Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 6

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“This wasn’t the promise…! I was told to vilify Lord Vellett in exchange for you not touching him…!”

After that day Lord Vellett helped me, they were waiting for me to be alone, faking retreat.

Then they made that threat disguised as a deal.

[Ridicule that useless idiot who shamed me. Or else, I might just directly blast you with magic.]

[S-such a thing…! Magic use outside of class is prohibited at the academy…!]

[There’s plenty of ways, right? Like accidently overdoing it a bit in mock battle class. We’re still first years. It can’t be helped if our magic control is clumsy, yeah?]


They say he has no magical aptitude, a “dropout” who can’t use magic, that guy.

Unbelievable. But if this is true…?

No matter how skilled I am in physical combat, I can’t compete with magic.

As someone from a different social status, I had no choice but to respond right then and there, even if I wanted to confirm it.

So, under the promise that they would never lay a hand on Vellett again, I did something terrible.

It was heart-wrenching to write that letter to deceive Vellett.

Instead of repaying the favor of being rescued, I hurled abusive words at him, and it’s only natural that he would hate me.

But I believed that with this, Vellett would be able to have a peaceful school life.

However, these people spread baseless rumors about Vellett, causing him to be isolated within the academy, just a few days after starting.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything to him. We just had a little chat with everyone around.”

Without a hint of remorse, he laughed heartily.

“But it’s weird. The plan was to make him lose his temper and attack, leading to immediate expulsion! Yet, he just ignores us. It’s really frustrating. Does he not care about us at all?”


“So, you, call him out again.”


“Call him out again. We’ll beat him up this time. Then, you testify that he almost assaulted you.”

Expulsion from the magic academy…? If that happens, Vellett’s life will be over.

The life of such a kind person… will it come to an end?

For nobles, commoners are insignificant beings with no significance.

Yet, that person didn’t want anything, but still came to my aid when I was in trouble.

The curious gazes and mocking sneers directed at me from the moment I entered the academy.

But Vellett treated me as an equal, the only one who did so.

He showed me that there could be someone like that.

…I can’t do it.

I can’t betray him again…!

“I… won’t…”


“I can’t… do it…!”

“Don’t you dare irritate me!”


He slammed me to the ground.

And then, he forcefully ripped off my buttons, exposing my underwear and chest.

Seeing it bounce, Bourbon licked his lips.

“I’ve been irritated enough, so why don’t you soothe me with your body?”


“Hey, you guys. Watch at the entrance later. I’m going to have some fun with her.”

“Uhihi! I’ve been curious about those breasts!”

“Understood, as expected of Luark!”

I couldn’t escape; he was on top of me, pinning me down, rendering me unable to move.

Our physical differences were too great, so resistance was futile.

…Aah, Mom, Dad, I’m sorry…

You went out of your way to get me into the academy to fulfill my dreams…

At least, I’ll close my eyes so that they won’t see me bringing them pleasure.

But then, the scene of that day when Vellett saved me came to my mind.


“Too bad, huh? Nobody hardly comes here, and there’s no way he’d come here, either.”

That’s right. He won’t come anymore.

He pushed me away, after all.

…Thank you, Vellett.

Meeting you was my salvation.

“Now then, let the fun begin─”


Suddenly, the screams of his lackeys and a loud crashing sound echoed.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

Bourbon’s voice, flustered.

…Could it be? No way, no way, no way.

“…What are you all doing?!”

Unbelievable, but I indeed recognized that voice…


“Ah… Aah…”

Why… are you here, of all people…?


Calling his name, Vellett turned his gaze toward me.

And then… anger filled his eyes.

“…Rest assured, Leiche.”

“I’ve come, so I won’t let these guys lay a finger on you…!”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


This is quite comfortable.

Since the incident this morning, Alice has been spending less time by my side.

Thanks to that, I have some free time and can enjoy my school life without stress.

I need some alone time to plan for the future.

“It’s nice to see Alice understanding my feelings… It’s heartwarming to see her grow.”

I can tell that her change in attitude doesn’t mean she’s disappointed.

So, I’m enjoying my tea alone like this…

It’s lunch break, and I’ve moved from the classroom to the cafe terrace.

Not many students use this area since it’s far from the main building and closer to the old one.

“At least there are no impudent stares here.”

Being called incompetent is something I got used to from my previous life working in a black company.

The boss’s favorite phrase was exactly “incompetent.”

I’ve learned some skills to handle that kind of situation.

I don’t care what some nobody I don’t even know says about me.

“Rather, the issue is Leiche. How do I get closer to her…”

“─My lord Ouga!”

A shriek interrupted my elegant teatime.

“As expected of Lord Ouga. You already have your sights set huh…!”

“Hmm…of course. Did something happen…?”

Lies. I have no clue.

But she seemed panicked, so I decided to go along with it.

“Lady Leiche! She was taken by those three to the old school building!”

“What! Let’s talk while moving. Guide me!”

” Here it is! “

I follow behind Alice who leads the way.

I don’t know the full story, but judging by her hurry, Leiche’s situation doesn’t seem good.

An unpopular old school building. Three rowdy guys and a girl with big breasts.

The conclusion I’m drawing is…

“There’s a high chance they’re screwing around…?”

“I concur.”

No way! That would ruin my plan of adding Leiche to my harem!

I won’t let those punks have their way…!

“Good insight, Alice.”

“No, I was just keeping an eye on Lady Leiche per your orders after the last incident…”


“[Don’t miss the decisive moment.]”

“Wonderful, Alice. As expected of my sword.”

…So that’s why Alice disappears sometimes!

I didn’t really mean it when I said that…

Just some flashy words to maintain the status quo…

But thanks to Alice overthinking it, I have another chance to get close to Leiche!

I won’t let them freely mess with those breasts.

I laid eyes on them first.

Once I desire something, I’ll obtain it by any means. I absolutely won’t give up.

Heh heh, a despicable method fitting for my evil aims!

If I save her from trouble twice, she won’t be able to refuse my demands.



I definitely heard Leiche’s scream.

In an instant, we dash towards the sound’s origin.

“─Found you.”

“Huh? Why are you here…!?”

I meet eyes with Luark’s goldfish turds through the door.

Kicking down the frozen stiffs and door, I enter inside.

I have no use for the fainted lackeys. The only trash I need to deal with are the ones in front of me.

“W-Why…Why are you here…!”

“Just what are you all doing?”

“Lord Velett…!”

What enters my vision is Leiche with her ample bosom exposed and a bewildered looking Luark straddling her without his belt.

This is different than what I imagined…? The mood doesn’t seem like that at all.

Rather, it looks more like she was forcibly assaulted…Don’t tell me Leiche was bullied again?

If so, there is only one thing I should do.

“Don’t worry Leiche. Now that I’m here, I won’t let them lay a finger on you…!”

…It’s settled!

Leiche’s absent-minded expression undoubtedly shows it.

Her favorability towards me is skyrocketing!

“D-Don’t get the wrong idea! We had mutual agreement!”

“You think that excuse will work? “

“O-Of course! She’s the one who came onto me so I just went along!”

“N-No! He forced me…!”

“She says the same right? And I have evidence too.”

Alice holds the magic camera I point to.

“Perfectly captured from the start.”

“A magic camera! Shit…!”

He finally seems to properly realize he’s been driven into a corner.

Luark shakily stands up.

“Why…why is this happening to me…It’s all, all b-because…”

…This might be going too far.

“Alice. Don’t lay a hand on him. ─I’ll do it.”

“Yes, as you command!”

I signal to Alice with hand signs to help Leiche.

If my guess is right─

“It’s all your fault!!”

─He’ll lose control and use magic.

Luark holds out his palms towards me.

“Oh spirit of fire, burn my enemy to ashes! [Twelve Fireballs]!”

The number of fireballs shot out is twelve.

Since the average controllable is eight, he must be quite skilled.

He can control it well despite not attending magic academy classes. Commendable.

“I was mistaken about you, Luark Bourbon . Seems your only weakness is your head.”

“It’s too late for apologies now! Curse your ignorance and die!”

“Lord Velett!!”

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