Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 7

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I don’t have the magical aptitude to counter him with magic.

And there’s too many to dodge, the old building would become an ocean of flames.

So what should I do?

“Die! Hahaha!”

I just need to erase it from the origin of magic.

“Magic Burial Rites”

I speak the words to activate the technique I devised.

In that moment, the fireballs struck me directly.

“A clean hit! You were a fool to oppose me!”

“Well, is that all?”


Luark lets out a pathetic scream.

Can’t be helped. That reaction makes sense seeing it for the first time.

Even Alice was shocked when she sparred against me.

“Why!? How are you unhurt!? I’m sure they all hit…”

“Oh they hit alright. But it has no effect on me. That’s the plain truth.”

“How…how can this be…! There’s no such magic that can negate magic…!”

“Now then…”


Luark lets out a miserable shriek at my lowered voice.

That overflowing confidence from earlier can’t be sensed at all in his composure now.

“Now that you know magic has no effect, you understand what happens to you now right?”

“No way, no way! You must have some magic tool or trick…I know! Cut the act already!”

“Go ahead and try if you think so.”

I wave my hands carefreely, proving I hold nothing, then shove them in my pockets.

I slowly approach Luark completely defenseless.

“D-Don’t screw with me…! You incompetent worthless deadbeat!”

The fireballs fly at me along with his curses.

But I remain unharmed. My knees shall never touch the ground.

With my Magic Burial Rites active, I take step by step toward Luark.

The creaking floor sounds like a countdown to death.

Luark’s paled face says it all.

“What’s wrong? Zero distance away right? Fire point blank and don’t miss.”


“Go on, I’ll stand still for you.”

I grab his hands and press them against my chest.

“Show me your resolve to kill me.”

“…Kh! Not yet! Hey! Is it really okay if this guy…huh!? She’s gone!? Where did she…oh!?”

Alice already retrieved Leiche.

My approaching was also to pin his gaze on me, allowing Alice to move freely.

“As if I’d leave the hostage alone.”


Strength leaves him as Luark crumples down miserably.

He has no moves left. You’re finished.

“You’re the one who made the life staking gamble first.”

I take a step forward. Each time he takes one back.

“Surely you had the resolve to be hunted when you did right?”

He shakes his bloodless face left and right.

“As you are now, you’re just a pathetic pitiful pig.”

“Ah!? Eek!?”

Luark bumps against the wall and tries crawling away right but I block his path with my foot.

“How’s it feel to be looked down on after looking down on others?”

I pull back my fist largely.

What’s flashing through his mind is what a miserable state he’s in.

“I’ll make the pain instant, you deadbeat.”


A shrill scream echoes through the room.

Luark foams at the mouth and faints rolling his eyes back.

My fist hadn’t actually hit him.

I struck the floor right before his nose.

In other words, he just hallucinated being punched from the air pressure and passed out.

“…He wasn’t even worth hitting.”

I brush off the wood chips on my hand.

“Um, just now…the magic disappeared?”

“Magic Burial Rites. The technique I developed to invalidate magic under limited conditions.”

“It erases mag─”

I place my finger on her lips, not letting her finish.

This is still an undisclosed technique I’m keeping secret.

“Keep what you saw a secret, okay Leiche?”

“Ah…Yes! I’ll take it to the grave!”

Leiche nods her beet red face over and over.

Magic Burial Rites. An occult art I devised to survive in this world without magic aptitude.

In this world exist invisible beings called spirits.

By supplying spirits with magical power, they exert their strength and cause supernatural phenomena─that is magic.

Magic aptitude indicates whether one has magical power suited to spirits with attributes.

In other words, it’s like spirits activate magic as thanks for giving them their favorite foods.

And I don’t have any magical aptitude.

For spirits, my special abilities that I’ve created is akin to poison.

So what happens when interference from a magically exceeding amount occurs?

Tormented spirits cancel the magic activation, making it as if the magic never happened at all.


“With this it’s fine now…”

I tie up Luark and his group tightly so they can’t move using their uniforms.

After shoving the photos to the academy, they’ll be expelled and become eternal laughing stocks.

They’ll never show their faces in public again.

I’ll buy the fight they picked fully. I’ll crush them even if I must use the Velett family’s power.

“I should report this to Father later too.”

“Is your body okay?”


Leiche’s shoulders jolt when I call out to her.

That reaction is understandable.

she called the one who saved her a “deadbeat”.

It’s only natural she’d feel guilty.

“Um, I…said terrible things to Lord Velett…”

─But too bad. I’m the nasty guy who’ll take advantage of that guilt.

Leiche has no luck with men.

Being stuck choosing between Luark or me, geez.

But I’m not nice enough to hold back out of sympathy.

I’ll pretend to be kind instead.

“Don’t worry about it. More importantly, here. Cover yourself with this.”

I drape my blazer over her body.

Carrot and stick. I’ll slowly ingrain gratitude into her, making it so she can’t refuse my requests.

One day, I’ll mold Mashiro Leiche into one who’ll listen to everything I say!

Heh heh… My quick opportunistic thinking conjuring such a nasty method is frightening.

“…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…! I don’t deserve…Lord Velett’s kindness…”

“You don’t need qualifications to get along with others.”

“But I betrayed Lord Velett…If I had just believed, I could’ve avoided hurting you…!”

Geez, this girl…is a pain!

I already said it’s fine, so that settles this matter.

It must be the difference in thinking from our class disparity. Or Leiche just has a strong sense of responsibility.

…No, it’s both.

“I have to be punished…!”

“Then live by my side, for my sake.”


“You said it back then right? That I was a ‘deadbeat’.”

I gently wipe her tears with the same handkerchief I lent her that day.

Light dwells in Leiche’s eyes that had been dark and muddy.

“So your punishment is staying by this deadbeat’s side forever. Don’t ever leave. It’ll be tiring dealing with an incompetent. ──That is your penalty. No objections allowed.”

I decisively end the conversation and stand up.

“Follow me, Mashiro! Our path to supremacy begins now! Muhahaha!”

I’m surprised at my own smooth words but…not bad!?

Casually slipping in the [“You’re mine”] declaration, if Leiche consents I can obtain a pledge too.

Alice can be witness, and Leiche surely won’t refuse.

Now then, how will Leiche react?

“Lord Veleett!!”


Suddenly pounced on, caught off guard I’m knocked over.

W-What!? Is this a sudden revolt!?

I won’t take it back even if you cling and uh, push your chest against me!

But I want to enjoy this a bit longer, so stay like that for now!

“…Lord Ouga is so kind.”

Huh? Where?

If anything I’m the scumbag who stole Mashiro’s life.

I think Alice is really missing a screw.

She must have a different mindset from normal people.

And so I happily indulged in the pleasant sensation until Mashiro stopped crying and pulled away.





◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Let’s summarize the aftermath of the incident that occurred later.

Luark and his gang were all expelled from the academy.

A natural consequence, indeed.

It seems that the Bourbon family tried to intervene, but my father shut them down.

They will forever carry the disgraceful title of “[Pervert]” with them in their lives.

They may even be despised as a blemish on the Bourbon family’s reputation.

They brought it upon themselves, so there is no room for sympathy.

Alice’s loyalty seems to have grown even stronger, and in the end, everything turned out to be for the best.

But above all, the best reward was… oh, what they say is true.

There was a girl waiting at the entrance of the dorm, playing with her hair.

“Good morning… oh, no, good morning. O… Ouga-kun!”

Upon noticing me, Mashiro rushed over.

My… life with an adorable childhood friend is like a dream.

So, no more using honorifics. No more “lord” or “-sama” either.

It’s still a bit awkward, but we’ll get used to it gradually.

Starting with small favors and gradually accepting bigger requests.

Kukuku, she’s smiling so carefree, unaware that she’s being tamed.

I wonder how long this peaceful time will last…?

“Good morning. Did I keep you waiting?”

“U-um, no. I just got here too…”

This exchange is so nice!

Yes, yes! It’s truly wonderful!

It makes me want to smile at how this development never happened in my past life.

These moments when hard work pays off feel so good.

“U-um, Ouga-kun, I thought I should return this to you.”

Saying that, she took out a familiar handkerchief from her bag.

Come to think of it… I lent it to her that day when her face was all messed up from crying…

As I tried to accept it back, I pulled my hand back.


“It’s better if you keep it, Mashiro.”

“Huh, but this is a precious handkerchief with the Vellett family crest embroidered on it…”

“It’s okay. I want you to keep it, Mashiro.”

Every time she sees this handkerchief, Mashiro will be reminded of that incident.

Her guilt towards me will be ingrained in her daily life.

What a wicked thing to do…!


Mashiro pressed the handkerchief tightly against her chest.

“Thank you.”

Her cheerful voice sounded genuinely happy.

“I’ll treasure it forever!”

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