Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 5

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“Let’s go, Alice. Any more would waste time.”

I chose to leave the venue without facing them and return to the dorms first.

At the entrance the superintendent stopped me.

“Pardon me, Lord Vellett. I’m holding a letter for you.”

“A letter? From who?”

“From the female student Mashiro Leiche.”

“…! I see, thank you.”

Taking the plain envelope, I opened and read it on my way to my room, unable to wait.

[Lord Ouga Vellett,

Thank you for helping me earlier.

There is something I wish to discuss.

Could you please come to the courtyard before first period tomorrow morning?

Please allow me to indulge in your kindness.

Mashiro Leiche]

“Lord Ouga… Could this be…”

“…Yeah, no doubt about it.”

A love letter…!

Kukuku… To think I’d made her fall for me already…!

Was it my overflowing charisma?

Parts were hard to read since she seemed to have written again after the wet ink dried, but no mistaking this wording.

I’d definitely get confessed to tomorrow morning.

“Alice, morning will come early tomorrow. Sleep immediately tonight.”


“…Looks like fun times ahead, doesn’t it?”

“Y-yes, I suppose so!”

Exchanging looks, I and Alice laughed aloud before entering my room.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The next day after the moon set and sun rose.


Called out by Leiche, I headed to the courtyard feeling great but…

Waiting there grinning were the guys from yesterday—for some reason Leiche was also there, pale-faced beside them.

These guys don’t learn. To think they’d try another scheme today…

“What’re you guys doing here? Harassing again?”

“No no, we came to support our buddy here.”


“We got done in yesterday but… You’re the rumored useless son of House Vellett, right? Abandoned by your father for lacking magical aptitude.”

“The Vellett family itself has an infamous reputation as evil feudal lords.”

“Bootlickers of foreign nobles, bleeding their territories dry to live indolent lives. Good-for-nothing layabouts only retaining the royal blood!”

No point saying they’re wrong.

They know nothing of how Father concealed me to prevent exposure to malice as a child. How he publicly feigns incompetence because it works to our diplomatic advantage.

How he deliberately spreads ill rumors to lure out truly rotten nobles.

Clearly they’re uninvolved in politics.

“So what if that’s true?”

“Well, we just thought it sad the girl got caught up with a guy like you. Hey, say what you called him out for.”

Prodded from behind, Leiche faced me one-on-one.

She was gripping yesterday’s handkerchief in her hands, trembling all over.

Her eyes were also restlessly moving about, completely unsettled.

“Leiche, are these guys really your friends—”

“Hey! Say it already!”

Luark yelled, cutting off my words.

Tch, these guys are annoying.

There’s no way the docile Leiche could confess publicly like this…!

I stepped forward to make them leave like yesterday, but this time Leiche spread her arms to block my path.

“Um! I-it was a misunderstanding!”

Head lowered, she looked up.

“Don’t involve yourself with me anymore! I don’t need trouble from an incompetent like you!”

Leiche’s eyes as she told me this were missing their shine…their vigor.

“I-it was just you misunderstanding yesterday so… S-so you’re a useless fallen son!”


“I-I’m returning this too… That’s how it is so…”

She practically shoved the handkerchief at me and left the spot.

As we passed, her soft words reached my ears.

“I’m sorry.”

I somehow swallowed the urge to fall to my knees.

The evil I aspire to must not expose such an unsightly form.

Seemingly delighted at dejected me, Luark and company laughed raucously as they walked by my side.

“So don’t ever associate with me again! Don’t misunderstand again, useless idiot!”

“Ah, a masterpiece, a masterpiece!”

“Got some amusement first thing in the morning!”

Their vulgar laughter faded into the distance.

I-it was a misunderstanding…I see…

The affection I thought was rising was my misunderstanding…!?

Was my attitude yesterday somewhat neurotic?

What was the right answer if even a handkerchief didn’t work, damn it!

Do rowdy guys really become popular…!?


“…Lord Ouga, I can still catch them if we go now, but how shall we proceed?”

Nothing I can do even if I catch them.

I’m the idiot who misunderstood and thought it was a confession.

Pestering persistently might get me reported for stalking or being creepy.

I seek evil but have no need of such unsightly rumors.

But…but…! I can’t give up those breasts…!

Then it’s time to change plans.

I’ll observe for now.

“We’ll make our move when the time comes. Leave it be for now. But don’t miss the decisive moment.”


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

My name is Alice.

The woman picked up by Ouga Vellett to walk a second life.

Lord Ouga is literally a [genius].

Lacking magical aptitude is an utterly hopeless handicap in this world, especially for one of noble birth.

But Lord Ouga did not despair, and stood tall.

In time, he even completed his own theory and gained the means to live in this world despite being unable to use magic.

And he seeks to use the power gained not for himself, but to aid others.

I wept countless tears hearing of this from Her Ladyship.

I was appointed to support my magnificent lord’s student life, permitted to be at his side constantly.

The head maid’s spartan training was intense, but it was all for my venerated Lord Ouga.

Now able to properly brew tea, the me from those days engrossed in battle could scarcely conceive it.

“Heh… What a pointless thing to consider.”

Rather, I currently have a grave duty.

I was ordered by Lord Ouga to monitor Miss Mashiro Leiche.

He didn’t explicitly say so, but reading between the lines is also a servant’s role at times.

Lord Ouga said [Don’t miss the decisive moment].

In other words, secure evidence of Leiche being threatened by those maggots.

Lord Ouga’s wisdom must have realized it long ago, but yesterday’s letter—

It had traces of tears.

What reason could there be to shed tears simply writing one letter?

Together with Leiche’s behavior yesterday, concluding she was coerced is easy.

But accusing without evidence would just be brushed off.

Therefore I received instructions to seize them red-handed.

“Lord Ouga…”

Recalling his distressed form…

He must feel strongly responsible for making Leiche cry.

Even now.

From the horrible rumors spreading, the entire class looks down on Lord Ouga.

Yet he doesn’t seem concerned, maintaining utter composure.

He’s persevering stoically.

This must be another of Lord Ouga’s schemes too.

The source of the rumors is almost certainly those maggots.

They’re hotheaded—Lord Ouga’s attitude will surely anger them quickly.

If so, the possibility of them contacting Leiche again rises.

He’s whittling away at himself to obtain decisive evidence.

“I wish Lord Ouga would take better care of himself… He’s sure to one day guide the world to peace.”

There are methods to stop this, but forcing matters excessively would only damage Lord Ouga’s reputation.

Uprooting the source is final recourse.

Above all, it’s unthinkable for me as his sword and servant to show less patience than my lord who endures.

“…I’m lonely.”

Being apart keeping watch like this, Lord Ouga isn’t at my side.

I take a locket from my breast.

Opening it reveals Lord Ouga’s gallant figure captured just the other day.

…Yes, this should alleviate my loneliness a little.

Gazing at Leiche—

“Ah…! That’s…!”

I caught sight of the maggots surrounding Leiche so she couldn’t escape and taking her somewhere… In that direction… The old school building!

I was glad to have grasped the academy’s layout with Lord Ouga on entrance ceremony day.

“…Could it be he even predicted this…?”

Possible for a champion of justice like Lord Ouga.

It made sense if he’d investigated in advance places suited for misdeeds.

“…No, this isn’t the time to be moved.”

I hurriedly raced toward the trace of my lord’s presence.

Please wait, Miss Leiche.

Lord Ouga will surely rescue you from despair.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Why must I suffer this?

I enrolled at the magic academy encouraged by the solid promise of hope and faint expectations for my own talent, seen off by my parents.

But all that awaited me was oppression from differences in status.

“Here, get in quick!”


Pushed from behind, I was forcibly shoved into the room.

An empty classroom in the rarely used old school building.

Sitting on my rear after stumbling, I glared at the ones who’d brought me here.

“Ooh? What’s with that attitude? Someone like you has no right to defy me!”

The leader of the group, Luark Bourbon , sneered arrogantly down at me.

The Bourbon family is said to be the right hand of the Levezenka dukedom holding the military’s highest position.

Thus he arrogantly resorts to misconduct, believing it can be swept under the rug.

And against a mere commoner, it would be easy.

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