Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Epilogue + Afterword

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“──That’s the end of my report.”

“Thank you for the report, Flone Milfonti.”

Deep within the Rishburg Magic Academy stood the towering castle. The symbol of the Rondism Kingdom’s prosperity over the centuries still retained its timeless beauty and majesty.

In a room of the lavish structure where the ruler and his family resided. Illuminated only by moonlight streaming in through a closed window, so as not to be noticed, was a man with the dignified air of one growing old yet still commanding respect.

Arnbald Rondism.

Indeed, this person stands at the pinnacle of this country.

“But… is that so? Did Gordon’s son rejoice to the point of fainting?”

“Yes. They must be enjoying their time together now, while being taken care of.”

The entire commotion surrounding Karen Levezenka this time was beneficial for both Ouga Vellett and me, as well as King Arnbald. It allowed us to cooperate to advance our respective ambitions.

Ouga Vellett aimed to save his childhood friend, Karen Levezenka, from the foolish crown prince.

I, on the other hand, sought to engage them and ensure the inheritance of excellent genes for the future.

And as for Arnbald, it was to rebuild this corrupted country.

“But, were you okay with it? Although the outcome was expected, won’t your son’s reputation take a big hit?”

“Though I regret it…I cannot say that is a lie. He needed an experience like this. I thought getting a fiancée would change him…but by the time I realized, it was too late. I’ve caused Miss Levezenka grief as well,” he lamented.

“So mediating the engagement with Ouga Vellett is your way of making amends?”

“If that will serve as atonement, I hope so. I want those two to find happiness this time.”

“At least he doesn’t have a promiscuous reputation like your son. You can rest assured.”

“My heart aches. Can’t you go a bit easier on him?”

Arnbald gazes into the distance with a sorrowful expression. Even his laughter sounds feeble.

“My fool son probably learned from some influential nobles. But it’s my fault for neglecting the country and letting things end up like this. I take full responsibility, and I’ll see this through till the end.”

“Well, you’re going to face challenges as well.”

“It’s a mutual thing. You’ve been working hard too.”

I smiled in response to his words.

Since leaving the front lines, I’ve been focusing on nurturing the next generation. He probably thinks it’s all for the future of the country. After all, we have shared experiences of battles together. That’s why he welcomes me so easily into the royal palace.

…He still hasn’t realized my true intentions, it seems. From observing his expression, there’s no hint of suspicion toward me.

I’ve never lived for the country. Everything is for my own sake.

I use all my time for myself.

Even nurturing these talented young individuals, it’s all to combine their bloodlines and produce excellent offspring, and…

“By the way, I never expected to hear Ouga Vellett’s name from Flonne as well.”

My thoughts, which were sinking, were suddenly lifted. That’s right. There was something I needed to ask.

“Did you know about him? About his existence?”

“Yes. Gordon bragged multiple times about his son being a genius who would bear the country’s future burden. It was so amusing to hear him boasting despite his villainous appearance.”

“Hmm… A genius despite having no magical aptitude. I wonder why.”

“I didn’t ask for the details. I had my doubts, but considering his recent achievements, I can’t outright say it’s a lie.”

I inwardly clicked my tongue. As expected of Gordon, who excels in diplomacy and engages in verbal battles with other countries. He knows the importance of information, hence why he’s part of a corrupt noble group.

In reality, he’s Arnbald’s right-hand man, gathering information and feeding it to the king.

“He continues to behave unbecoming of a noble. But he embodies what I expect from a noble. That’s probably why she chose him.”

“And speaking of her… that attendant…”

“Flonne has probably already noticed, but she was the former commander of our country’s Holy Knights. She was a capable person… though her sense of justice was too strong.”

He recalled Chris Ragunica, the former commander of the Kingdom’s Holy Knights, and chuckled as he took a sip of his wine.

“Fearless, she attempted to confront the darker side of the nobility. But as a commoner, she had no support. No matter how strong she was, there’s a limit when going solo.”

“So, you exiled her before she ended up in a desperate situation?”

“I wanted to help her, honestly. But at the time, I couldn’t risk exposing my plans. All I could do was exile her to protect her.”

He was deliberately playing the role of a foolish king.

In order to defeat the corrupt nobles who have grown rich alongside prosperity, and to punish the decayed noble spirit.

He has loved this country since he was a child, willing to sacrifice his life to rebuild it.

“…Yet, she’s come back like this.”

“Fortunes do turn, don’t they? And now she’s found a master with the same aspirations as her own. I believe she’s more fulfilled than ever.”

“Yes, she looks very lively. Happier than serving the country, I’d say.”

“It’s quite an embarrassing tale.”

For someone saying that, he looked quite pleased… no, he must be genuinely happy.

He must be feeling it in his bones, that she’s indeed heading towards a brighter future.

“But Flonne managed to convince Levezenka to agree to the engagement annulment. What methods did you use?”

“It was easy. I simply said that if Ouga Vellett lost, I’d give Reina to him.”

Upon hearing this, Arnbald was momentarily taken aback, then burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Hahaha! That’s quite a daring gamble you took!”

“It wasn’t a gamble at all. Anyone could see Ouga Vellett was going to win.”

I really wanted to see his ‘Magic Cancel,’ but I guess I’ll have to wait.

I never thought Arnbald’s son would be so weak that he couldn’t even bring it out.

…Or perhaps Ouga Vellett was just too strong.

Either way, knowing his true strength, there was no need to hesitate about which side to bet on.

“Levezenka always wanted a talented heir. He’s been marrying and divorcing multiple times. To offer your disciple to him… that’s quite a feat only you could pull off.”

“Even if I knew the outcome, I would still proceed,”

“I have severed ties with the Levezenka family due to this incident. I owe thanks to Gordon’s son.”

This would probably make it harder for Levezenka to make any moves.

There had always been a tendency to do whatever they wanted because their daughter was the king’s fiancée.

It looks like things are settling down in a good direction for Arnbaldo too.

“Karen Levezenka also possesses a virtuous nature similar to him. The situation is likely to change radically in the near future,”

“Indeed. With those two, the country will be rightly cleansed of its filth. If they can successfully purge all of the rot—I would consider relinquishing the throne to Ouga Vellett.”

His words were not a whim.

There was an air of anticipation as his voice echoed in the quiet room.

“…Even if no one else is listening, that’s a rather daring statement,”

“Just one of many possibilities. It’s just a thought, while shaking my head at the absurdity of it all. However, I dream that he can attain it.”


“To the owner of the holy heart that will save this country — [The Saint].”

“Hah-choo!… Is someone talking about me?”

Upon hearing the news of my engagement to Karen, I disgracefully fainted on the spot.

I didn’t think my harem plan would be thwarted like this.

It’s all because that idiotic crown prince was too weak.

How could he brag so much with that level of power? Magic isn’t everything. His foresight was too optimistic.

“− Okay, Ouga-kun. Don’t make such a scary face, say ‘ahh’.”


A wooden spoon is shoved into my mouth.

The rice gruel on it had been properly cooled down. The gentle taste passes down my throat.

“How is it? I made it myself…Does it taste good?”


“I see. That’s good.”

“Then it’s my turn next. Haa, haa… Come on, open your mouth?”



Scene transition



As Karen instructed, I opened my mouth and this time, the taste was more acidic than before.

However, it wasn’t sour at all. After Mashiro’s spoonful, it tasted even better.

I was in my dorm room. When I regained consciousness, I was on my bed, receiving attentive care from Mashiro, Karen, and Alice.

Apparently, Alice had changed my clothes.

Indeed, she was the one most accustomed to seeing me naked among the three.

“Lord Ouga, once you finish eating, I will wipe your body. Please let me know when you’re done eating.”

“Alright. Although, I’m about to finish eating.”

The rice porridge, which was fed to me in alternating ‘ahh’s, was no longer remaining in the wooden bowls they held.

“You really eat a lot, just like a typical boy.”

“It’s because you two have been thoughtful with the seasoning. Thank you. It was really delicious.”

Although the quantity was a bit overwhelming, they had gone through the trouble of making it.

It would be impolite not to finish it.

And there was no lie in my comments about the meal.

“Hee-hee. I’m sure the special spice I added at the end made it taste better!”

“I hope so. I’m glad that it reached Ouga…”

“Hmm. What kind of secret ingredient did you use?”

“That’s a secret!”

“It’s impolite to ask that, Ouga-kun.”

It seemed they had no intention of telling me.

Well then, maybe I’ll try to cook it myself with a variety of spices from different regions next time…

As I was thinking about that, Alice, holding a bucket of water and a wet towel, came over.

“Now, ladies, please step out for a while. I’ll call you back as soon as I’m done wiping him.”

“Wait, Alice-san! Can’t we do it instead? Right, Levezenka-san?”

“Wh-what!? Um, right… I, I’m used to seeing men naked. I’ve been educated not to be shy, aren’t I? Ouga’s n-naked body… Won’t you leave it to us!?”

“…I’m sorry, but I’ll be the one to do this.”

“What!? No fair!”

I think Alice made the right call. After all, their expressions were obviously weird.

Mashiro, grinning like he had thought about some prank. And Karen, her face turning as red as her hair.

It was easy to imagine what they were thinking.

“Ouga-kun, you want me to do it, right!?”

“You’d be happy if I did it, Ouga!”

With those words, they started clinging onto my arms trying to win me over.

The sweet scent tickling my nostrils for an instant. Their faces so close to mine because they insisted on keeping contact, waiting for my opinion.

Above all else, I could feel their soft breasts touching me more directly than ever.

I was desperately holding back my loosening cheeks, pulled right and left as I was at their mercy.

“You want me to do it, right, Ouga-kun!?”

“I know men well, and I can wipe you properly!”

“Both of you, Lord Ouga just woke up. Please refrain from doing anything that would strain his body.”

Finally, even Alice joined in, trying to pull them away from behind.

…Ah, is this the utopia I’ve been seeking?

I was shocked when my harem life came to an abrupt end, but when I think about it, I’m still feeling so much happiness.

There’s no point in mourning over what’s already done.

Mashiro, Karen, Alice… Beautiful girls that I couldn’t even imagine in my previous life are worrying about me.

That alone is different from my previous life.

I’m living the life I’ve always wanted, where I can make my wishes come true.

I probably won’t get involved in such a situation again!

In another month of attending the academy, a long vacation will come.

I want to go to the beach. I want to see swimsuits. I want to travel to other countries. I want to see casual clothes. I want to spend time in the same bed. I want to introduce them to my parents—ah, the more I think about it, the more things I want to do keep coming up.

And that’s not just for me, but for everyone here.

“Heh… There’s no need to rush.”

My second life, where I can do whatever I want, has just begun.

The End.


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What I tried to focus on was the gap between the protagonist Ouga Vellett’s “good public image” and his “privately foolish personality”.

I felt the gap between other characters’ perspectives and the reader’s was the essence of this work’s appeal, so I was careful to construct the story accordingly.

Separately from him, I also packed the heroines who color the story with lots of fetishes. I believe you can’t create cute heroines without writing the types you love.

A battle maid (huge breasts) is cool and wonderful! → Alice

A fluffy, soothing girl whose mere presence relaxes like negative ions (huge breasts) → Mashiro

A big-breasted girl crossdressing as a man to hide her figure → Karen

They perfectly cover my favorite attributes! With this cast, I’m confident every reader will find a character they love.

Personally, Alice is my favorite so far. I was shocked when I received horigaru-sensei’s character design sketches.

“My ideal maid is right before my eyes…!!” I was genuinely moved.

Of course, not just Alice, but Mashiro, Karen, Reina, and more… All their designs were wonderful.

I hope I can continue creating heroines with fetishes pinpointed to perfection, so please look forward to it!

I’d love to ramble on about each heroine’s appeal, but that would take up too much space, so I will move on to the acknowledgements.

Editor T – Thank you as always!

There were many vague parts in the setting, but you helped refine the work. I believe it is more compelling than even the web version thanks to your assistance.

Illustrator Horigaru – Thank you for providing such lovely illustrations and designs! You breathed life into the characters.

Also, thanks to the proofreaders, designers, printing company, and all others who supported this work – I cannot express enough gratitude.

Finally, the readers. Thanks to your support, I was able to publish this in book form. I strive daily to create even better works, so I sincerely hope you will continue to support me and enjoy my future stories.

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