Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 4

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A pitch-black room.

The student council room with curtains tightly shut and not a ray of light entering from outside.

Alone in a space where no one else enters, I gazed at the photo stand.

“He was an interesting boy, wasn’t he, Vellett.”

The figure of the boy I exchanged words with the other day floats clearly into view.

Recalling our encounter as I look at him in the displayed photograph.

I put in more padding than usual to make a good first impression, yet he saw through it right away.

I thought it would work on him since he likes big breasted girls but…

…it’s not like mine are small, but certainly not.

When I lower my gaze, a slight bulge enters my vision.


I flicked the photo stand with my finger, annoyed at the stated fact.

“So you properly hid it after all…the rumored Magic Cancel.”

I definitely created a natural flow.

I had been observing, skipping class the whole time, so I could grasp most of the circumstances.

I don’t think I caused any discomfort.

Even though I was aiming for his special technique, there’s no way he could have figured that out…

Could he have anticipated the possibility of Teacher keeping an eye on him ever since he resolved that incident?

But if so, his oddly aggressive attitude at the start also makes sense.

“I didn’t expect you to refuse student council recruitment as well…do you plan to thoroughly conceal it?”

If so, then why did you use it against that idiot from the Bourbon family?

The reason I can infer is that he wanted to save Miss Leiche with Magic Cancel.

That’s to plant loyalty in her, who has rare value.

To make her his yes man…probably.

No matter how much he likes huge breasts, there’s no way he’s an idiot who would reveal his trump card just because Miss Leiche has large breasts.

“Dancing in the palm of your hand.”

That maid coming by at such timely coincidence must have been staged as well.

Since his attendant Alice normally sticks close to him, I hear.

However, for him to have read that I would probe through using her…

“A natural born genius, huh.”

Completely different from me.

If allowed to grow freely like this, he would surely become a magician who etches his name in history.

He might even become a hero rivaling Flone the Lightning someday.

He demonstrated that much potential in just a few minutes of conversation.

“But sorry.”

I release my finger from the photo stand I had grabbed.

It fell with a clatter, and I stomped it underfoot.

“My purpose is to be Reina milfonti’s reason for existing, as teacher’s substitute.”

Ahh, what kind of report should I give when Teacher returns from her business trip?

I don’t wanna be yelled at.

“Even though I’m used to it already…”

Being shouted at. Being beaten. Being toyed with.

“I wonder what he’s doing?”

I pick up the single sheet of paper I processed earlier.

The overnight leave request form necessary for students to exit the academy grounds.

Three names recently written on the form stating their purpose is volunteer work.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Lord Ouga. How are you feeling?”

“Ah. I’m used to this much rocking.”

“Oh, I might feel sick…urp…”

“Hey now…”

I gently stroke Mashiro’s back as she clearly looks unwell.

She was lively and frolicking when we first got in the carriage, but the repeated rocking was becoming too much.

“You rarely get chances to ride in carriages. I suffered the same way in the past.”

While reminiscing about her Holy Knight days, Alice wraps a bag in cloth to make a simple pillow.

“It’s cramped, but please lie down here. It should be slightly better.”

“Ugh…thank you…”

Mashiro, who was sitting beside me, slowly stands up and tries to switch seats with Alice.

While watching her out the corner of my eye, I looked at the scenery passing by outside the window.

We’re headed to Invent.

A nondescript, ordinary small town on the outskirts of the capital.

It’s not like every part of the capital is prosperous.

The farther you get from the center, the more rural it becomes.

In other words, unmaintained roads increase.


The carriage sways intensely up and down.

Mashiro, who was standing, staggers and falls towards me.

Losing her balance, she smacks her head right into my stomach.

That triggered it.


“Eek! Lord Ouga’s clothes…!”


The sounds of a classmate emptying what she shouldn’t and the maid’s shriek echoed in the carriage.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“How many times do I have to say it? It’s okay. Actually, if you shake me that vigorously…”


“…You should puke over there.”

“Ugh… I’m so sorry…”

Who likes to see vomit first thing in the morning?

After arriving at the event, we followed Alice’s guidance and walked through the city.

The streets were deserted, lacking any liveliness, making one doubt if anyone actually lived there.

“Miss Leiche, please climb on my back…”

“Ugh… I’m sorry…”

With that exchange, Alice, now considerate, carried Mashiro on her back.

“…It’s true that there have been many harassments, right?”

“It was one of the consultations I’ve received. They’re not people who hesitate to lie to me.”

“Well, that’s good.”

I guess if I made false accusations against Alice, she would cut me down without hesitation.

But what is their aim? To be honest, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to gain.

The value of this tired city’s land is almost non-existent.

Feeling an unpleasant uneasiness, we continued our way.

“If you turn right at the next corner, you’ll arrive at the orphanage.”

“You remember it quite clearly. Even without looking at a map.”

“I’ve been here several times. Look, I’m sure everyone will greet us—”

Her words were interrupted.

Because what we encountered was a scene of five men pushing aside a woman with orange hair.

“…It seems we’re needed right away.”

Without hesitation, I dashed forward and struck the men with a flying kick.


Caught off guard by the unexpected attack, the men fell like dominos.

Alice made sure her friend, the woman, was safe.

“What the…! You guys!”

The thugs quickly switched to combat mode.

In response, I also prepared myself.

“We’ve come to crush you.”

“Hey, jokes are only allowed for babies, you little brat.”

“I’ll let you off this time. Go home and suck on your mommy’s breasts.”

“I’d love to lick those girls’ over there!”

They laughed with crude voices.

Annoying guys.

Let’s shut them up right here and now.

However, before my fist could do it, Alice’s powerful voice silenced them.

“You lot! Do you know who this person is?”

She stood in front of me, kneeling down and producing a shower of confetti from nowhere.

The fluttering confetti colored the area pink.


“I really wish you’d stop. It’s embarrassing…”

“In the name of dispelling all the darkness in this world and delivering light! In the name of condemning all evil and living under the banner of justice, he is the【Saint】!”

The lines flowed smoothly as if it was a usual exchange for him.

“It’s Ouga-Vellett-sama!!”

And loudly, he declared my name.



Oh, please stop! This silence is so unbearable!

Don’t look at me as if you’re seeing some dangerous guy!

And the people behind you too!

Hey, you’re on my side too!


The atmosphere became eerily silent, all because of Alice.





The only one who seemed satisfied was Alice, smirking.

“Heh, trembling in fear of the great Lord Ouga, huh?”

Definitely not.

Even if it’s fear, it’s in a different way.

What they feel is the fear of encountering a dangerous guy they can’t understand.

“Lord Ouga.”

Alice turned her expectant gaze toward me.

Huh? You’re not telling me to say something here, right?

Are you kidding me? You’re something else.


I could tell all their attention was focused on me.

Think, Ouga-Vellett.

Remember your purpose.

You came here pretending to be a good person, getting close to the orphanage, and securing the orphans here as labor.

You’re here to gain their favor.

But there’s no way I, who is fundamentally evil to the core, can become a good person.

Even if I half-heartedly act, the lies will be exposed.

Then, there’s only one thing to do!

“That’s right, I am the Saint who will save all the world’s evil.”

I must become that dangerous man, fully immersed in playing the role of a righteous hero!

“I will forgive all your past actions and save you in my name.”

Crossing my chest, I began.

“This is where your evil meets its end.”

H-How is it…?

I stole a glance behind me.

“Everyone, meet the Saint…”

It didn’t work…!

Oh no, even the women are backing away…

Isn’t that strange? I’m the one saving them, right?

Ugh…! I was trying to be smooth and cool while rescuing them, but…!

My first impression is a total failure—

“That’s so lovely…!”

“Oh, no! It’s not like that! This guy is dangerous too!”

As I turned around, she had a blissful smile and was trembling while holding her own shoulder.

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