Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 8

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“…Yesterday, before I informed you that Prince Arnia was weaker than expected…”

It’s hard to believe that someone as powerful as Lord Ouga would misjudge his opponent’s strength.

“Leiche, you know what kind of training I’ve been giving Lord Ouga, right?”

“Um… To defeat magicians without using magic…”

“That’s right. Lord Ouga said that considering that, he would give it his all.”

Though in reality, he said he’d crush them. But the point remains the same.

By demonstrating his true strength here, he’ll scare away any potential troublemakers.

“So that means…”

“Yes. He thinks the match will be decided in an instant without using [Magic Cancel].”


“Kyaaa! Go, Prince Arnia~!”

“Do your best~!”

“Crush that guy who stole my fiancée~!”

Yellowish cheers were directed at Arnia.

The man facing them was wearing a friendly smile and waving back.

I wonder how they would react if they found out that he chose Mashiro and Alice as his reward for winning the match.

Would it be chaos? Well, it’s common knowledge that Arnia plays around with various female students.

However, despite his womanizing, there’s no ugly confrontation because he has a fiancée named Karen, and the girls just want to have a connection to the royal family.

Though not everyone is necessarily on Arnia’s side.

“Beat him up! You bastard who stole my fiancée!”

“There have been a series of broken engagements since he came to the academy! This time, you’ll suffer the same fate!”

“Vellett~! We bet on you! Avenge us~!”

He received fervent, spiteful cheers from the crowd.

Even though the magic academy adhered to a strict meritocracy, addressing the crown prince as “you” so boldly was quite a statement.

Their smoldering anger within must be considerable.

And I could understand their frustration and regret.

“…How far have you gone with these girls?”

“I’m surrounded by lovely girls. Life couldn’t be better, don’t you think?”

I agree with that to some extent.

I, too, once came to the academy wanting to build a harem.

However, it’s absolutely forbidden to make a move on someone who’s already engaged.

Men who engage in such theft should be kicked by a horse.

“Have you ever thought about Karen’s feelings?”

“I haven’t. If it weren’t for the Levezenka name, I wouldn’t have anything to do with such an unattractive girl.”


“Heh, don’t get so angry. But I am grateful, you know. She’s been my steady source of fun.”

So, Arnia continues.

“I’ll need her to continue being my fiancée.”

“…Shut up. Just be quiet.”


There’s no sense of benevolence left in me to help others.

I understand full well that kindness is not reciprocated, and while I won’t label it as hypocrisy, I see it as a futile act.

But even so, I haven’t given up my dignity as a human being.

If my friend is being belittled, I will get angry.

Anger simmers inside me.

…I must make this man change his ways.

To do so, I must make him embarrass himself to the point where everyone abandons him.

To the extent that his handsome face is ruined.

To the extent that his bones are shattered so he can’t play with women anymore.

To expose his lack of power to protect others from strong opponents.

My name is already covered in mud.

Why should I be afraid at this point?

“Just because you act tough doesn’t mean anything! There’s a handicap between you and me because of the difference in our innate abilities!”

Despite his bravado, he was retreating step by step, visibly nervous.

Could a man look any more ridiculous?

Still, perhaps he kept making bold statements to mask his fear or deceive the cheering girls who supported him.

“…Keep up the pretense if you want. But the fact that you’re wary of me already means you have no chance of winning.”

“Even so, you don’t even have a single sword. Isn’t it arrogant to narrow down your chances of winning like that?”

“Arrogant? No. I don’t use weapons out of pity for you.”

I tightened the white full-fingered gloves.

Getting his blood on my hands is not something I want.

With a snap of my fingers, a pure white robe appeared above my head.

I roughly grabbed the falling combat outfit and draped it over myself, fixing it in place with power.

“You still don’t understand the difference in our strength, your ignorance.”

“Enough talking…! This conversation ends here!”

“Are you sure? Even if it shortens your time of glory.”

“Referee! Sound the signal to start!!”


At Arnia’s impatient urging, the bell announcing the duel’s start rang out.

Following that, the voices from the spectators’ seats grew even louder.

“Hahaha! Fool! Your only chance was at the start! You can’t use magic, so you’re finished!”

“Enough with the talk. Show me your prized magic.”

“Your acting skills are top-notch, dropout. Well, fine! I’ll end this with the most powerful magic I can control!”


I sensed magic gathering in Arnia’s hands.

A long, extensive incantation began.

By the way, I could have killed him three times already at this point.

…Is this guy really strong?

But I can’t imagine Alice misjudging the enemy’s level.

Is he exposing himself like this during the incantation because he’s empty-headed?

Even though we both know that this isn’t a typical battle of magic users who need to chant spells, he’s leisurely starting his incantation.

He’s just revealing his lack of adaptability to actions beyond his typical template.

If I had only sought victory, the result would already be decided.


“How about it? Are you too scared to even speak?!”

I stood with my arms crossed, looking at the enormous mass of rocks floating above him.

A volume of rock that could easily crush a person, suspended in midair from nothingness.

The sharp unevenness looked capable of ruthlessly taking lives.

Sure, judging by its appearance alone, it must possess considerable power.

But that’s all there is to it.

There’s no way I would fear magic that lacks such intricacy.

“Rest assured… Right nearby, there are experts in light attribute magic, specialists in healing, ready to help. I won’t let you die… under normal circumstances.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Don’t you get it yet? I bought them all off! They’re all my pawns. I’ve already instructed them to delay healing on purpose! Do you understand what I mean, Ouga Vellett…?”

Arnia licked his lips with a smirk.

Seeing the medical team at both entrances, they seemed uneasy, looking away.

Dragging even unrelated students into this… he’s truly a scumbag.

“You’re going to die here. As a victim of an unfortunate accident!”

“…Did you really think it was a good idea to blabber everything?”

“I don’t care. You, who are a witness, will disappear here. Rest assured, I’ll take good care of your precious little girls and Karen!”

Seemingly satisfied after saying all his remarks, he finally acted.

The battle’s momentum was now beginning to unfold.

“Explode! Crush them all! Reduce everything that grows on the earth to dust! [Giant Stone Downpour]!”

As Arnia raised his arm high and swung it down, cracks appeared on the rocks, reducing them to fist-sized pieces, raining down like a storm.

There was no escaping this widespread attack that surrounded the area.

Its volume had the potential to turn the field into a blood-soaked execution ground.

Admittedly, there would be no escape if it hit.

But that’s just an “if.”


Instead of evading the barrage of rocks, I moved forward.

With a feeling of elegance, as if taking a leisurely stroll.

“Have you ever pushed yourself to your limits, Arnia?”

Just understanding the handicap of lacking magic aptitude didn’t instantly lead to my recovery.

Even creating [Magic Cancel] wasn’t something that came together easily.

I devoted myself entirely to training, forsaking all the time I spent playing outside, sleeping leisurely, and being attended by girls; that’s why I am what I am now.

“I’ve always had a strong conviction, and I’ve polished myself, paving the way for myself as a ‘dropout.'”

With a light and graceful step, I closed the distance between Arnia and me.

“Why…?! Why am I not hitting you?!”

“The reason is simple. There’s a significant difference in power between you and me, beyond just magic aptitude.”

And what covered it all was the culmination of my efforts.

Instead of sensing the flying rocks, I’m only detecting the movements of magic.

By narrowing my focus to the magic target, my brain’s processing power improves significantly, making movements like these easy to handle.

At first glance, the seemingly dense [Giant Stone Downpour] has plenty of pathways for me to pass through if I time it right.

Sometimes, I tilt my head to dodge.

“Don’t mess with me, don’t mess with me, don’t mess with me! This can’t be right! Where did you…?!”

Other times, I change my tempo and dodge the landings.

“Hit! Hit already!! Damn it, damn it! T-this is cheating! S-someone is helping him… That’s it! He’s doing something illegal!!”

And there you go…

“…It’s already my lethal range, Arnia.”




Scene transition



“You’ve become quite pale. But on someone like you, with such a perfect face, looking a bit bluish suits you.”

“Y-You’re! the earth spirit…!”

“At this distance, magic won’t make it in time.”

I pulled my arm back as if preparing to gather power and then struck.

“Gah…! Wha…?!”

My hand as if like a blade, swung out like a quick draw, pierced Arnia’s throat.

He couldn’t escape the impact and was blown away while falling on his back.

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