Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 7

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Mio began recounting her past circumstances at length. However, I was focused on figuring out how to get out of this situation while half-listening.

For starters, I could shake her off by force. But she likely wouldn’t give up without being convinced.

I wanted to avoid that.

…Come to think, I heard that being kind after violence overwhelms their emotions so they stop thinking.

Yeah, this could work. I’d brush it off ambiguously after that and push through.

“So please…grant me fleeting love, carve it into me just once…”

“No thanks.”

Reason for refusing? There’s only one.

I’m─a boobs man. Specifically the big ones

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

[You should never have been born]

That’s what my mother threw at me most.

She was a noble’s mistress. She lived a pampered, luxurious life.

But after conceiving me, she was cast off as used goods.

Of course she could no longer live as before.

She resented me.

Continually abused by my mother for costing her an easy life and her loved one.

Ah, I should never have been born.

Having never known another’s love, I spent each day like that.

Then one day after nearly ten years of that life, my mother quietly passed away.

She who had beaten me with such vigor.

After that I was raised in the church’s orphanage and came to be here.

I could have stayed and served as a nun. But I had the desire to help children suffering similarly, that was undoubtedly part of the reason.

However, the biggest reason was my inability to comprehend love.

Without ever receiving love, how could I empathize with others’ worries?

I learned how to raise and interact with children from books.

Learned because it was necessary.

But that was all surface level.

I fear I have not loved those children. The anxiety gnaws at me.

“So please…grant me fleeting love, carve it into me just once…”

I am a wretched woman.

Due to my upbringing, my style can hardly be called attractive.

If I explain my circumstances, kind Vellett sama would surely accept me.

Knowing that, I shamefully tried to seduce him.


Vellett sama called my name and reached for my cheek─

“No thanks.”

And slapped me, firmly rejecting me.

Memories of my childhood revived.

My stinging cheek felt that nostalgic heat.


Here it comes again…and again… I’ll endure until she’s satisfied, like back then.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I braced for the fear.

…Yet no violence came, no matter how long I shook.

Timidly opening my eyes.

Vellett sama was gently embracing me.

Huh? Wha!? Why…!?

“L-Vellett sama!?”

“Sorry. But for overwriting everything that tormented you, it was a necessary act.”


I finally realized the meaning behind his actions.

To rid me of my past, Vellett sama intentionally slapped me.

Unlike my mother, he used that same violence yet gave me kindness.

This heat will free me from my shackles to the past.

“…Looks like it worked.”

Patting my back, Vellett sama stood up.

The disappearing warmth made my heart lonely.

“It’s not time yet to give you the answer you seek.”

“…I understand. I shall pray for your safe return.”

“There’s no need for that.”

“What do you…”

“Our victory is assured. That’s what it means.”

A declaration of certain victory from an absolute superior.

Nothing could be more reassuring.

“So, Mio should sleep without worries. When you wake, it will be over.”

Was Vellett sama being kind until the very moment he left the room?

Thank you.

However, I am no foolish woman who merely receives your kindness.

“I will be sure to greet your return at the entrance.”

He gave no response to my words.

Merely smiling, Vellett sama left the room.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


“…Ahh, I hope Mio would just stay asleep…”

I wanted to avoid answering her questions about her feelings for me and just go home.

I’m not a Saint. I don’t have the experience to answer such heavy questions.

So, I told her to sleep and wait for me, but… judging from her behavior, she’s definitely awake.

“Ouga-kun? Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

I shake my head.

No, I can’t do this. We’re about to jump into a battlefield.

Having unnecessary thoughts might cost us our lives.

Even against weaker opponents, true top-class evil never lets its guard down.

“Hey, are we in the right place?”

“……! ……!”

The guide, whose mouth was covered with cloth to prevent him from making a sound, nods repeatedly.

According to the information Alice extracted, this place used to be Inevent’s only bar, and it seems the boss is waiting for their reports while drinking there.

“Mashiro, are you fully awake now?”

“Yeah! I slept a lot, so I’m full of energy!”

“That’s good. Don’t be too nervous. I’ll take care of the boss, and you can deal with the small fries around.”

However, I have one condition.

“Do not kill anyone. There’s no need for you to get your hands dirty.”

Murder takes an enormous toll on one’s psyche. Even promising young men aspiring to become holy knights end up giving up their dreams after experiencing such trauma.

I have no intention of burdening her with such a sin.

“This is the one promise you must keep.”

“Yeah, I got it. I’ll definitely live up to your expectations, Ouga-kun.”

Mashiro also pumps herself up with a loud snort, showing a determined look.

Her excitement is causing her breasts to distort between her arms.

Yes, that’s perfect. I want Mashiro to remain my stress-reliever for life.

I give my instructions to my restless sword, as staring at it would give away my intentions.

“Alice, don’t get involved this time. Just assess Mashiro’s abilities. Don’t lose sight of our original purpose,” I say.

“Understood,” she replies, bowing her head since she has the thugs tied up with her arms.

She’s quite strong, honestly.

“Damn it…! Aren’t they back yet!?”

“A-Aliban-sama, please calm down!”

“What a waste of good booze!”

A loud, gravelly voice and the sound of breaking glass come from inside the bar.

Looks like the targets are in there.

“Alright, let’s go.”

I raise my leg and kick forward, blowing the door away.


The chaotic screams and the sudden sound of destruction draw everyone’s attention towards us.

“Who the hell are you guys!?”

“We’ve come to bring you nightmares.”

I smirk defiantly as I point to the bulky man who seems to be Aliban, veins popping on his head.

“This is where your evil ends.”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

What… what’s happening…

Chaos and screams fill the bar.

“I-I’m frozen!?”

“Oh no! My hands are too slippery to hold my weapon!?”

“Damn it…! My legs won’t move…!”

A white mist surrounds them.

The rapidly dropping temperature in the mist robs them of their freedom.

“─【Frozen Winds】. Don’t worry, I won’t kill anyone,” I explain.

“Ice!? A rare attribute!?”

In addition to the six basic attributes of fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, and light, there are rare magic attributes called derivatives. The ice magic used by the woman is one of them.

“But using it in an enclosed space like this will affect you guys too─”

“No, no. We won’t be affected. We use wind magic to control the air currents,” one of them explains.

“Using two types of magic… a dual-magic caster!? Are you kidding me…?”

Don’t joke around… hiring such reinforcements would cost a fortune.

There’s no way those poor orphans could afford that!

“I never expected that Mashiro would need attention too. The power is stronger than I thought…”

“I’m happy that I can be useful to you, Ouga-kun!”

“I’m impressed and almost moved by how reliable you are.”

Even this brat, who’s engaging me with dry laughter, is dangerous.

No matter how much I try to strike him, he nullifies my initial attacks with ease and lightly evades them.

His downward strikes seamlessly flow into sweeps, and he releases the force from upward attacks as if bouncing it off from the inside.

Chatting away, looking elsewhere, he effortlessly handles everything. This is bad.

If you can hire mercenaries of such high level, it means they’re not just orphans…!

“Did you lead them here, Chris-Lagnica!? You’re just like us, fallen, aren’t you!?”

“…You’ve got the wrong person.”

“What the hell!? It’s clearly Chris-Lagnica!”

“Hey, do you have time to be distracted?”


The kid’s kick stabs into my abdomen.

It’s heavy…!

A grating sound echoes from my body to my brain.

I’m floating…!?


I’m sent flying and hit the wall, my back aching.

Where is this power coming from in that body…?

“Are you done? I want to talk to you.”

“You wish…!”

I struggle to catch my breath, but the pain from my broken bones won’t let me.

My forehead is covered in cold sweat.

Damn it, damn it, damn it!

This lord of mine… losing to a kid…? Unthinkable!

I’ve always been the best when it comes to power.

Even in the arena, I was confident I’d win if the organizers didn’t pair me with Lagnica.

With this fist and body, I won’t lose anywhere in the world.

So, I will build my own arena again.

To make my name resound throughout the world.

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