Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

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“…That’s Ouga Vellett.”

The man who, in the magic academy entrance exam, was the first in history to get a perfect score on the [written exam] and pass with a 0 on the [practical exam].

He would have been failed if not for seeking outstanding talent.

I called him out because I wanted to confirm with my own eyes…I see, he’s an interesting character.

That guy…at first, was wary of me. Of me, called the hero “Flone the Lightning.”

It would be normal for a regular student to be nervous, but he is of the Vellett family.

Stealth. Intelligence gathering. A family well-versed in information warfare.

He may have caught wind of some unsavory rumors about me somewhere.

I must be even more careful not to leave any traces from here on out.

“Even so, she entered the protection of a troublesome place, seriously…”

To think Mashiro Leiche, who I planned to use as an experimental tool, would be stolen away.

This is all that idiot from the Bourbon family’s fault.

No matter how nobles are above commoners, would an idiot cause problems right after enrolling?

“Hmph. Well, whatever. There was an unexpected harvest too.”

One line stated by that Bourbon idiot during questioning.

[My magic was erased! It’s true! He’s lying about not being able to use magic!]

Magic that erases magic?

Don’t joke around.

The reason nobles can be nobles,

Is whether they have magical aptitude or not.

Sometimes even commoners are born with magical aptitude due to mutation, but the number is overwhelmingly small.

Thus, commoners do not revolt against nobles. No, they cannot.

Of course, it’s not like nobles just live off tax revenue, they also subjugate magical creatures and in turn provide peace.

But dissatisfaction accumulates.

If a means to invalidate magic spreads, the world’s order would be disrupted.

“The Velletts unanimously say they can’t use magic. But if this is true…”

According to the enrollment paperwork, his confidant is of common birth.

That maid is also suspicious. I can’t make definitive claims since I’ve only seen her in photographs, but she looks familiar.

I should look into what became of her after she was exiled.

But what if my guess is correct?

On one hand a monster who rose to be the Holy Knights Leader with sword skill alone.

On the other, one of the rare people in the world who can use multiple magical attributes.

It would mean outrageous power has gathered under Ouga Vellett.

“A man who, lacking magical aptitude, can correctly understand the suffering of commoners in noble society…”

What is he scheming?

Is he trying to become a hero of the masses? Or maybe he just wants to be surrounded by women, the foolish…

“Heh…that’s not it.”

His objective is unclear, but he has the potential to become an obstacle to my dream I’ve chased for years.

In that case, he must be eliminated.


“Yes, Headmaster.”

When I call her name, a girl with light pink hair waiting on standby in a separate room connected to the headmaster’s office comes out.

“I’ll leave his monitoring up to you. Let’s have him recommended to the student council as well. It would make things easier for you as student council president.”

“Ohoho, I’m happy for your consideration.”

Her expression is still an unchanging smile with lifeless eyes.

She’s kept up the same facade all day long.

Even though she’s my disciple, she’s a creepy kid. If not for her talent, I wouldn’t have picked her up back then.

“If he makes any suspicious movements…you understand, correct?”

“Yes, I will stake the name Reina milfonti on it ── and end his life.”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The magic academy’s classrooms are spacious, with desks for two students placed at generous intervals front to back.

In the very back was space for attendants like myself to wait on standby during class without getting in the way.

The ticking of the second hand could be heard clearly even amidst the clamor.

Each second felt long.

As the start of class approached, I awaited the return of my esteemed master.

“Ouga kun?, did something happen?”

The one speaking to me was the girl my master saved, Miss Mashiro Leiche.

She was also the talent my master wanted most at this academy.

Among the many children of prestigious families gathered here, some may wonder why her.

However, if they knew she was a [Dual Magical Aptitude User], everyone would understand.

Having grasped information through the Vellett family’s investigations, my master had eyes only for her and seduced her.


With this, another excellent talent has gathered under my master, bringing him one step closer to realizing his justice.

As expected of my master.

“It seems my master has no idea either. Unfortunately, we can only wait until he returns to find out.”

Of course that’s a lie.

There are two reasons I can guess he was called out.

One, Flone milfonti noticed my true identity.

She has wide connections.

As one of the heroes of mankind, she also focuses on training successors, and frequently makes appearances around various places.

Naturally, she visits the Holy Knights often as well, and I’ve exchanged words with her several times too.

The other is troublesome – she picked up on something about my master’s [Magic Burial Rites].

We match our stories and hide the [Magic Burial Rites].

However, that worm from the Bourbon family makes things difficult.

If the opponent was just a magic user, they’d dismiss that Bourbon brat’s ramblings…

But Flone might probe my master as a precaution.

After all, [Magic Burial Rites] is a technique that can overturn the world.

Conflict between nobles and commoners could break out again, even though territorial disputes with magical creatures have settled down in recent years.

It would be natural for Flone, who continued standing on the battlefield, to move in order to not let a new war spark.

And these are things even someone often called muscle-brained like myself can think of.

My master likely foresaw everything and worried about Miss Leiche’s feelings.

So she doesn’t blame herself for using [Magic Burial Rites] to save her.

As expected of my master.

“Class is about to start soon…”

“It doesn’t seem like Headmistress milfonti is the type to make students late for class…right, Miss Leiche?”

“Ah, Ouga kun!”

The moment Miss Leiche called his name, the classroom abruptly fell silent.

My master stands out, for better or worse.

Since enrollment, he was made a fool of for having no magical aptitude, getting in by connections ─ of course it became clear that’s impossible ─ being the son of a wicked feudal lord.

However, after saving Miss Leiche from bullying, the winds began to change.

They’re at the point where they feel guilty for ridiculing someone whose good deed they now know about.

If my master continues being himself, eventually there will be none who mock him.

“Welcome back, Master.”

“Welcome back, Ouga kun. What were you talking about?”

“Nothing, just small talk. More importantly, there’s something I want to do now.”

After saying that, my master takes his school bag in hand and tries to head out just like that.

“O-Ouga kun? Isn’t class starting now?”

“Skipping. Mashiro’s coming too, of course. Follow me.”


“We’re going to the practical skills building. There’s something I wanted to see after realizing it.”

“W-Wait up!”

Despite her surprise, there was no hesitation in Leiche’s actions. She packed up the teaching materials spread on her desk into her bag and lined up next to Ouga.

Hehe, her loyalty is considerable.

Now then, I should follow them–

“Alice, let the teacher know we’re absent due to illness and then come join us.”

–I cried.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“H-Hey, wait up, Ouga kun!”

Our hurried footsteps echoed in the hallway.

I didn’t know Mashiro had multiple magical aptitudes.

Since I only decided based on her photos at first glance.

“But why the sudden need to go to the practical skills building?”

“I’m curious what it feels like to face two types of magic simultaneously.”

I wanted to grasp her level of skill that warranted Flone milfonti’s attention.

Could she handle different attribute magics at the same time?

Would the magic consumption change?

What kind of image does she invoke to activate her magic?

Originally, to make up for my handicap of having no magical aptitude, I pounded in various knowledge.

Seeing Mashiro’s magic, I might come up with some new techniques.

Plus I wanted to try skipping class once.

It was the perfect excuse, so there was no reason not to.

“Huh? So Ouga didn’t know about my magical aptitudes?”

“That’s right, why? Is that bad?”

N-No way! Rather, this way she won’t realize I already investigated her!

Things are going according to my plan, right?

Nonsensical excuses she didn’t know who they were aimed at kept popping up.

“No, this is great!”

She smiled ear to ear and clung to my arm.

I didn’t really understand, but boobs are the best so I didn’t think too deeply about it.


“Wow. It’s pretty big up close.”

After walking for a bit, we arrived at the practical skills building entrance.

While the main school building was plenty large, the practical skills building was many times that size.

Since actual magic would be used, a small enclosed space could cause accidents and great harm.

To ensure student safety, ample space was secured, composed of six areas.

“Alright, shall we go in?”

“Yeah! I’ll show you my cool side!”

Just as we tried entering spiritedly, the door didn’t budge at all.

“Huh? Why isn’t it…”

“….It’s locked with magic.”

Ever since I was young, I trained my body and had confidence in my strength.

After getting Alice, I underwent even harder training.

While the door did look thick, it shouldn’t be completely unmoving.

In other words, it was likely intentionally made unable to open.


Mashiro beside me turned bright red as she strained herself, but it was futile.

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