Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 7

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As for the points to be careful about, it’s adjusting enough to show the difference in strength without causing the Crown Prince to collapse. By doing so, I can both give him a taste of defeat and offer a chance for redemption.

If I whisper to the defeated Crown Prince, “You, who desperately clung on, are worthy of Karen,” it may become a source of support for him to recover while being by Karen’s side.

With proper mental care, I can also separate Karen from me! What a perfect plan!

“Hehehe… Don’t worry, Mashiro. My path to domination won’t be stopped by something like this.”

If this “Crown Prince’s New Game Strategy” succeeds, I can gain leverage with both the royal family and the Levezenka family, thanks to my mediation.

Having an advantage over two powerful families doesn’t come around often.

And if the reformed Arnia becomes the next king, my presence will be formidable. Being close to the king and queen, influential nobles… It’s truly splendid.

“Don’t worry. I have complete faith in your victory, Ouga-kun.”

“Oh, you seem to understand me well.”

“And besides, I’ll just be walking by your side. No matter the path we take. …But for now, let’s do this!”

That’s what she said, so I start walking again with Mashiro on my back.

Alice also stands next to me as usual.

…Yes, this feels the most comfortable.

“But, Lord Ouga, are you sure about this?”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s about the Crown Prince’s abilities. It seem to be greater than initially estimated…”

Alice stutters, indicating that she must have felt that the Crown Prince is stronger than I thought.

In other words, there’s a possibility I’ll have to use “Magic Rite of Burial.”

But I don’t intend to use the “Magic Rite of Burial.”

I didn’t mind it during Mashiro’s time, as there were hardly any witnesses. But this time, almost all the students will become witnesses.

I’ve also discussed it with my fathers before enrolling in the academy.

I’ve thoroughly considered those aspects.

“Don’t worry. I’ve accounted for that. I’ll crush him without using it.”

“I see. Considering the future, it’s the best decision. I apologize for my shallow thinking.”

“No, I feel better knowing we’re on the same page. You don’t need to worry.”

I wrap my arms around Mashiro’s smooth thighs to make sure she doesn’t slide off.

I give them a firm squeeze; they feel a bit plump.


“It’s nothing. Now, let’s head back to the dorm. We need to prepare for tomorrow.”


If I sleep as usual and wake up as usual, the moment will arrive.

I don’t feel nervous at all.

It’s just an event with an obvious outcome, after all.

In the waiting room we were led to, only Karen and I are present.

The Student Council President and the Headmistress came to encourage us earlier, but the Headmistress said, “Leave the aftermath of the duel to me,” and they both left immediately.

Alice and Mashiro, who came to cheer us on, have also moved to the audience seats.

After that, Karen timidly made her way here…

“Ouga, how are you feeling? Did you sleep well last night?”

“That remark, I’ll throw it right back at you.”


Karen replied with a dry laugh.

“Dark circles around the eyes would ruin beautiful face.”

“R-right…! Cough. Yeah, you’re right. I’ll redo my makeup later.”

…Well, that’s not surprising.

Considering that today determines her future and the guy she’s entrusting it to has zero magical aptitude, it’s understandable she couldn’t sleep well.

Anyone who can sleep soundly in such a situation must have nerves of steel.

“Don’t worry. Have you ever seen me in a defeated state?”

“…No, never. I remember how you drove away all the bullies for us back then.”

“See? Exactly. It’s like a bet is being made, right? How about betting on me? You could make a profit.”

“Haha, maybe I should. I want to recover at least some of what I lost.”

Karen shrugged her shoulders and spoke, seeming more relaxed after our conversation.

She has a significant role to comfort the Crown Prince after the duel.

But he won’t find comfort with dark circles under the eyes.

He’s an infuriating guy, but I’ll do my best to make the plan succeed.

This kind of course correction is a piece of cake.


“…Hey, Ouga.”

She tightly held my hand.

Since she’s pressing her face against my back, I can’t see her expression, but she had a strong grip.

“…When did you decide to do this?”

Is she asking about the Crown Prince’s reformation plan?

If asked where it all began, I might hesitate…

“Maybe since I reunited with you, Karen.”

“Since back then… I’m glad we’re on the same page.”

So, Karen was also aiming for Arnia’s reformation, using me as a pawn.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any reason for her to approach me.

Although it might not have turned out exactly as she had imagined, she seems happy with the expected outcome.

“…Yesterday, I struggled a lot. I struggled… and I made my decision. I’m going to throw everything away and do what I have to do.”

“You don’t have to be so determined…”

With the right of the duel’s winner, I can make Arnia listen to me…

“No, I can’t just leave it to you, Ouga. I have to walk together with you. I talked to the Headmistress too. She’s happy to support us.”

She’s someone who emphasizes the development of the next generation.

Her influence shouldn’t be underestimated, and she’ll be a strong ally for Karen.

“I’ll do my best (to be with you, Ouga). No matter how tough the thorny path may be… I’ve decided not to run away anymore.”

For now, it seems Karen is full of determination, which is a relief.

Good job, Arnia.

It looks like she’ll support me even after I win.

With this, the reformation route is secure.

The only thing left is for me to win, and we’ll have a happy ending.

“Take care.”

“Yeah, see you later.”

Bumping our fists, we pray for a bright future for each other.

“Now, let both participants enter!! First, the maverick who managed to enter despite lacking magical aptitude! Ouga Vellett!!”

It’s almost as if they’re saying I got in through connections.

But for now, I’ll let it slide.

They’ll change their perception soon enough.

And so, called by the announcement, I head towards the battlefield bathed in sunlight.

“Now then, I need to persuade my father in the Headmistress’s office to approve the engagement with Ouga.”

–That’s what Karen’s muttering behind me that couldn’t reach me.


The arena was engulfed in excitement.

Normally, there wouldn’t be such a large crowd, but this time, it’s two prominent figures facing off against each other.

Arnia, the Crown Prince, who has the potential to enter the magic academy and is promised to succeed the throne in the future.

Lord Ouga, who was born into the Vellett family but is rumored to embody “justice” through various activities.

The students were making big bets on the outcome.

It’s probably because this is the Rishburg Magic Academy, where most students are noblemen and noblewomen.

The teachers didn’t stop them, so it must be a customary event.

“Look, Alice-san! I bet all my money on Ouga-kun!”

Leiche-san held up a card with a considerable amount of money written on it for commoners.

True to her words, she seems to have bet her living expenses as well. To some, she might look like a gambler.

However, if it’s related to Lord Ouga, it’s a natural course of action for her.

I don’t like such actions, so I don’t get involved, but for her, it’s a rare opportunity to make a large sum of money.

I don’t need to caution her and dampen her excitement.

“Congratulations, Leiche-san.”

“Thank you! I’m planning to use the winnings to buy clothes for a date with Ouga-kun. I don’t have many nice clothes… so…”

Lord Ouga would probably buy it for her with just a word, but she’s trying to manage on her own without relying on him.

He must appreciate that kind of sincerity.

Lord Ouga was glad to have her as a close companion. Compared to Prince Arnia’s entourage, the quality was miles apart.

“Well then, let’s invite Lord Ouga and go shopping in the town. It’s the capital, after all, and there are plenty of shops with a great selection of goods.”

“Yes! I’ll find out Ouga-kun’s preferences!”

“Hehe, one day I might called you ‘Mashiro-sama’ too.”

“Oh, come on, Alice! Don’t tease me!”

As Leiche pouted in anger, the audience’s excitement suddenly rose.

It seemed that Lord Ouga and Prince Arnia had entered.

Prince Arnia seemed quite confident from his demeanor.

Clearly, he lacked the ability to judge people. I suppose it’s because of his royal lineage.

Like father, like son, I guess.

“There’s no bet where the outcome is as obvious as this one.”

It’s obvious that Lord Ouga will win without a doubt.

The audience might be disappointed at how one-sided the match is.

“When it comes to Ouga-kun winning, what kind of match are you expecting, Alice?”

While I was sitting on the chair, Leiche was leaning forward, gazing at the arena.

She might be excited to see some sophisticated magical tactics, but unfortunately, I doubt such an intense battle will be staged.

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