Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Christie Saffron

“Thank you for your time today. Now, without further delay, have you ever heard of or are you familiar with products such as toner or conditioner?”

Christie reflected on a recent event as she gazed at the child anxiously seated in front of her.

In advance, she had received a letter from a nobleman’s son named Reed Valdia, expressing his interest in discussing business. His initial inquiry was, “Does this product already exist?”

As Christie examined the child before her, she couldn’t help but recall the absurdity of the contents of the letter sent by someone named Reed Valdia, which she understood to be a request for business advice. After all, the son of a margrave was still just a child. What did a child know about business?

(What a troublesome child…)

Internally, Christie let out a sigh. As the eldest daughter of a trading company in the Elven territory, she had grown up learning about business alongside her brother. While her older brother possessed sufficient business acumen, she herself had an even greater talent in that regard. However, due to the family’s trading company following a hereditary system, the eldest son would inherit the business. Christie knew that her brother would eventually take over the company, and she had intended to support him in that endeavor.

Unexpectedly, rumors began to circulate when it became known that the eldest son would be the heir. People started suggesting that Christie, with her accomplishments and business acumen, should be the one to inherit. The voices grew louder within the trading company. Fearing a rift within the company, Christie decided to distance herself from her family’s business and establish her own trading company.

During that time, she carefully considered the location, making sure it didn’t overlap with her family’s domain and that there were few Elven trading companies in the area. Ultimately, the Valdia domain met her criteria.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Christie glanced at the child in front of her and murmured to herself.

“I never expected that in the place I chose to distance myself from my family, I would end up playing with the son of a margrave. Well, I suppose I’ll listen casually and use it as an opportunity to establish a connection with the Valdia family…”

Christie switched gears in her mind. She wanted to conclude this discussion swiftly and start exploring the potential benefits.

“…I see. However, I’m not familiar with it. But the name alone doesn’t provide much information. Could you tell me more about the product?”

“I see…!? That’s great…”

Observing his relief at her response, Christie muttered under her breath.

“He’s probably just renaming an existing product anyway…”

Creating something truly new and innovative is no easy task. Christie, who had been immersed in knowledge and expertise within the trading company from a young age, understood this well. While flashes of inspiration and years of research could lead to the development of something useful, turning those ideas into tangible products that are embraced by the world was challenging.

Even the most brilliant idea is meaningless if it remains just an idea. There were times when years of research yielded no results.

“Well, let me explain. First, let’s talk about the toner…”

…As Christie listened to Reed’s explanation, she was astonished. The fact that such a young child had transformed a “flash of inspiration” into a tangible “product” amazed her. It was knowledge and a product that hadn’t been known before. A consumable product related to women’s beauty. Once it became available, there would undoubtedly be many noble ladies and young women who would desire it.

However, it was still a theoretical concept. Without an actual product, there was nothing they could do.

“But, without “But, without a sample or any actual products, it’s all just empty words…”

“Oh, in that case, I have a prototype with me.”

“What…? You have a prototype?”

Christie was taken aback. She hadn’t expected him to have already created a prototype and brought it along. She asked him how to use it, and he instructed her to apply it to the back of her right hand. As she did, she felt a completely different sensation compared to her left hand, which didn’t have the product on it. Trembling with excitement, Christie muttered to herself.

“This… This is a genuine new product with a different perspective and purpose than anything before! Could this be the pioneer of an entirely untapped market…!?”

In addition to being amazed by the toner and conditioner, Reed even proposed a cure for “mana depletion syndrome.” The key would likely be the medicinal herb he asked her to find. Christie’s excitement reached its peak as a businessperson. After their conversation concluded, Reed shook hands with Christie and left Christie Trading Company.


“By the way, Christie-sama, you seem so happy. Is that child really that amazing?”

“I have to be grateful for meeting him today. Things are going to get busy from now on, Emma.”

“What?! Chris-sama saying that… that child must be something else.”

The girl called Emma was wide-eyed in astonishment at Christie’s words.

It was a moment when the smoldering flame of the businessperson within Christie began to burn brightly.

(Scene transition)

“Did everything go well?”

As they walked toward the villa’s carriage, Reubens approached with a worried expression and spoke.

“Yeah, she was happier than I imagined, and I’m excited to see what Christie Trading Company can achieve from now on.”

“Oh, that’s good. Just don’t push yourself too hard.”

He seemed to think I was getting a bit carried away and reminded me.

Well, there are still difficult times ahead, so I can’t afford to overdo it. Doing nothing would lead to an uncertain future, exile or even execution. As the worst possible future flashed through my mind, my spine shivered and my body trembled slightly.

“Oh? Is something wrong?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“I see. It’s going to get a bit chilly when the sun goes down, so let me know if you feel cold.”

“Diana, thank you.”

She seemed to think my shivering was due to the cold and spoke to me kindly. It’s nice to have friendly guards.


As I walked down the street, I noticed a slightly smaller girl ahead of me. From her appearance, dressed in luxurious clothes, I assumed she was a young lady from somewhere. The girl looked a little frightened as she looked around, and I could feel her tension. Is this what it looks like when a noble young lady gets lost? Either way, I can’t just leave her there. I approached the girl with the two guards, taking care not to frighten her, and asked, “Are you all right?”

Startled, she turned to face us, revealing her brown skin, navy blue hair and captivating crimson eyes. Up close, she was a very pretty girl.


“Sorry, is it scary to be approached like this out of nowhere?”

“N-No, I’m fine…”

I could tell she was very frightened. Do I really have such a scary face? I wish I could look at myself in the mirror.

She seemed quite cautious, but we explained that we were affiliated with the Margrave’s Knights and wanted to help if she was in trouble. She nervously told us about her situation. It seems she got separated from the people she came with and ended up alone in this town.

“Figures…” I thought to myself. We decided to guide her back to the place where she got separated. Luckily, we quickly found the people she had been separated from. They were probably foreigners and seemed to be her attendants. All of them had the same brown skin as her.

I saw her standing frozen in the middle of the town and became worried, so I approached and asked her what was going on. She explained that she couldn’t leave the female alone and was worried, so she had been searching for the attendants while being accompanied by guards. the female stepped forward, thanked me, and bowed her head.

“Thank you so much. You really saved me.”

“Oh, no need to thank me. It’s only natural to help a girl in need…”

Upon hearing my words, the lost child blushed and looked down. the female who had bowed her head to me raised her head, turned to the lost child, and spoke in a firm voice with a stern expression.

“Young lady, it’s quite troublesome when you wander off like that!! I was genuinely concerned, you know?”

“I apologize…”

The lost child nodded, appearing somewhat disheartened in response to the female’s words. Their interaction made it clear that the lost child was undoubtedly some kind of young lady.

“Well then, be careful not to get lost again. Goodbye.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

After bidding farewell to both the lost child and the female, I said “Goodbye!” and continued on my way.

Finally, I started walking back home to the mansion.

(Scene transition)

While riding back to the mansion in the carriage, Reubens addressed Reed.

“Reed-sama, was it alright to not ask the lost child for her name?”

Observing the exchange between the lost child and Reed, Reubens sensed that Reed could become quite the charmer in the future. Reed’s face was handsome and well-structured, to the point where he could be mistaken for a girl depending on his attire. If Reed were to approach someone around his age and ask, “Are you okay?” they would likely become speechless. While contemplating such thoughts, Reubens waited for Reed’s response, but there was no reply.


Reubens became curious and cautiously glanced into the carriage, only to find Reed softly snoring. Reed’s innocent sleeping face was undeniably adorable. Diana also seemed to notice this and covered her mouth with both hands, her eyes sparkling with delight. Observing her reactions, Reubens quietly mumbled to himself, “Oh boy.”

“…Should we return to the mansion while Reed-sama is asleep?”

With that remark, Reubens directed the carriage towards the mansion, allowing Reed to continue his slumber.

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