Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 6

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Maybe for the first time in a while, My expression changed from the forced smile I put on.

In reality, that might not be the case, but I’m feeling excited right now.

He might eventually become a “hero.”

He has the qualities for it.

I see. It’s no wonder I want to erase him before he reaches his full potential.

A hero with a sense of justice… In the world of the dream he wants to achieve, he will undoubtedly stand as an enemy.

“But, are you sure? Accepting anything without conditions?”

“W-Well, yeah, Ouga! Doing this for me…!”

“I’m doing it because I want to. It’s not for you, and it’s not something you need to worry about. This duel is necessary for me to be myself.”

After being told that, Levezenka-san couldn’t say anything in response.

Vellett-kun is cunning.

“…I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“Heh… You might have changed in appearance, but you’re still a crybaby. …Do you think I’ll lose, Karen?”

Levezenka-san shook her head left and right.

He folded his legs and met her gaze, gently wiping away her tears with his finger.

“In that case, cheer for me with a smile. It suits you better.”


…It’s quite difficult to look at my junior displaying a completely feminine face.

Please do that when we get back to the room.

And the next day.

An announcement from the Student Council stated that the duel between Arnia Rondism and Ouga Vellett was established.


“Arnia the Crown Prince VS Ouga Vellett Duel Confirmed!!”

“A battle over Karen Levezenka’s love!?”


The headlines on the special edition distributed within the academy were quite amusing.

In reality, neither the womanizer Crown Prince nor I have any romantic feelings for Karen.

I made sure to emphasize, “This is for me, not for Karen,” twice. It’s an important point, so I said it twice.

Hopefully, that will prevent any misunderstanding.

“But, when it’s all lies like this, it’s not even funny.”

The article even included the Crown Prince’s enthusiasm, stating, “I will put my heart and soul into this. I won’t let her heart be given to anyone else.”

Is this a joke? I’d like to ask what face he had when making that statement.

Even I would be upset.

The mood for supporting the Crown Prince is already growing within the academy.

Well, that’s only natural. I declined interviews, and my reputation was already bad.

But that was all part of the plan.

The stage I desired is starting to take shape. The more I portray myself as the villain, the stronger the impact will be when I defeat the Crown Prince.

As a result, there will be a larger opening for Karen to get close to him.

“Ouga-kun didn’t talk to the newspaper club, so they came to interview me. It’s like a festival; they’re getting so excited.”

“A duel between freshmen, and even more so between a Duke’s heir and a Royal Family’s heir, it’s only natural for them to be interested.”

“Hmph, let them make noise as they please. I’ll forge my own path.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Uh-huh. I also feel sorry for Levezenka-san… *sniff*”

Detecting someone’s presence, I embrace Mashiro and cover her mouth with my hand.

Even if social status doesn’t matter, it’s not advisable to ask the person directly.

Furthermore, it’s a brilliant idea to enjoy both Alice’s and Mashiro’s breasts at the same time.

“Well, well, Your Highness Arnia. What brings you here?”

“You’re quite brazen, aren’t you, acting all villainous like a ‘loser’?”

Crown Prince Arnia greeted me with a fake smile, showing an insincere grin rather than a friendly expression.

It seems like his smiles towards girls are all artificial, while this is his true nature.

He resembles the man I heard about from the Student Council President’s information.

In that case, I should respond accordingly.

“Is it alright to show your true colors?”

“It’s rare for anyone to come here, as you know from the recent incident, right?”

“I suppose so. Not many students have reasons to come to the old school building.”

That’s why I guided him here.

In the past few days, I noticed that he was blatantly trying to approach me.

His lackeys were wandering around, making it quite obvious.

Even now, he acts as if he came alone, but I can sense the presence of others around.

However, they are terrible at hiding. Alice could do a much better job at concealing presence.


“…So? What’s the purpose of the Crown Prince coming all the way here? The duel day is not yet here.”

“It’s a simple matter. Kind-hearted me has come to show mercy.”

Arnia lightly patted my shoulder with a grin on his face.

“Surrender in the duel. You’ve played the villain long enough. Exit before you get crushed.”


As expected, it was a predictable proposal, so I immediately reject it and brush his hand away.

After gazing at his lost hand in a daze, Arnia clenches his teeth.

“I’m telling you that you can’t even act properly as an actor. If you understand, then step down.”

“I’ll return the favor just as it is. I’ll face you tomorrow. For today, go back.”

“Why do you care about appearances? You can just hide away like you used to.”

He doesn’t want to listen, huh. Well, I really want him to leave quickly…

Or rather, I’m starting to worry if he’ll actually change his personality.

No, this is shock therapy.

Once he realizes his own immaturity, he should be able to recover. After all, he has royal blood flowing through his veins.

He must possess such determination. I need to believe that; otherwise, I won’t be able to go on.

…In that case, there’s only one thing I should do.

“…What’s wrong, afraid of me?”

I provoke him, aiming to make him clash with all his might.

If I crush him completely, he won’t have any excuses.

I need to cut off any escape routes in advance for everyone’s sake.

“Aww. You’re trying to show kindness, but… I’ve decided. I’ll kill you.”

“Hmph. Are you planning to make it look like an accident?”

“I wonder. But someone like you who can’t even use magic… no one will mourn your death, right? Your family might even be happy.”

An intimidating presence increased… from behind.

Calm down, Alice, Mashiro…!

Your anger is much greater scare than Arnia’s frustration!

I’m more worried about when you two might go on a rampage!

Arnia, you should understand my concern…!

“Ever since then, I haven’t been able to have fun, and the stress is building up. At least accompany me to relieve some stress.”

“Sorry, but that’s a disappointing request. I have no intention of being your punching bag. So, go back.”

“Then, how about having your servants take responsibility along with you?”

I grab his extended arm and grip it tightly.

Damn bastard! Do you want to die!?

“Wow… you’re so desperate. It seems like the two behind you are very important to you… I’m getting more excited.”

Of course, I’m desperate! I don’t want this place to be dyed in blood!

If you touch the two of them the wrong way and they lose control, it will be a disaster!

Arnia, can’t you see how much I care…!

“I’ve decided to tell you one thing. Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on my precious harem. Got it? Now go back.”


“Even more devoted to you, Lord Ouga…”

“Hmph, you both seem quite infatuated with each other. Well, fine. After the duel, everything will be mine.”


Arnia’s lecherous eyes roamed over the two from top to bottom.

…Hey, Arnia. I’m annoyed too, you know?

I’m not in a good mood at all when you treat what’s mine so rudely.

“…Is that your request?”

I interpose myself between the Crown Prince and the girls and release my arm.

“Yeah. Protect the fiancée from the villain and save the innocent commoner. It’s a perfect scenario, right?”

“I wonder. Your defeat is already certain; the scenario is already collapsing.”

“…This guy. He talks big but…”

“──There’s no point in arguing here. The outcome will be decided tomorrow.”

Not wanting to prolong the conversation any further, I interjected to cut him off.

“So, just go home already.”

I said, while pointing in the direction from which Arnia came out.

This was the third time I asked him to leave.

He should have understood my message by now… I’ve said everything I wanted to say.

Finally, Arnia turned around and gave me one last menacing glare.

“……Yeah, right. Don’t run away. Tomorrow will be the day your life ends.”

“No, it will be the day you’re reborn.”

I watched his back until his presence and those around him disappeared.

… Phew, he’s finally gone…



Breasts… Soft sensation on my back…!

With Mashiro hugging me, the tense atmosphere quickly dispersed, and everything returned to normal.

Without letting go, she buried her face in the nape of my neck.

Her silky hair tickled a little.

“I’m really lucky, Ouga-kun.”

“Yes, getting all those kind words from you… serving Lord Ouga is my life’s pride.”

“…It’s nothing special; I just took responsibility.”

“Indeed, that’s so you, but still…”

“Did you say something?”

“No, it’s nothing. I just thought once again that this is how Ouga-kun would handle things.”

“Even if it weren’t me, I think I would have done the same.”

For the [ Strategy] to succeed, two conditions were necessary.

Get approval from the headmaster and student council for the duel and ensure the royal family wouldn’t intervene in the outcome.

I already had many witnesses prepared, thanks to Milfonte’s help.

All that remained was for me to win decisively in the duel.

In other words, there was only a future of success.

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