Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 5

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“No matter what sins you commit, no matter how tainted your soul becomes, you extend your hand… Ah, what a wonderful love it is!”

“Isn’t it? By passing judgment, Lord Ouga gives those who have lived without being judged a chance at redemption.”

“Yes… a kind-hearted person. Truly worthy of serving you, noble-sama.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

If I think about it, the Alice, who kills absolute evil, and the person who can befriend her wouldn’t be normal.

There’s no way someone like that would be normal.

“Tch, what do you think this is, a child’s play?”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re amazing, amazing.”

“Don’t pick a fight with adults, okay~?”

Their attitudes clearly show that they’re making fun of me.

Hold it in, hold it in…

I am the【Saint】… a compassionate man…

For my goal, I can endure any insult.

“Hmph, then how about this?”

The guy I kicked earlier drew a knife.

He licked the blade and pointed it towards me.

“Please save us too,【Saint】-sama!”

“I’ll kill you!”

I dashed out with force.

“Me too! Please save me too,【Saint】-sama!”

I’ll deal with you later!

“If you’re going to hit, do it properly!”

“If you hit, it will hurt!”

A knife thrust straight at me.

It seemed that he predicted I’d be scared and stopped moving, but unfortunately for him, I’m already used to real combat.

During the combat training I had with Alice before enrolling, she used a real sword to attack me, although the blade was dulled, it was essential for me who can’t use magic and needs to be able to handle hand-to-hand combat.

Thanks to that, I have almost no fear of weapons.


I parried the straight hit from the inside.

The knife, which had gone off its trajectory, naturally didn’t hit, and the guy was left in an exposed position.

“You should reflect on your actions.”


I buried a left body blow into his side, and then a right straight hit his sunken face, knocking him out.

When the man fell, the others each took out their weapons.

“Surround him!”

With the one person taken down, they stopped underestimating me and coordinated their attacks.


“Tear him to pieces!”

Weapons swung toward my head and abdomen.

But, it’s too naive. If you aim, it should be at my legs, not my stomach.

“The area below is a safe zone.”

I crouched down to dodge.

With my hands on the ground, I flipped my body up and kicked the faces of the guys as they approached.



The two remained.

“Damn, what the hell are you guys!?”

“I want to hear that!”



They interrupted my words with their death cries.

As the man who was trying to escape was taken down, Alice gave him an iron claw.

I could hear the sickening sound of bones breaking.

“Ugh… Ahh…”

The man who was caught was foaming at the mouth, his eyes rolled back.

He was thrown on top of the guys I stretched out.

“…You, do you want to run too?”

Alice’s lips curled up in a smile.

…Now that I think about it, she suits being a villain more than a hero.

In that sense, it might be fate for her to become my subordinate.

“And may【Saint】’s judgment be upon you…”

Then, the dangerous woman fell to her knees in front of the fallen men and began to pray.

“What the hell is going on with you guys!?”

“I want to know!”


With determination, I struck him across the right cheek.

He was too flustered to make a proper judgment and couldn’t avoid it, so he fell down weakly.

These guys are obviously just underlings.

I’m not sure if they’ll be useful, but I should tie them up to extract information if needed.



Alice tore off the men’s clothes and used them as makeshift restraints for their hands and feet.

…I just noticed, but Mashiro is unconscious on my back…

…Ah, it must have been when I ran to cut in between her friend and the thugs.

In a way, I’m glad I didn’t witness this scene.

It would have been the most painful thing to see others getting hurt trying to help me.

It’s reassuring to have someone follow up and take care of the situation.

“Vélett-sama, that was an admirable【Judgment】.”

“Stop using weird words.”

I’m not that kind of character…!

Alice just spoke of her ideal version of me on her own.

Even though I’m just going along with the awkward atmosphere and acting…

Why did it end up like this…?


However, she seemed unfazed and started introducing herself.

“My name is Mio. I never thought a noble-sama would actually come… As Alice said, you truly are a person full of love.”

Saying that, she tightly held my hand with hers.

“We may not be able to offer much hospitality, but our orphanage welcomes you, Vellett-sama.”

I came here just for the labor force, but..I had a feeling I was stepping into tricky waters.

That was the scene when we first met.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Please come in, though it’s not a very grand building for a noble guest.”

She was being modest, but it was certainly a good size for one woman to own. Looking up, I could see it was three stories high.

“Nonsense. It’s bigger than most commoners could afford.”

“An elderly couple leaving town kindly gave it to us. Before this, it was much smaller and cramped for the children.”

I entered when invited and passed through the door.

There was a table where the kids could gather for meals, with toys and books scattered around. Some children had huddled together in a corner.

When they saw Mio, they cried “Sister!” and “Mio-neechan!” then rushed to cling to her.

“There there, everything’s alright now.”

…It was a normal scene, yet seemed odd after her earlier behavior.

Noticing me while clinging to her, the children turned my way.



Alice coughed deliberately and the children covered their mouths, realizing something.

“Oh right…! Sorry, Sis Alice!”

“You came to play?!”

So the kids knew Alice already, huh. She patted their heads as they came up to her.

“Been a month, has it? You staying out of trouble?”

“Yeah! Been practicing swordfighting lots!”

“Is that so, is that so.”

“Did Sis Alice beat up the bad guys?!”

“No no, this time my master here helped.”

Attention shifted my way as Alice passed the torch.

Ten kids total, a good number for one woman running an orphanage. In the future they’d work hard as my subordinates, that was for sure.

Now, first impressions were key. I’d establish my status and superiority here.

“I am Ouga Vellett, firstborn of the Vellett family. Heeding my sword Alice’s wish, I’ve come to protect you. You’re mine now. As of today, this orphanage is under my name’s safety. Be grateful.”

Alice and Mio clapped enthusiastically. They’d praise anything I did. I ignored them.

Now, how would the children react?

Hmph, I was a noble after all. I wore fine clothes and had an air of high status – something they’d never seen. They’d look on with respect for sure.

Fine, I’d permit even rude language from them.

Go on kids, shower me with grateful words!

“He looks weak~”

“Sis Alice is way cooler~”

“Really a noble? Just a kid like us~”


“Hey you brats!”

“But but~”

“Nobles are all weaklings right? That’s what Sis Alice said~”

“That was before meeting Lord Ouga…”

“We’re stronger since Sis Alice taught us swords!”

“Yeah yeah~”

The cheeky brats chattered insults about me.

Mio hurried over, bowing profusely.

“I’m so sorry, Vellett sama! I’ll scold them right away…!”

“…It’s fine. Good they have so much energy.”

Patience, patience.

Losing my temper would prove I was on their childish level.

I was an adult. I’d only let girls’ teasing get to me.

The boys were the main offenders.

Yes, so I wouldn’t get mad if they pulled my clothes or slapped my head.

“Hey, fight me!”

Calm down, Ouga-Vellett.

You don’t need to pay attention to what those immature kids are saying.

See, everything’s fine.

Put on that smile like a proper adult and handle this calmly–

“Oh, forget it. You’re just a clumsy noble after all.”

“Fine, I’ll show you what I can do!”

I need to discipline these brats properly!

I take off my coat and toss it to Alice.

“Alice, I’ll take care of these guys. You go and handle what you need to do in the meantime.”

“……! Understood.”

With a discreet whisper, Alice takes Mio and quickly heads to another room.

That’s right, I need to make sure Mashiro, who’s been down on your back, is put to rest.

And if I make eye contact with Alice, I won’t be able to get serious against these guys.

“I’ll show them the fear of an adult…!”

And so, the battle with the children began.


“Big brother Ouga, that was amazing!”

“Next, me! Let me do it too!”

“Ah, unfair! I want to try that flying one too!”

“Fuhahaha! I’ll do as much as you want! And praise me even more!”

Laughter from the children and Vellett-sama echoes through the living room.

Vellett-sama lifts the children and tosses them up, and they catch him before hitting the ceiling.


When was the last time I saw the children having so much fun?

Ever since this orphanage’s land became a target, it’s been days filled with fear from angry voices.

With my powerless self, everything could be taken away from me.

So, I took a chance and contacted an old friend, and I’m so glad I did.


The【Saint】who will save us all…

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