Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 18

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Mob No.18: “This is clearly just an excuse by Earl Rosello! The iron hammer of justice against the evil Earl Rosello trying to rob this weak woman of a national treasure!”

After getting back from the gate security job, first I tidied up my room and around myself.

Cleaning, laundry, taking out trash. Airing out the room, restocking consumables, various things like that.

When that was done, I browsed the net and chatted with hobby friends, enjoying myself plenty.

The next day I went to Anime-mbers to buy new releases then made the rounds at used bookstores, spending a fulfilling holiday.

And on the third day after getting back from the gate security job, I went to the mercenary guild to take on work. But it was oddly restless there.

I found uncle Roans and headed straight there.

“Something happen?”

“A nobles’ battle over interests.”

“I see… What’s the reason?”

Uncle Roans told me the summarized information with a sigh mixed in.

– The opposing sides are the Rosello family and the Griente family

– The cause of the battle over interests is an oil painting by a painter designated as a national treasure shortly before

– The painter passed away last month

– The Rosello family are earls, the current head is a plump middle-aged man

– The Griente family are barons, the current head is a beautiful baroness whose husband passed before her

– Both claim this was left to the previous generation head of their family by the artist in thanks when he relied on them in his youth, and there are inscriptions

– The Griente family physically possesses the painting

– The Rosello family claims it was stolen

“Looks disadvantageous for Earl Rosello visually.”

“Clearly just tryin’ to seize it arrogantly by title.”

The hero guy would definitely take the baroness’s side without hesitation.

By the way, in cases like this the mercenary guild takes requests from both sides if they come, and lets the mercenaries themselves decide whether to take it, and if so, which side to join.

This is a system to prevent the mercenary guild from being resented by taking either side, maintaining neutrality.

[We properly put out the request. If you’re going to resent someone, resent the mercenaries who didn’t take the request or didn’t join your side.]

Is how it is.

Furthermore, mercenaries fighting each other hold no grudges even if they die.

So mercenaries who are close tend to join the same camp.

By the way, one of the provisions of the mercenary guild is:

[Mercenaries of the mercenary guild must accept requests that will certainly involve combat (clashes between forces, subjugating pirates, etc) a minimum of 4 times a year.

Situations occurring suddenly are also counted.

However, this does not apply if the request certain to involve combat (clashes between forces, subjugating pirates, etc) did not result in combat occurring.]

By that provision I’m already good without taking any, but pirate activity has decreased with the successive destruction of large pirate groups, and requests for subjugating pirates and escorts have gone down.

We also can’t just do nothing until the pirates get active again, so I’m inclined to take it rather than not.

Battles over nobles’ interests probably won’t disappear anytime soon given the current circumstances too.

But either way, I don’t have enough information to decide who to take.

I was thinking I’d hold off responding if there was leeway until the deadline, when a loud voice came from over there.

The owner of the voice was a woman with light green hair and white skin, wearing clothes like a military uniform.

“This is clearly just an excuse by Earl Rosello! The iron hammer of justice against the evil Earl Rosello trying to rob this weak woman of a national treasure!”

And her claim clearly condemned Earl Rosello as evil.

Well, I understand why.

Uncle Roans and I considered that possibility as well.

Sure, it seems that way situationally, but gathering information prop… er, that didn’t happen.

And your atmosphere looks exactly like a female version of the hero guy to me.

Uncle Roans answered my questioning look.

“This is Fadilna Preliera, the one who became Bishop before. Remember the one who hit you? That’s her relative.”

“Geez! Really? That’s the worst!”

And she’s already a Bishop when she doesn’t seem to have investigated the clients?! That’s way too dangerous.

I won’t get involved.

Oh, by the way, the hero guy’s name is apparently Yuri Preliera.

“Is there still time until the deadline for this request?”

“Yes. It’s okay until 5 days later.”

“Then I’ll do it after more research.”

In battles like this, it’s usually very tense and hectic right up until the start.

and hectic, but battles over the interests of the nobility have a strong sense of formal duels, so the day and time are set, and they begin when both armies have gathered with a feeling of “Well, let us begin!

That’s why we can take our time.

It was the same with Earl Buckadore and Marquis Geemas before.

Of course, some people make preparations beforehand, and there are people who use underhanded means, so carelessness is forbidden.


As soon as I left the mercenary guild, I went to the black market to get some materials to decide if I should accept the request.

The dubious atmosphere here is as charged as ever.

What does [Born from the seething, bubbling oil sludge, the bitter dark gold] mean on the banner of that shop that looks like a butcher shop?!

While looking at various other suspicious signs and such, I arrived at my destination, [Paterson’s Pharmacy].

Inside, the smell of wood, earth, and grass still filled the air as usual, and bags of candy were lined up on the counter.

“Welcome… Oh, it’s you.”

Just like last time, he looked at me with a listless expression, an unlit cigarette in his mouth, reading a newspaper.

“You… did that greeting last time too…”

“Shaddup. Did you come to hear rumors today, too?”

Sensing that I didn’t have sweets as my goal in the short time, he seemed to understand why I was here.

“Yes. Didn’t you hear about the reputation of the noble family of Rosello and the baron family of Griente?”

At my question, Gonzalez quickly looked up over his glasses.

“2 hours. You can hang around until then.”

Looks like the information is relatively easy to get.

If it was difficult to get, he might say to come back tomorrow.

“I’ll read a light novel here.”

I sat down in the waiting chairs in the shop and took out a light novel.

“Then let me know if a customer comes in.”

Just saying that, Gonzalez brought the hair tied together around his neck to the front, exposing the back of his neck, opened the connector there, plugged in the cord connected to a PC, and became perfectly still in his original posture.

He’s probably invaded cyberspace and started gathering information.

After that no customers came, and 2 hours passed.

What I learned was:

– Earl Rosello apparently looks like that but rules well, and is loved by his citizens.

– His taxes are legitimate and he has a gentle personality. He also works diligently.

– His stoutness seems to be due to his constitution and liking sweets.

– He seems unsuccessful with women and is still unmarried.

– It seems he reluctantly began preparations after receiving their declaration of war.

– Baroness Griente is beautiful with a nice figure, but her actual age is unknown.

– She likes extravagance, and raises taxes to purchase brands she likes, so her citizens have a poor reputation of her.

– Because of this, the number leaving for other planets seems to be increasing.

– She was widowed from 3 husbands before marrying the baron.

– The baron passed away the year after their marriage.

– Their military forces are evenly matched.

That was the information.

Baroness Griente is definitely out!

Of course it could be false information spread by Earl Rosello.

“Hey. That seemed to come together surprisingly easily, but how’s the credibility?”

“For Earl Rosello, the numbers are small but citizen info transmission is like, nothing to write about cuz it’s peaceful. Looked at the town from street cameras and it’s the picture of peace… Mnph…!”

While answering, Gonzalez let out a strangely erotic voice and pulled the cord from his nape.

“As for Baroness Griente, it was a downpour of curses, slander, and defamation. There were hardly any people in town, and those there only had grim expressions.”

After moving his hair back and retying it, he took a plastic bottled carbonated drink from the small refrigerator below the shelf behind him.

I wonder why Gonzalez, whose whole body is mechanical, eats and drinks?

The reason is related to human instinct.

To move the mechanical body, just refilling the external battery is fine.

Regarding the brain too, injecting a special nutritional fluid once a month is sufficient, but not eating causes tremendous stress.

Therefore it’s imperative that the whole body has functions to digest food and generate nutritional fluids for the brain.

Of course external injection of the special nutritional fluid is also possible.

But you have to be careful because the body won’t move without using the battery.

By the way for bio-bodies and clone-bodies, normal food alone is fine for both it seems.

“Personally, I wouldn’t want to live in Griente territory.”

While drinking the carbonated drink, Gonzalez let out a deep sigh.

After hearing that information and thinking it over, I decided to take Earl Rosello’s side.

Baroness Griente is definitely dangerous after all.

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