Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

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[Stage 1-2] A Secret Step Towards the [Saint]

Sweat trickled down my cheeks and dropped onto the floor with a soft plop as I performed one-handed push-ups in a handstand position. I exhaled deeply, applying more force to my right fingertips.


I switched to the other arm, doing another set of 100 reps with the same intensity. This concluded my morning routine workout.

“Lord Ouga, would you like to add more weight?” asked Alice.

“Not today, let’s keep it as it is,” I replied.

Alice gently put down the weights, equivalent to about 10 kilograms, which she had been carrying. Currently, each of my legs had 50 kilograms of weight attached, making it a total of 100 kilograms.

I credited my unusually robust physique to the blessings of the world, which aimed to maintain balance. Being a noble but unable to use magic in this world was a considerable disadvantage, but in compensation, I was granted an exceptionally strong and resilient body.

In my opinion, many historically renowned magicians were either weak in physical activities or died young. Even the first Grand Commander of the Holy Knights, born of noble lineage, was known for not using magic but rather mastering countless monsters with just a sword, according to historical records.

“Is there something on my face?” Alice asked.

“No, I was just pondering how strange it is that you don’t have any noble blood,” I replied, realizing that her parents were commoners. “I apologize if it sounded intrusive.”

“No need to apologize. Every phenomenon has its exceptions,” Alice said.

As I continued my thoughts, I reached my target number of repetitions without realizing it. Alice, who was also counting, removed the weights for me.

I landed softly on my lighter feet and stood up, taking the towel she offered.

“Allow me to wipe your sweat,” she said.

Though I could do it myself, I didn’t want to deprive her of her duties as a maid. Besides, having a beautiful woman wipe my sweat was quite a pleasurable experience. If she was willing to do it, I’d gladly indulge myself. Such enjoyment was possible because of my noble status.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“I’m fine. I’ve made progress,” I replied.

“It’s all thanks to Lord Ouga,” Alice said gratefully.

When Alice first started her duties, she was clumsy and had trouble with control. Without this body, I wouldn’t have been able to endure. Only I had experienced the sensation of sweat making my back squeak during a wipe down.

As she occasionally exhaled, ticklishness crept up on me, but I stayed focused as she moved from top to bottom.

Now, my upper body was bare, yet I didn’t feel embarrassed. Perhaps it was because I had sculpted my physique or maybe because I didn’t sense any lecherousness from Alice’s gaze.

“Well then, let me check on you today,” Alice said, as she began to touch my body.

This was Alice’s muscle inspection. She wanted to ensure there was no imbalance and no excessive strain. As a seasoned Holy Knight with extensive battlefield experience, I trusted her expertise.

“I don’t see any issues. Everything seems to be going well,” she concluded.

“Good to hear. Thank you for your hard work,” I replied.

“I’m honored to be of service to Lord Ouga,” she said.

I then informed her that I had to see the Academy’s headmaster. It seemed the headmaster wanted to talk to me privately, and while I trusted Alice, I decided not to bring her along.

“Please go ahead to the classroom and serve as Leiche’s escort,” I instructed her.

“Understood. I’ll go ahead,” she replied.

Since the incident became known among my classmates, especially the first-years, I didn’t know how things might change. Even with me as her backing, I couldn’t predict the students’ actions.

Furthermore, there was another reason for not bringing Alice along.

“The headmaster wishes to speak with me personally. Sometimes, it’s good to listen to the requests of our seniors,” I said.

“Please take care, Lord Ouga,” Alice said with concern.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let any mishaps occur,” I reassured her with a cynical smile before heading to the shower room.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The Rishburg Magic Academy comprised four main buildings, including the student dormitory: the main school building housing the classrooms, the old building used mainly for storing equipment, the practical training building for magic exercises and demonstrations, and finally, the faculty building.

The faculty building was relatively smaller since it served specific purposes. Each teacher had their individual rooms, and on the top floor was the office of the Academy’s top authority, the headmaster.

And so, I, who had been summoned by a letter delivered to the dorm, took a seat on the couch in the headmaster’s office.

“Thank you for coming so early in the morning, Mr. Vellett,” said the elderly woman with wrinkles on her face.

Sitting across from me was Florene Milfonti, a name known to everyone as the “Florene of Lightning,” a hero with numerous achievements that justified the title.

Although she had retired from the front lines due to the passage of time, it was clear that she hadn’t lost any of her strength.

I could feel the pressure emanating from her entire body.


“May I ask why you’ve gone to the trouble of calling me, especially after the Luark incident has been settled?” I inquired.

It had been a month since those troublemakers were expelled. Since then, no one except for Mashiro had approached me, so naturally, there were no problems.

“Hehe, today, I called you for a personal matter. I wanted to have a conversation with you,” she said.

Headmaster Milfonti handed me a cup of tea. As I took a sip, my tense muscles seemed to relax.

“It seems like your nervousness has eased,” she remarked.

“It’s impossible for any student not to be nervous when facing a hero like you,” I replied.

After all, my goal was to become a corrupt lord. I didn’t want to draw the attention of someone like her, who currently stood on the side of justice.

It seemed my feelings had come across too strongly.

“Well, well, you did well. But even so, I couldn’t save her,” she said.

“Her…?” I asked.

“I’m referring to Mashiro Leiche. Today, I wanted to express my gratitude for what you did,” she explained.

After placing her tea cup on the table, she wore a gentle smile.

“Thank you. It’s all thanks to you that her valuable talent was not lost,” she said.

“I just did what I thought was right,” I replied.

And indeed, giving in to my desires had been the right decision.

Originally, Mashiro must have had a bright personality. Perhaps she had been withdrawn due to the foreign environment of having only nobles around her.

As we spent time together daily at the Academy, she gradually became more relaxed, and physical contact between us increased.

She would jump with joy whenever something made her happy, and sometimes she would even cling to me.

Hooray for breasts! Academy life is the best!

“Each person is unique. It’s said that every noble must have some magical aptitude, but it may have been difficult for you, who lacked such aptitude. So, I was undecided whether to approve your admission… but it seems my choice back then was not wrong,” Headmaster Milfonti said with a happy smile.

She was completely mistaken.

Mashiro is already in my hands.

Her future, where I can do as I please with her, is already determined…!

Of course, I won’t show my true feelings.

“However, it’s quite the opposite for Mashiro Leiche, who possesses the exact opposite of you.

“……What do you mean?”

“She excelled in practical magic and was allowed to enroll. You, being the son of the Vellett family, probably knew that already,” she said.

“…No comment,” I replied.

I overlooked that!

I judged her solely based on her three sizes and full-body photo!

We haven’t even had any magic practice yet. Come to think of it, I still don’t know her true abilities…

“In this world, everyone is given one main aptitude as a fundamental rule, right?”

“Yes, that’s common knowledge,”

“However, sometimes a child is born with multiple aptitudes. And Leiche has wind and ice affinities. This is a fantastic talent. Thanks to you, her budding talent was not crushed. Allow me to thank you again on behalf of the Academy,” she said.

She lowered her head once more, but I stopped her with my hand.

“I already received your gratitude once. Your feelings have been conveyed,” I said.

I hadn’t intended for any of this, so being praised by someone else made me feel awkward…

After all, it wasn’t a good deed, so I didn’t want to be stimulated by a strange sense of guilt.

“Well then, class is about to start, so I shall take my leave,” I said.

When I return to the classroom, I’ll ask Mashiro to show me her magic.

With that thought in mind, I left the headmaster’s office.

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