Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1.5

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[Stage-Sub] My Precious Friends’ Diary

It’s been one week since I enrolled at Lischburg Magic Academy.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget these seven days.

The fear of being tormented by others. The guilt of hurting someone. The anguish of having my human dignity trampled.

And the warmth of that person who overwrote it all.

Ouga Velett.

My lifesaver, incredibly kind and strong…the type of prince charming girls might dream of once.

Yet I insulted such a wonderful person who had saved me, calling him an incompetent “deadbeat” without magic aptitude.


Though I knew words can be sharper than knives…I undoubtedly wounded his heart.

But Ouga kun understood it all and still told me to stay by his side. He accepted everything – my guilt, my mistakes, all of it.

In that moment, a warm light shone into my daily life that had sunk into darkness.

“I still have Ouga kun ‘s handkerchief…..”

When I see the handkerchief from Ouga kun I still have, with his scent faintly remaining, I can’t help but loosen my cheeks.

I impulsively embraced him then but…looking back I get embarrassed, often restless kicking my legs in bed.

My life now belongs to Ouga kun .

I decided to devote my life to him.

I will try even harder than before.

To gain the ability to stand side by side with Ouga kun , not behind him.

And someday…stand by Ouga kun side as equal

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