a cat’s paw.

Without much thought, I replied, “It resembles Aldy.”


This time, she wore a wide-brimmed black witch hat and a black gothic-styled outfit.

After careful consideration, I answered, “Seems like someone who concocts suspicious potions.”


Next, she wore an outfit reminiscent of a church sister’s attire. I replied, “I’m not religious.”


It looked like sleepwear, or rather, pajamas. I answered, “I’m not into pajamas.”


A bear costume. It covered the entire body, so I couldn’t see her face, but it was an incredibly cute costume.

I conveyed my thoughts, saying, “It’s cute.” However…

“–Absolutely, absolutely, this is a joke. Why is it that with the other outfits, you gave vague answers, but with this one, it’s just a superficial comment? It’s strange. It’s definitely strange.”

“Wait, wait a minute! It’s scary! You’re scaring me in that costume!”

Eve, still in the bear costume, exerted immense pressure on my full-face helmet, as if she intended to crush it. Her voice was commanding, and I couldn’t see her face. It was very scary.

Moreover, I didn’t understand why she was angry. I thought carefully and gave what I believed to be the best answers.

“…Never mind. Just tell me which outfit looked the best.”

Eve removed the head part of the bear costume and muttered, slightly glaring at me.

“Hmm… The one that looked the best? Then it would be the first light blue dress.”

Without much thought, I replied.

“I see. Then I’ll buy this one.”

Eve handed me the light blue dress, saying, “Please pay at the counter.” Huh… Is it really okay to be so casual? I didn’t think much and just blurted it out.

“Is this all you want? It’s not like the others were more expensive or anything. I could buy all of them if you want…”

“It’s fine. Originally, I was planning to have you buy just one.”


Looking at the price tag, it was less than 10,000 Rien. It seems that the initial 35,000 Rien wouldn’t have been a problem. What was the point of my efforts then? Well, it’s fine because I can use the leftover money to buy magical tools. But it still feels unsatisfying.

We went to the cashier and settled the payment, then I handed the paper bag containing the dress to Eve. She received it, murmuring “Thank you,” and had a slight smile on her face.


“Are you sure this is alright? To be honest, I just said it casually…”

“It’s okay. To tell you the truth… I didn’t have high expectations. Besides, Ray would probably say the same thing.”

With a gaze that seemed to look into the distance with a hint of nostalgia, Eve hugged the paper bag tightly against her chest.

It seemed that being casual was not a problem. I had put in quite an effort to answer…

“Is that all then? If so, the tickets…”

“I’m fine with just the clothes, but since we’re here… I want to see the city.”

“The city? Well, we did originally promise to go shopping together, so I don’t mind…”

“Yeah. Let’s go then.”

Eve pinched the gauntlet part of my hand and pulled, leading me out of the store. Without saying anything, I simply followed as she pulled me along.

And so, we ended up exploring the magical city of Magicosmaia.

At one point, we watched a street performer’s act with few spectators, and when Eve showed no expression or even a slight smile, the street performer started crying and ran away.

Another time, we entered an attraction labeled “Haunted House” that was probably prepared for the upcoming Halloween festival. Eve walked through it with an expressionless face, not even flinching, and set a record time to receive a prize.

At a shooting gallery using magical guns, Eve never missed a shot and caused a shower of prizes to fall, to the point where the owner begged for forgiveness. What were we even doing?

“I’m so tired…”

And now, we were resting on a bench in a nearby plaza. We had gone around quite a bit and were getting tired. The sun was starting to set…

“…I’m sorry.”

As we rested against the back of the bench, Eve’s face suddenly darkened, and she apologized.

I didn’t understand why she was apologizing, so I replied, “Huh? What for?”

“I think you found it boring. So… I’m sorry.”

“Huh… It’s not like that at all.”

To be honest, it was quite refreshing and enjoyable for me since it was the first time doing something like this with someone. So, Eve’s worry was unnecessary. Besides…

“It doesn’t matter if I had fun or not. What’s more important is whether you enjoyed it.”

That’s what matters. I don’t need to think about whether I had fun or not.

In response to my words, Eve lifted her face that had been lowered and softly muttered with a slightly bashful expression, “Yeah, I had fun.”

“Then, that’s good. After all, this whole thing is for you, so you don’t need to worry about me.”

I conveyed what I thought.

“I’m the entertainer, and you’re the one being entertained. So, you should do what you want… Humans are happiest when they do what they want.”

“Th… Thank you.”

Eve showed a momentary surprised expression at my words and looked down at the ground.

“Now… what should we do next? It’s getting late, and I’m hungry. How about getting some food? Well, I don’t know any recommended places…”

I glanced at the large magical clock installed in the plaza and made a suggestion.

“I’m hungry too. I know some good places, so come with me.”

Saying that, Eve placed her hand on the bench and tried to stand up, but…


With a pained voice, she muttered softly and held her right index finger.

Looking closely… I could see that the pad of her finger was slightly cut, and blood was coming out.

It seemed that part of the bench had splintered, and because it was made of wood, she ended up cutting her finger. It didn’t seem to be a deep cut, but it was bleeding and looked painful.


I immediately raised my hand to use a healing spell.

“It’s okay. Please don’t… use it.”

But before I could cast the spell, Eve refused and said, “Stop.”

“But, I mean…”

“It’s fine… If I just lick it like this, it’ll heal.”

“You’re so brave.”

Eve put her index finger in her mouth and sucked on it. She was too cool. Eve△.

I do think it would be better to use a healing spell, but there are white mages who prefer to heal minor injuries naturally. Perhaps Eve is also one of those who prefers natural healing. Besides, excessive use of healing magic can be dangerous.

“Mm… Okay, let’s go.”

After a short while, she took her finger out of her mouth, apparently having stopped the bleeding, and started walking.

I also moved my feet to follow Eve, who walked briskly.


Seeing that, I felt a slight sense of unease.

“Did you use a healing spell?”

Looking at Eve’s right index finger, which had healed cleanly as if there had never been an injury, I tilted my head in confusion.

It’s strange. I don’t think I sensed any magic…

…Well, never mind. She probably used it secretly. Most likely.

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