Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2.5

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[Stage-Sub] The Glorious Path of My Master

I never believed in gods until I met my master.

Ouga Vellett-sama.

He embodies “justice” as if it were his very essence, rescuing me from the depths of despair.

His character is vast, with the dignity of a strong individual and an unwavering desire for improvement, making him an exceptional and deserving master.

But what I admire most is his strong and resilient spirit.

Lord Ouga carries a huge burden – the lack of magical aptitude.

For a young boy, it would be a despair too immense to bear.

However, Lord Ouga didn’t break; instead, he rose to the challenge. He ran fearlessly towards an endless goal, carving out his own future.

Now I understand the reason Lord Ouga chose me.


Because he himself has experienced the depths of despair, he extends his hand to fallen individuals like me and Aliban.

He can surely empathize, for he possesses a kind heart that cannot turn a blind eye to those who have lost their way.

Thanks to Lord Ouga, I now lead a meaningful life every day.

Just being called “my knight” and “my sword” by Lord Ouga fills my heart with joy.

Lord Ouga will undoubtedly continue his splendid path as a true king.

So, I shall stand as your sword, cutting down all obstacles that come your way.

Oh, Lord Ouga, thank you.

It is thanks to you that my life has been revived.

I swear, until this flame extinguishes, I shall serve you, Lord Ouga.

Now then, it’s about time I go to Mio’s place.

Together with her and the orphaned children, we will offer our prayers to Lord Ouga today.

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