Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 4

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Prince Arnia’s feelings are as he says.

He doesn’t want to marry someone like me. He wants to have more fun.

He’s demanding an exorbitant amount of money because he wants to break off the engagement.

“Well then, see you next week. Have the money ready by then.”

The door slams shut.

Left alone, I look at my hand.

It’s battered and bruised from holding a sword.

Taller than Prince Arnia. Eyes filled with determination.

If I were born a man, I wouldn’t have to endure this painful struggle.

Why did I have to be born as a woman?

I look down and see my long hair.

“This… Why…!”

I pick up the knife that was on the table and try to cut it off.

“Your hair is beautiful. I can tell you take good care of it. I can see why everyone likes Karen.”


But his words float in my mind, and only a few strands of hair fall to the ground.

The knife slips from my hand, and I collapse on the spot.

“….Help me… Help me, Ouga… Ouga…”

With tears streaming down my face, I keep calling the name of the prince who is not here.


“So, do you have any questions, Ouga-kun?”

“When did the student council president and I become so close?”

After school, we were caught by the Milfonti, Student Council president, who had been waiting at the school entrance, and ended up visiting the student council room.

I could have just ignored her, but I can’t back down when she mentions Karen’s name.

Lately, I’ve been teasing her a lot.

It seems like the topic is related to her, so that’s why we followed along with Mashiro and Alice…

“Are you dissatisfied? Then, how about ‘Ogu Ogu’?”

“Does that sound even lamer to you? What does ‘Ogu Ogu’ mean?”

“Isn’t the sound cute? ‘Ogu Ogu’?”

“I don’t feel anything.”

“Oh dear… Well then, how about ‘Darling’?”

“Milfonti Student Council President? I’ll get mad, you know?”

It was Mashiro who protested.

Lately, she seems to get into a rage mode more often like she had some kind of landmine.

The problem is that I don’t know where the landmine is buried… but I’m sensitive to such things, so I should be fine.

In my past life, I lived by always gauging people’s emotions to play the role of a good person.

I can tap dance without stepping on any landmines.

Anyway, she used to be timid, but now she can express her opinions firmly, and I’m happy to see her growth.

“Ufufu. You’re loved, Vallette-kun.”

“Yes, it’s mutual affection.”

I fell for Mashiro’s breasts, got to know her personality, and I like her more and more.

Her expressions change constantly, and watching her is never boring. Her breasts are big, she’s ambitious, and I love her chest that’s about to burst out even with the largest size uniform.

“A-Alright. Enough of your lewdness, Ouga-kun. You’re staring too much.”

“Do you like heroic colors…? If so, how about staring at my chest? You’re free to gaze at the chest of the student council president that everyone admires.”

“Staring at the poor only makes your heart poor as well.”



With a crack, the handle of the teacup Millfonti was holding broke, spilling its contents on the table.

Intimidated by the dark aura leaking from the student council president, Mashiro instinctively clung to my arm.

Ah, she’s so healing.

The difference in femininity is quite evident.

Seriously, what is this size…? It’s almost like it should be subject to property tax…

“Now then, since the atmosphere is warmed up, let’s get back to the main topic and stop with the jokes.”

Even though it’s freezing cold?

I hold back my retorts as the topic she brought up was the same one she asked us about at the beginning.


“Levezenka -san skipped today’s student assembly without permission. You guys didn’t know, huh?”

“It’s the first time I’m hearing about it from you. But she seemed fine this morning.”

“Then, something must have happened afterward.”

“Why do you think something happened?”

“She’s a serious and responsible person. I don’t think she’s the type to shirk her duties without permission.”

The student council president’s evaluation is correct.

Karen has a personality that dislikes inconveniencing others.

She’s the type who would willingly take on unpleasant tasks if it means others don’t have to suffer.

“If that’s all, she wouldn’t have bothered bringing us here.”

“Hehe, you saw through me, huh? I actually got worried and went to her dorm room, but she didn’t answer… I wonder where she is.”

“Did you thoroughly search the room?”

“Yes, of course. But there was no one there.”


“I heard she’s been getting along with you lately, so I thought there might be something you could remember… Vallette-kun?”

“…. I see. Well, maybe we just missed each other. There’s no way she would leave the academy grounds. Considering her position.”

“I think so too. But if you find her, please let me know.”

“Got it. I’ll help with that much.”

If I can gain gratitude for such a simple thing, I can spare a bit of time.

After all, I’ve already covered the content of the classes I’m taking.

No need to review, and I usually have extra time after school.

That should be enough for this matter.

I stand up and prepare to leave the student council room.

“Are you aware that she’s being troubled by Prince Arnia?”

… but, my steps halt when I’m hit with new information.

By that playboy prince… I see.

Karen must have had feelings for him deep down in her heart.

She probably did something impulsive out of the sadness of being overlooked this time.

My prediction as the scapegoat has been accurate.

“… Yes, of course.”

“! I thought you would notice. I’ve heard rumors of your recent achievements. That’s why she suddenly started to get close to you… Is that not the case?”

“… Well, who knows.”

She knows that much…!?

I shift my gaze to Alice, who’s pretending not to see Millfonti and make a small ‘x’ sign.

In other words, she’s not being monitored.

She made her deductions based on the information she could gather and arrived at the essence of the matter.

Indeed, she’s the person who holds the top position among all students in the renowned Magic Academy.

She’s more capable than I imagined. I revise my assessment of her danger level upwards.

“Everyone might turn a blind eye to his behavior. However, I can’t overlook it as an individual.”

As fellow women, there are things about the prince’s behavior that can’t be overlooked.

Millfonti, as the student council president, doesn’t need to flatter anyone, nor does she seem to judge a man based on his appearance.

That’s why she can criticize him properly.

She’s being honest with me because she’s confident I share the same viewpoint.

“So, I have a proposal for you.”

“A proposal?”

“Yes. Whether you accept it or not, would you like to hear it just once?”

She said she heard about my reputation earlier.

… Indeed, this matter might be something that can’t be handled by someone who’s not a villain like me.

“… Whether it’s a proposal that benefits me or not, I’ll decide after hearing it.”

Seeing me sit down again, she smiles happily.

“As for that, there’s no need to worry.”

“──Since you’re the highest authority within this academy, Millfonti.”


Darkness. Within the dark, lonely space, all I could hear was the sound of my own breathing and sniffing.

Ah… this narrowness is comforting.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this.

I thought I had become strong. At least, I tried to.

What is the meaning of my existence? What is my life about?

I feel like I’ve been repeating unanswered self-questioning for a long time.


The sound of a key opening resounded.

… I wonder who it is this time.

When Millfonti, the student council president, came, I completely ignored her.

I must have caused so much trouble that I’ll probably be expelled from the student council.

But that’s fine. I’ll be taken back to my family’s home by my father anyway.

In that case, I just want to be alone and take my time until then.

Just staying like this in the darkness forever and ever–

“As expected, you were here.”


A ray of light pierced through.

A familiar voice. A voice I want to hear forever.

When I looked up, he was there, wearing an exasperated expression.

“Ah, huh… why…?”

“Whenever something unpleasant happened, you would hide in the closet. I just thought it might be the case this time too.”

“Oh… you remembered…”

“How many times do you think I searched for you? It’s so ingrained in my memory that I can’t forget.”

“Ah, ahaha…”

The fact that I stayed in his memory made me happy.

Even though it wouldn’t be strange for me to be hated and forgotten.

His figure, with the same exasperated expression as before, made me happy.

“As expected, the student council president didn’t search inside the closet… but, what are you doing?”

I didn’t want him to see my current face, so I instinctively covered it with my hands.

I don’t want Ouga to see my horrible, messed-up face, especially after crying…!

“N-No, I was crying until a while ago, so my eyes are swollen, and I’m embarrassed to be seen like this…”

“I don’t care.”


He took my hand and effortlessly led me out.

I almost tripped and ended up being drawn into his chest.

Before I could try to distance myself, he gently patted my head.

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