Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 9

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There are people who have the same look in their eyes as Aliban’s among my own people.

Like Alice. Will she betray me? That’s what it comes down to.

“Understood. So, we should deal with the bad guys, just like you did, Brother?”

“That’s right. Just follow my lead.”

“I will fulfill the duty entrusted to me by Brother… without fail.”

Yes, yes, it’s good to see that he’s motivated.

For now, we’ve completed everything we needed to do here.

“I’ll come back to pick you up later. I’ll heal your wounds too, so just be patient until then.”

“Yes! I’m grateful for your kindness!”

Seeing off the big man as he prostrates himself, I leave the bar with Alice and Mashiro.

“Manipulating the minds and bodies of the organization’s leaders, converting them to justice without causing any casualties… A splendid strategy, Lord Ouga.”

As planned, Alice completely misunderstands the situation.

Kukuku, this was the only chance to stop her, and yet… Now I have a solid foundation to do whatever I want in the future.

With money, you can get away with anything in this world.

“Really, really! Ouga-kun, you were so cool. I can’t move as quickly as you. Like this, shushushu.”

Mashiro imitates the punch I threw at Aliban.

…Despite being blessed with talent as a mage, her physical coordination is still hopeless.

Her weak cat punches were cuter than I expected. I wonder if she’d wear cat ears if I bought her a pair…

“Ouga kun?”

“Nothing… When we reach the orphanage, don’t make any noise.”

“Yeah, it’d be mean to wake them up.”

“Not just that, Lady Mashiro. Lord Ouga intends to leave without taking money from Mio.”

“Right… We’ll head out after getting our stuff.”

Completely wrong. I just want to hurry back since I haven’t prepared an answer for the question Mio asked before we left.

If she’s calling me the Saint, she should do as I say and be asleep.

I was clinging to the hope that was possible.

“Got it? Quietly, don’t wake them.”

Those two nodded firmly at my warning.

Our mission to secure the orphanage’s safety was accomplished.

So, betting she wouldn’t be awake, I wanted to sneak out quickly!

With high hopes, I carefully opened the front door.

“Welcome home, Vellett sama.”

She was awake after all…

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The time I spent praying alone was shorter than I expected.

Of course I didn’t doubt everyone’s victory, but to return this quickly…

“The threat to the orphanage is gone. Don’t worry. No more people will threaten your daily life.”

“I see…”

Alice’s report let me breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thank you all so much…!”

“Eheh… Feels kinda embarrassing.”

“My thanks aren’t needed. Pass them to Lord Ouga for hearing my request.”

“Y-Yes… Vellett sama…”

When I called to him, Vellett sama’s shoulders behind the girls shook.

He must have hidden himself so as not to worry me, but there’s no need for that. You did save us after all.

“Truly, thank you. I don’t know how to express my gratitude.”

“I keep saying don’t mind it. I did this because I wanted to.”

“…If the whole world had Vellett sama’s kindness, how wonderful that would be.”

Yes… If my parents had been as equally loving as Vellett sama… Might I have lived without worries too?

I can’t help thinking that way.

“So, about what we discussed before leaving Mio…”

Ah, you’re giving me the answer.

I will accept it no matter what.

It’s love granted by someone as noble as you.

“My answer is that–“

“Wait, Big Bro Ouga!”


As Vellett sama opened his mouth, the children who should have been asleep came into the room, cutting him off.

They surrounded Vellett sama at once, each yelling loudly.

“Big bro! We’ll work for the payment so don’t take money from Sis!”

“That’s what we promised!”

“Don’t take money from Sis Mio!”

“Keep your promise!”

…What is this about?

Unable to follow the conversation, I glanced at Vellett sama.

“Heheh… Nice timing you guys.”

Vellett sama laughed for a bit, then put his arms around the children’s shoulders, facing me.

“Alright you guys, what request did you come to me with before I slept?”

“We said we’d work so don’t take payment from Sis!”

“We said we’d properly pay so please hire us!”

“Labor’s tough y’know. You sure?”

“Yeah! ‘Cause we really love Sis Mio!”


Vellett sama grinned at their reaction.


“This is the only way we can repay you…!”

“We want Sis to be happier!”

“I see, I see. So you wanna work hard for Mio?”


The children responded with full smiles.

Tears spilled from my eyes.

As my blurring vision, Vellett sama approached.

He patted my head.

“Only you didn’t notice, Mio. You’re plenty loved.”

“Ah… Ah…”

Joy welled up from the depths of my heart.

Ah… I was able to properly love the children.

And these children gave me love.

I see… This feeling… This is love…

“Sis Mio!”

“We’ll work hard!”

“Let’s stay together!”

“Y-Yes… Yes…! Thank you… I will too… Together always… With you all…”

I embraced the children running my way.

Feeling the warmth in my arms, the love.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Heheh, that was quite the moving scene.

…No, it made my heart race like crazy on the inside.

I have to praise these guys for their excellent timing.

And my quick thinking to instantly process the situation mentally too.

Truth is, the kids had come to me beforehand.

Despite their age, they must have been worried.

I never dreamed they’d volunteer themselves like that. Nothing could be more convenient for me.

Of course I agreed in an instant.

That let Mio become aware of her own love. Those kids get to be with their beloved Mio.

I obtained compliant labor.

Everyone’s happy, a perfect ending.

Anyway, that’s the story.

“Hey hey, how long are you gonna cry? Get your stuff packed.”

After they calmed down a bit, I hit them with those first words from hell.

Everyone was staring blankly my way.

“Vellett sama…? What do you…”

“Isn’t it obvious? You’ll be relocated to my homeland, the Vellett Territory.”

“Th-The Vellett Territory?!”

“Yeah. I’ll prepare housing here. Just bring your stuff.”

I don’t trust mere lip service.

So I’ll move them to my land where they can’t run away.

“I’ll also assign tutors since you’ll be studying seriously from now on, not playing. Stupid people can’t produce results.”


They seemed unable to close their gaping mouths at my fearsome declaration.

Being forced to study and work for me instead of playtime must be miserable for kids their age, right?

But it’s already decided.

I knew they lacked proper education with all their playtime.

They won’t become capable like this.

So I’ll whip them into shape.

Incidentally, the tutors will report any escape attempts to me.

Mio and the rest are completely under my control now.

“Alice, did I say anything strange? These are natural demands, right?”

“Yes, I believe it’s a wonderful judgement.”

Heheh, seems Alice doesn’t intend to defy me this time either.

I helped Mio and the others this time at Alice’s request.

So in essence, it builds up a debt to Alice as well.

Things have gone precisely as planned.

“I’ll arrange a carriage for pickup immediately. This is final.”

“P-Please wait, Vellett sama!”

“Hm? What is it?”

“I just… What should I do now?”

Well, you can come along and care for the kids but… Anyway, this is a good chance.

I’ll borrow a line from my crappy boss in my past life.

“Figure it out yourself.”


“Right. Think about what you can do for me.”

“What I can do for Vellett sama…”

Well, I don’t think she can argue against this but it’d be annoying to deal with if she did.

“I still have much to learn myself. Lessons start tomorrow too. Let’s go, Alice, Mashiro.”

I finished saying my piece and left the orphanage.

I thought I heard Mio mumbling something as I left but I pretended not to notice.

No use regretting asking me now.

In the end, defeating evil takes an even greater evil.

“What will you do now, Ouga kun? We have time before the pickup carriage arrives right?”

“Heh, right. Let’s find a cart to transport Alliban and the rest.”

That’s how elated I feel right now.

Gauging Mashiro’s strength. Gaining Alliban’s and the children’s labor force.

I achieved both of my initial goals.

“Heheheh. Even the sun smiles upon us.”

The sunlight of dawn illuminated us, as if glimpsing our brilliant future.

“Follow, Alice, Mashiro! My path of conquest has only just begun!”

And so our expedition to Inivent closed with the best possible outcome for me.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Ouga doesn’t know.

“I’m Alliban! Sent by Lord Ouga Vellett’s command. Now, tell me where the punks troubling you are. I’ll take care of them.”

He doesn’t know of the future where Alliban rounds up villains from all over, improving public order, and boasts as Lord Ouga Vellett’s subordinate, rapidly raising his reputation among the commoners.

Ouga doesn’t know.

“Now everyone, let us offer prayer. To the Saint who brought us righteous judgement – Lord Ouga Vellett. We give thanks.”

“Yes, Sister Mio.”

Pondering what she should do, fervent Mio created the Ougaism religion – Ouga meaning “fitting for a king” – along with the children to preach his nobility.

And the future of it spreading among the commoners in Vellett Territory. And beyond.

“Heheheh! Feels great after finishing work, doesn’t it Alice, Mashiro!”

“Truly brilliant work, Lord Ouga.”

“Really! Ouga kun’s so amazing. I’ll try my best to follow your example.”

Laughing loudly in the carriage, he still doesn’t known’t know….now..

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