Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 3

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Unauthorized magic use on school grounds was prohibited.

Practical curriculum wouldn’t start for over a month.

There’s no way we’d get away with this.

Was there no other way we could sneak in?

I was even considering the reckless idea of climbing the outer wall.

Then, as if to interrupt my thoughts, a transparent voice reached my ears.

“First years are prohibited from entering the practical skills building alone, you two.”

When I turned around, there was one figure with waist-length, light pink swaying hair.

The girl wrapped in a white uniform unlike ours looked like an angel with her elegant behavior.

A beauty that would captivate ten out of ten people.

I also ended up gazing at her.

“Pleased to meet you. I am Reina milfonti. I serve as student council president of the esteemed Leesburg Magic Academy.”

However, it wasn’t her beauty that attracted me.

Her deep yellow eyes were like my pre-reincarnation self’s, seeming devoid of liveliness.

“I hope we can get along well, Vellett, Leiche.”

I felt a sense of discomfort from how her expression and conveyed emotions didn’t match.

Reina milfonti.

The top disciple of Flone the Lightning, and the hope serving as the magic academy’s student council president since year one.

Expectations from the public were also great for her as the youth who would lead the next generation.

Her epithet from her lovely appearance and exceptional talent was [Child Loved by God]…huh.

Seeing her in person made the impression quite different from the photographs.

Lacking magical aptitude, I also put effort into physical training.

Skeleton. How to use each part of the body. Connecting muscles.

I also accumulated knowledge to always exhibit at least maximum ability.

So I understood, but somehow her breasts were unnaturally large for her build–.

“─It’s embarrassing to be stared at like that.”


In the instant my gaze lowered, she closed the distance up to right before my eyes.

I didn’t even see her start to move…!?

Even though she was in my field of vision…!

I somehow maintained my composure to avoid looking lame and returned words.

“I was just involuntarily mesmerized. Don’t mind it.”

“Oh my…fufu, well done. I can understand why Miss Leiche was seduced.”

However, she continued.

“But I wanted you to say that while smiling more. You’re tense. A smile is best.”

milfonti lifted my cheek with a prod.

…Hmph, easy for you to say.

Who’s the one not smiling here?

I wonder what kind of reaction I’d get if I flicked her finger.

“I appreciate the teaching.”

“I like obedient student.”



Scene transition



“We get along well. Same for me.”

Our gazes crossed and sparks scattered.

The one who broke the heavy silence was Mashiro, left behind.

“U-Um…fighting is no good!”

Mashiro pulled my arm and separated me from the student council president.

Thanks to being pressed against her breasts, I regained my calm.

That’s right. There’s no meaning to quarreling here.

I’m supposed to leisurely enjoy my otherworldly life.

Since she started talking to us, this is a perfect chance to build rapport, isn’t it?

If I plant a good impression now, even if I do evil deeds later, she’ll be less likely to suspect me.

In the far future, when I’m doing immoral acts as an evil feudal lord.

Hehe…I’m so evil!

“Thank you, Mashiro. I’ve calmed down now.”

“I’m glad then.”

“President milfonti, I apologize for my many discourtesies.”

“No, don’t mind it. As president of the magic academy, I’m happy to interact with our promising new students like you two.”

She forgives me with a beaming smile.

“However, it is also true I must scold you. Why are you two here? Shouldn’t you be in class right now?”

“Um, well, that’s…”

“I thought we should use our time more meaningfully than boring classes.”

“O-Ouga kun!?”

Since she said she likes obedient children, I’ll be blunt.

The magic theory cramming since childhood was boring to me, that’s the truth.


“Ahaha. I suppose it could be agonizing for Vellett.”

“Did the President feel the same way?”

“That’s a secret. But…how about this? A practical lesson from me?”


“F-From the president!?”

A lecture from herself, the number one disciple of Flone the Lightning.

There was likely techniques honed over years I couldn’t even imagine.

An opportunity I couldn’t get even if I offered a large sum of money suddenly came falling into my lap.

“You came to the practical skills building to practice magic, right? For cute juniors, I don’t particularly mind.”

She clasped her hands together and tilted her head.

“To tell the truth, I’ve been wanting to talk with you two for a while, so this is perfect timing.”

The student council president gripped our hands.

Her small hands were more powerful than I thought, and hard.

“The timing is a bit early, but…I was already planning to contact you two before long. Vellett, with the most knowledge among the new students, and Leiche, a dual magical aptitude user.”

…I see.

“I want to recruit you two to the student council.”

So that’s what she was after.

Realizing her objective, my excitement quickly faded away.

Hehe…that was dangerous. I almost got carried away by my magic otaku blood and lost the ability to judge properly.

In short, she’s dangerous.

…Even though I’m this evil genius!

“I refuse.”

I clearly conveyed my intent to decline.

The student council president’s true aim was to tie me down where she could keep an eye on me.

She likely became wary after I brought Mashiro to my side, and came to nip things in the bud.

After all, at this rate, an excellent talent would be abused under me, the future wicked feudal lord.

She approached to prevent that, I assume, but that won’t happen.

Pretending to be kind as she got close then striking once my guard was down.

You’re quite the savage carnivore, Madam President.

“…May I ask your reason?”

“I want to devote my power to things I want to do now.”

“If you join the student council, Vellett’s reputation will do a reversal.”

“I don’t care about that in the slightest.”

“…I see. That’s unfortunate.”

Seeing my resolve was firm, the student council president backed down.

“But I’ll always be waiting for you two. If you change your minds, feel free to let me know.”

She gently released our hands and walked towards the practical skills building door just like that.

“Now, please go ahead. I can accompany you inside since I’m the president.”

This was also a proposal to test my ability.

Of course, I couldn’t accept.

“No, I cannot impose to that extent after declining. We will give up and return to the classroom.”

“Y-Yeah. Sorry, President. To think we’d refuse your kindness…”

“You don’t have to hold back…”

“Lord Ouga! I have returned!”

Right on time, I heard Alice’s voice.

“My companion is calling, so please excuse us around here.”

I turn my back on the student council president and leave the area.

I don’t hear her footsteps following.

It was regrettable I couldn’t see Mashiro’s skill, but…

“Master? You aren’t going to the practical skills building?”

“No, actually…”

I explained the circumstances as we walked.

Then, Alice clapped her hands together.

“In that case, Master. I happen to have good news.”

“Good news…? Would you tell me about it?”

“An acquaintance of mine runs an orphanage, and it seems some guys are after their land. Lately the harassment has been intense…I was thinking of just going with Master, but wouldn’t it be good for Miss Leiche’s combat experience if she participated too?”

“Oh…that’s not bad.”

We could use magic freely outside the academy.

If I also had Mashiro cooperate from a safe spot, I could grasp her ability.

I don’t like how she counted me in without asking, but I would’ve ended up going anyway.

After all, if left to Alice alone, she’d kill all the villains before using them.

As someone who wants to secure various income sources in the future, I have to stop her.

This kills two birds with one stone, but there was another benefit.

That we could build goodwill with the orphanage.

There were probably lots of children without families there.

In other words, securing labor.

If it’s a request from me, their benefactor who saved them from the villains, they’d likely believe unconditionally.

I could have them sign contracts without telling Alice, and then they’d be mine.

Hehe…sorry, unknown children.

Become nourishment for my bright future.

“Mashiro. Will you be alright?”

“Y-Yeah…! I thought such a day would come someday…I want to help Ouga kun too!”

She was willing herself. Then our plans were settled.

“We’ll act on the weekend holiday. Let the other side know.”

“Yes! For Lord Ouga’s future, let’s slaughter the villains together!”

Mashiro shrank back a little from Alice’s beaming smile as she said that.

Get used to it.

This girl is like this.

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