Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 1

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[Stage 1-3] Crown Prince’s New Game Strategy

Hmm… What a pleasant morning.

“I’ve brought you a drink.”

“Ah, leave it there.”

It’s been about a month since the orphanage incident. Mio and the others have successfully moved to the Vellett territory, and Aliban has energetically spread his wings to another district. The head maid Morina, who serves as their tutor and messenger, is an old woman who has no qualms about speaking her mind to me, the lord’s son. The children are probably sitting at their desks right now, unable to complain.

In her letter that just arrived, Morina wrote “As soon as the children entered the house, they burst into tears.” They must have seen the interior and been overcome with sorrow. After all, I had a large communal room reminiscent of their old classroom hastily prepared just for them. The individual rooms are furnished with study desks for pairs of children. It’s a special specification using one of my smaller, now unused mansions. I told Morina to work them hard so it can be useful for them in the future.

They probably can never go back to their old lives. Also…it seems Mio wants to build a small chapel. Heh, I see. She wants to repent for the future the children are walking towards. How amusing. I’d love to see if any god reaches out a hand to help her.

A god will make not just Mio, but all the children happy. If someone like that exists, I’d love to meet them face-to-face.

“Alice. Send this response letter with the noon mail.”

“Yes, sir.”

I swiftly jot down a reply and hand the sealed envelope to Alice.

“Well then, shall we head to school?”

After downing the black coffee without sugar that Alice brewed—of course it’s bitter—I slip my arms through the sleeves of the school-designated uniform and exit the dorm.

“Ah, good morning, Ouga-kun! Alice-san!” Mashiro, who was waiting at the entrance, waves and runs up to us.

Yes, just this is enough to lighten my steps towards the classroom.


“Good morning, Lady Leiche.”

“You’ve tied your hair up today.”

“Yep! We have P.E. today and it’s starting to get hot~”

Mashiro cutely flicks her little sprouted tail. Her usually hidden nape peeks out, the picture of health. She undoubtedly has some nutritional element I can only get from her.

“Um…that is…”

“I wonder if the rumor is true…”

As we walk the road to the school building, gazes are occasionally cast our way. I can’t make out details since they’re whispering, but word of what happened at the charity event has probably begun circulating to everyone.

Shutting innocent country children in my territory and making them experience daily hell to create an army of laborers—aren’t I just the worst, most evil lord? But it can’t be helped for the sake of the future of my left ball. Relying on me was their misfortune. I’ll do what I think I should do.

“Rumors are terrible, huh.”

“Let them say what they want. I’ll do what I think I should do, that’s all.”

“Ahaha, that’s such an Ouga-like thing to say.”

Mashiro walking beside me doesn’t seem concerned either. Being a commoner herself, she probably doesn’t have any decent acquaintances. She understands it’s better to stick with me despite the rumors. That said, she got into the magic academy, so she’s pretty smart.

“Oh right, magic practicals start today.”

“Yeah. Mashiro, do what we talked about properly.”

“Got it. I won’t use ice magic and keep the power low.”

That would be too powerful to show in public. If people saw Mashiro’s magic, some would want her. That would be annoying. These boobs belong to no one but me.

“Good. Don’t stand out, Mashiro.”

“Yes sir! I’ll be careful.”

“Don’t worry about your grades either. I’ll support you for life.”

Naturally I’ll provide for my harem members. It’s the responsibility that comes with building a harem. By then I’m sure I’ll have a system where money comes flowing in without having to work, so there won’t be any issues.


“I think that sort of surprise attack is unfair.”

“What is?”


What is it, say it. You’re curious aren’t you.

When I look to Alice, for some reason she has an endearing expression, like she’s watching something adorable.

“You two seem to get along very well.”

As we’re conversing like this, a gender-neutral like voice suddenly calls out from ahead. Looking that way, it’s a familiar face.

“Hello, Leiche-san. And Ouga too.”

“Rare for you to call out to us. If your father saw this, wouldn’t he snap again, Karen?”

“Father and I have different views.”

“I see you’ve changed. The crybaby who used to follow behind me is gone now.”

“Ahaha, don’t bring up something that embarrassing please.”


Mashiro tilts her head in confusion, question marks popping up. Or rather, maybe she’s wondering more than just that. I’ll introduce the one standing in our way wearing the boys’ uniform.

“This is Karen Levezenka, daughter of the Levezenka dukedom.”

“A dukedom…! Pleased to meet you! I’m Mashiro Leiche!”

“Pleased to meet you, Lady Leiche. I’m Karen Levezenka. I’d be happy if you could get along with me too.”

Though she’s a head shorter than me, she easily envelops Mashiro’s hand with both of hers with the height of a boy.

“But it’s been since the entrance ceremony since we talked at the academy.”

“I’ve been…preoccupied with some things…”

A hesitant reply…if I were to speculate, something happened with the prince. I’ve caught wind of his behavior at the academy. Most of it is nonsense though.

She has slight dark circles under her eyes despite makeup. Proof she’s having a hard time. But I won’t pry until she brings it up herself. Unless something extreme happened, I don’t intend to stick my nose in.

“I see. So did you need something from us? You waited here specifically for us right?”

“Um, that’s…”

Karen’s gaze turns to Mashiro beside me.

…I see. Her target wasn’t me, but her.


“Yeah, yeah! I was worried if Leiche-san was having any trouble, you know. I heard about various incidents too.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

“If you ever have any difficulties, don’t hesitate to rely on me. I’ll be there to help, as a member of the Levezenka Ducal Family, standing above the nobles.”

The Levezenka Ducal Family has been the top military authority for generations, protecting people’s peace against both the demons and neighboring countries.

And the one who harmed Mashiro was the son of the Bourbon family, belonging to a faction within the Levezenka family. Although nobles don’t usually show kindness to commoners, Karen seemed to be concerned about her.

…Though it might not be his only purpose.

“If you have any trouble, I’ll handle it, so it’s okay.”

By stating this firmly, the Levezenka family was implicitly warning others not to mess with Mashiro.

They would probably understand that the Vierett family had already taken an interest in her.

“Indeed. With Ouga around, everything will be solved. …If I ever find myself in trouble, maybe I’ll rely on Ouga again.”

“Hmph, understood. Depending on the circumstances, I might consider it.”

“Thank you, Ouga. Just hearing you say that gives me courage.”

Saying so, Karen tightly grasped my hand in hers.

“…This kind of thing should be done to your fiancé.”

“Sorry, it’s an old habit…”

As I immediately shook her hand off, Karen apologized, looking downcast.

Isn’t she aware that she’s the Crown Prince’s fiancée, especially in a place where people can see us? And it hurts to be pierced by Mashiro’s gaze. It’s fine, I’m only interested in big breasts anyway.

The atmosphere became awkward, but Karen was the one to break it.

“Oh, right! Ouga, don’t you want to join the Student Council? Milfonte’s Student Council President sometimes talks about you.”

As soon as she mentioned that name, I furrowed my eyebrows.

That guy… hasn’t given up yet, huh?

“She said you should drop by the Student Council whenever you feel like having tea or hanging out. When did you two become such good friends?”

“Well, just a bit. I mean, I didn’t know she was in the Student Council.”

“Of course. If you can help others, it’s a worthwhile experience. …What about you, Ouga?”

“I have things I want to do, you see.”

“I see… that’s a shame.”

If she understood what the Student Council did, she would realize why a morally questionable lord like me wouldn’t join.

There are way too many justice-oriented people around me…

Can’t I find someone who would empathize more with my way of thinking…?

“I’m sorry for taking up your time… Oh, I remember!”

As Karen tried to leave, she suddenly clapped her hands as if remembering something.

“…Can I occasionally talk to you? I mean… like I said before, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some interaction between the ducal families, right?”

“Let’s keep it moderate. We both have our positions.”

“Y-Yeah! You’re right! Okay, I’ll do that then! See you!”

Waving her hand, Karen returned energetically to her own classroom.

She’s a diligent one too.

She seems really concerned about Mashiro.

However, I don’t like the idea of being constantly under surveillance in my daily life…

Maybe I should gather more information myself.

I’ll have Alice investigate about Karen’s surroundingsy.

While devising plans for the future and asking Alice, who had been silently standing in the background, to pass a message, I opened the classroom door.

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