Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 8

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“This won’t be the end! I still have a trump card!”


“This is…!?!”

“This is the 【Enhancing Elixir】 circulating in the black market… huff!”

I break the mouth of the bottle and down it in one go.

Instantly, my muscles begin to tremble.


My body swells as if about to burst.

With a bang, I punch the wall, creating a hole and cracks.

Wow… this is incredible…! Right now, I’m filled with a feeling of invincibility.


“Heheh, what’s wrong? Too scared to speak?”

“No, it’s the opposite.”

The kid puts his hand on his neck and undoes a button or two.

“You look too pathetic to be surprised.”


“I’ll show you how a true strongman behaves. Bring it on.”

“Don’t underestimate me…! Even if you regret it, I won’t care!”

Tremendous power destroys everything.

“None of your moves can stand against overwhelming violence! Take this!”

I land a right straight on his contemptible face.


The force of my punch creates a gust of wind, knocking down the wizard behind me.

Such power.

If they were to take a direct hit from the front, there’s no doubt they’d turn into a pile of flesh. …Or so it should be.

“Yes, that’s right. So, I decided to deal with violence using violence,” I say.


My full-force punch was easily stopped.

With just one hand.

“You see? To be evil means to bring despair to your opponent,” he says.


Huh? Did I just scream?

Not only that, I instinctively took a step back.

My survival instinct sensed the danger to my life.

“You’ve always been overwhelming and defeated those weaker than you,” he continues.

My fist is pushed back.

No matter how much weight I put into it, he easily twists it, and my posture deteriorates rapidly.

“That’s why you rely on drugs. Your power doesn’t stand a chance against well-honed skills and beliefs,” he adds.

Finally, I’m brought down to my knees.

Overwhelmed by his tremendous power.

Ah… I see it now…

I was just a king of a tiny, insignificant country… and…

“To even claim to be evil is beyond you, a third-rate,” he says.

This man is the true king, the one with the qualities of a real ruler…!

A shock runs through my cheeks.

The first knockout of my life is strangely satisfying.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The scene is now a complete mess, hardly recognizable as a bar.

Aliban has fainted, but the other guys are still conscious.

As instructed, Mashiro seems to have held back, only partially freezing some of them without taking their lives.

It looks like Alice has supported Mashiro, allowing her to showcase her true abilities.

I’ve been carefully watching as she occasionally repelled the thieves who tried to counterattack.

“So, Ouga-kun, how was my magic?” Mashiro asks.

“It was beyond my expectations. You’re quite skilled at controlling magic. I was worried about what would happen when you cast such a large-scale spell, but… you kept your promise well,” I say, patting her head, and Mashiro narrows her eyes, looking embarrassed.

“Ah… ehehe… I’ll work even harder to receive more praise from Ouga-kun,” she says.


Mashiro is a clever girl. I’m sure she’ll keep growing as she says.

Her appearance is superb, but that doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate laziness among my subordinates.

I need talented individuals who will work diligently for me, even if they become members of my harem…!

“There was a good reason for going on this expedition,” I say.

Now we know Mashiro’s strength, one of our initial objectives.

She may be part of my harem of beauties, but she can also be counted as a valuable asset in terms of combat power.

“Good job, Lord Ouga,” Alice, who didn’t participate in the fight this time, brings a towel.

“It wasn’t much of a workout,” I reply.

“Considering Lord Ouga’s abilities, that’s only natural. So, Lord Ouga, should I cut this guy’s head off?” Alice asks.



The sword, about to be swung down toward the fallen Aliban, comes to a stop.

Geez! Why is she executing him without asking for permission first?

The “don’t get involved” rule wasn’t limited to just combat!

Don’t ruin my business opportunities for the future.

“There are still many things I want to ask him and have him do,” I explain.

“Things to ask?”


I pick up a small vial that had fallen to the ground.

“He mentioned this, the 【Enhancing Elixir】. Due to his weak natural abilities, he lost to me, but there was indeed an enhancement in his strength.”

I can feel its effects, as I was the one who received his attacks.

Alice, who understands this, gazes intently at the vial of liquid.

“Considering his tone, we can assume that it’s traded in the underworld. It seems that it’s already circulating in the world,” I say.

“In the future, more and more people will misuse it. …No, there’s a possibility it’s already being used,” Alice responds.

“That’s right. This guy could become a valuable source of information,” I say.

Once we find out who his supplier is and where it’s manufactured, there will be a great opportunity to make a killing in profit.

It’s undoubtedly a failed experiment when attempting to create something else.

However, the effect is there, which means that with my genius brain, I can improve it and potentially sell it as a type of medicine for use in battles against the demons.

For the sake of that bright future, I must definitely keep this guy close to me.

Also, I wanted one more chess piece who could move freely outside.

“I’ve always believed in giving people a chance at redemption. That’s the essence of my 【Salvation】,” I say.

Even though saying it like that is so embarrassing!

It’s definitely going down as a black history, but I know that Alice will understand if I put it that way.

See, she’s smiling with delight.

“As expected of Lord Ouga. It’s an honor to serve you,” Alice says.

“Oh, make it your lifelong boast. I, too, shall be a master you can be proud of.”


“Wow…! You both look so cool!”

Impressed by the theatrical exchange, Mashiro’s enthusiastic applause echoes through the battered bar.

Now, there’s no reason to linger here any longer.

“Hold on! Don’t leave us behind!”

“That’s so rude!”

“…Don’t worry. Didn’t I say I have plenty of business to attend to? Just wait here for a while.”

However, the voices of the thieves don’t cease. Some are even crying.

The howling of losers is always annoying.

If you guys don’t cut it out soon, you’ll face consequences later, courtesy of Alice.

Naturally, I can’t really threaten them like that, so I’m pondering how to handle the situation, when an unexpected person steps in to resolve it.

“Hey, shut up, you guys!”

A thunderous roar that shakes my eardrums. The air falls silent in an instant, and the owner of the voice, who had been lying down, slowly stands up.

Damn, I guess the effects of the doping weren’t enough to completely knock him out…?


Aliban doesn’t say a word, just stares at me intently.

I catch Alice interrupting Mashiro and glance at her with a provocative smile.

“What’s the matter? Still not satisfied with our little game?”

Because he’s looking down, I can’t read his expression.

I wonder what kind of reaction Aliban is having…

“–Brother! Please let me work under you!”

Folding his knees, Aliban slams his hands and forehead forcefully onto the floor.

“…” “…”

The two of us exchange glances. It’s not just us.

Even his subordinates seem unable to keep up with the situation.

If I didn’t mishear, he just said he wants to work under me…?

“What’s your intention?”

“N-No, it’s not like that! I’m just fascinated by your power!”

” …… Hou? “

“I fought and understood… that you are the man worthy of standing above everyone else!”

“I see.”

He seems to understand quite well, this guy.

Yes, I am the suitable man to rule over the commoners as a corrupt lord and enjoy an easy life among the upper class.

“So, you will obey my orders, right?”

“Of course! I will dedicate my life to you, Brother! You can even make me your slave if you want!”

Judging by his demeanor, he truly seems to admire me.

Maybe there’s no need for any further education.

I briefly check with Alice through a glance to make sure he’s not lying, and she agrees with me.

“I see, I see. Alright, Aliban. I’ll give you a task right away.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

“Aliban, you are to… go around different areas and discipline those delinquents.”


Then I explain the job I had in mind for Aliban.

In summary, he would go to the trouble spots, beat up the wrongdoers, and gather them under my command.

No one would find it strange if those troublemakers suddenly disappeared.

And then, I plan to reopen the underground arena with the people he gathers.

With this, I can become the backer and make a killing.

If the fighters are in my employ, I can rig the fights as I please!

Since the building wasn’t destroyed, there’s hardly any need for additional investment.

Of course, I’ll keep the underground arena a secret from Alice, but we should talk privately sometime.

Perhaps I’ll ask about the origin of the 【Enhancing Elixir】 then.

“You can bring along other guys too. The more, the merrier.”

“Ouga-kun, are you sure about this? Trusting him so easily?”

“Don’t worry. I have confidence in my ability to judge people.”

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