Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

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“[Momentary Enhancement – Triple Boost]”

Triple. There’s no time now. I’ll settle it in the next move.

I enhance both legs simultaneously, using a code that strengthens each muscle from the extremities, with a delay of 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, centered around my waist.

I jump with my right leg and land as high up on the labyrinth wall as possible. I kick the wall with all my might, utilizing the help of gravity to accelerate. Continuing like that, I get close to the golem’s chest.

As I reach the right distance, I slash the body with the mountain blade, as if digging into it. It’s only been an instant. I can still slash a few more times.

Two, three, four… I can still go on. It’s only been a split second.

Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.

The golem’s chest is gouged out.

I saw it. The core.

Another split second had passed.

So, I thrust the tip of my sword forward and, with the remaining momentum, haphazardly plunged the mountain blade into the core.

(scene transition)

The moment Vim uttered something resembling a symbolic chant, he vanished.

No, he had leaped onto the golem. By the time I recognized it, the golem’s right leg had been sent flying. As I followed the trajectory of the severed leg with my eyes, the right arm flew next, and Vim was crouched against the labyrinth wall.

He rose up and charged.

A silver afterimage blossomed like a flower in the golem’s chest, and finally, a blade pierced into the core.


Just as I was about to gather myself and assess his true abilities, the outcome had already been decided before I could do so.

I was barely able to keep up with my eyes, and by the time I realized it, the battle had already concluded.

This is ridiculous.

The party members were left speechless. There was no one who couldn’t understand the meaning of this battle.

As if defying reality itself, they contemplated the duration and versatility of this combat prowess. And just as they restrained themselves from making excuses and indulging in further analysis, everyone rushed toward Vim.


I sent a personal message.

[Yes, what is it, Camilla?]

[Vim, who is he?]

Even though it was a golem, he defeated it single-handedly, and in such a short time.

The Enchanters are already on a different level of weakness. When it comes to speed, it’s difficult to find opponents who can match even a Field Bronze.

“But who is he, really? Vim is Vim. Enchanter Vim, that is. Oh, it’s important that we’re from the same hometown.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“He’s strong, isn’t he? Him.”

Heidemarie, who was on the other side of the squad, gestured towards us. In response, she and I headed towards young Vim.

“Oh, Camilla, um, hehe.”

Vim, his face all disheveled after confirming the collapse of the core, turned to face us. His shoulders were slightly shaking.

“Vim, you did well. I never thought an Enchanter could fight like that.”

“Oh, no, haha. I just tried something and it worked out, I guess. Haha. My mana is depleted, though, so I’m tired.”

His voice was a bit high-pitched. He seemed excited.

“Listen, Camilla. I was feeling good, and my body moved better than I expected after the initial strike, so I pushed my limits! Then my body floated and felt light, like I was flying. Oh, I’m sorry if I kept you waiting, it took some time.”

Something seemed off. He was in an excited state, like a novice adventurer who had just killed a monster for the first time.

What is this? How can someone who fought like that at the forefront of the labyrinth be like this?

Doubtful self-evaluation in contrast to undeniable results. And his combat abilities, which had never been acknowledged before. Based on his current state, it didn’t seem intentional that he had been hiding them.

I don’t understand. Why is he so inconsistent?

“Calm down, Vim. It hasn’t been that long. It was just a moment. It was impressive.”

“Really? Hehe. Well… hehe.”

Heidemarie looked at me. I decided to leave it to her and sent a message to the group.

“All members, focus and advance again! Give Vim some praise!”

(scene transition)

I was exhilarated. I couldn’t believe how much I could move.

Come to think of it, I had never fought such formidable opponents before, and when I fought the floor boss, I was completely absorbed, so I had no memory of what I could do up until now.

What is this feeling of omnipotence?


The enhanced blood circulated in my head, making it hard to think clearly, but my emotions were soaring.

I kicked the ground forcefully, floating slightly, and then changed direction, feeling the centrifugal force shaking my body. The exhilarating feeling of transmitting the impact of the fall through the sword.

It vividly came to mind. There was nothing invisible in my field of view, and in this isolated world, everything went exactly as I wanted, without any sense of time, without having to be conscious of anything, just a pleasant time.

Defeating the golem alone, isn’t that quite impressive? I could proudly call myself an adventurer equivalent to Rank B… maybe.


No, that can’t be right.

I snapped back to reality.

The teleportation gate was in front of me, and the vanguard team was returning to Field Bronze one by one.

As I watched their movements, I started to calm down a bit and retraced my memories.

“Hey, Heidemarie.”

I looked at Heidemarie next to me.

“Yeah, have you calmed down?”

“Did I, by any chance, get really excited?”


“I talked to Camilla, right?”


“What did I say?”

“You were all over the place. You said something like ‘gwaaah.'”


I messed up. When blood circulation is enhanced, unexpected effects can occur. It was my first time using the triple enhancement, after all.

“Sorry if I said something rude…”

“It’s okay. What’s more important to Camilla and the others is the fact that Vim defeated the golem alone.”

“Oh, well, it’s a relief not to have to worry about that… I guess. I’ll do my best.”


“Well, you know, they treated me too politely, and it made it difficult for me to move. They seemed relieved when I was able to fight to some extent.”

“Well… yeah, I guess. This will increase the success rate of our labyrinth dives.”

She seemed like she wanted to say something. Heidemarie had been considerate of me as well, after all.

I was starting to regain my composure. I could feel proud of being able to defeat the golem on my own, but it was all thanks to everyone behind me.

Enchanting doesn’t have efficient combat capabilities. By pushing my body too much, I would probably be unable to move for a while after returning. In fact, my muscles were already strained–


–strained, or not?

Even as I flexed and contracted my arm muscles, there was no pain. Well, I’ve been training and getting stronger, so maybe I’m seeing the results. The problem is my mana. Using the triple enhancement must have depleted it significantly, so it should be almost empty–


–empty, or not?

A stark contrast to my perception and the reality I experienced. I knew I shouldn’t feel this way, but I couldn’t deny the sense of accomplishment. I wanted to relax my self-restraint a bit and think that maybe it’s okay to consider it to some extent. Could it be that I’ve gotten a little stronger?

(scene transition)


I could hear Vim’s sleeping breath through the eavesdropping stone. After a while, it turned into a regular pattern, and it seemed like he was peacefully asleep.

I left the mansion and headed towards the guest house. I had borrowed a spare key. I opened the door to the room.

Vim didn’t seem to be waking up. He appeared to be sleeping soundly, which put my mind at ease.

It seems like Vim had trouble sleeping for a while, being pursued by the “Dragon’s Wing,” so living here isn’t so bad after all.

I walked quietly to the bed, trying not to make any noise, and peered at his sleeping face.

Indeed, it was a lovely sleeping face. It wasn’t the tense expression he had in the labyrinth. I liked that too, but this one is adorable in its own way.

With Vim’s achievements today, the way people view him as a member of the “Night Dragonflies” has changed even more.

Since his skills as an Enchanter have already started to gain recognition outside, it won’t be long before word spreads that he can fight. If people have an imagination, they might even speculate about the true nature of the “Dragon’s Wing” party.

Camilla has firmly finalized the plans for the next large-scale labyrinth dive.

Vim might not be directly involved in combat yet, but he has a central role in every action. In terms of overall position, he’s practically at the core.

With his performance as a provisional member, once the prohibition period is over, there’s no doubt that he’ll be recruited immediately.

Depending on how the story unfolds, other major factions may also join in, and it could turn into a salary bidding war, similar to an auction.

“The world is starting to notice you, Vim.”

In response to my voice, there was a brief whimper-like breath. I felt a slight sense of urgency.

Well, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he woke up. There have been a few close calls before, but since it hasn’t been mentioned much, whether he’s half-asleep or whatnot, it’ll probably be fine.

…How long will I keep doing this, I wonder?

It’s not like I’ll be scolded for barging into his room, and it’s not like I can’t speak my mind. But honestly, my words haven’t really changed Vim much. Despite his lack of confidence, he’s strangely stubborn in certain aspects. Well, he does have consistency.

In the end, the space I occupy in Vim’s mind is probably not that significant.

Thinking that way, it still made me sad.

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