Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

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“Nice to meet you.”


At the smile identical to the Grim Reaper’s, her cheeks twisted.

(That refreshing smile masking something, it’s just like the Excellency’s…)

While maligning him internally, Raze regretted deeply that she could share this grievance with no one.

“Everyone’s here.”

Brushing up the messy dark brown bangs over his downturned eyes, Hugan. Confirming all were seated, homeroom began.

“I’m Scylas Mae Hugan. Unless you really can’t keep up in class or cause trouble, I’ll be looking after you for three years. I’ll overlook minor things, but don’t do anything stupid to increase my workload. Looking forward to it.”

(…Is this alright for a teacher at Saint Riolle?)

Since it was a world where skill was absolutely evaluated, perhaps he was laissez faire. Easy to deal with for Raze since this type wouldn’t get angry if you just did your work. She felt she could get along well with Hugan.

“Right, tradition dictates we start with self-introductions. State name and aptitude element, or if you don’t know your aptitude yet, just something you want to say. Starting over there.”

Self-introductions began on the opposite side from Raze’s column.

You could instantly tell commoners by the lack of noble titles in their names. When Raze was granted honorary nobility for her military achievements, she received the title “Ches”. However, she didn’t properly live a noble lifestyle at all, and her roots were commoner.

Raze listened closely for any comrades lacking noble names, but students with high status kept appearing one after another.

“I am Carne Foot Mortens. My aptitude element is ice magic.”

“I am Claude Or Lezia. My aptitude is magic that manipulates shadows.”

“I’m Ian Masse Drua! Physical enhancement is my aptitude. Please treat me well from now on!”

“I’m Luca Fen Strange. My aptitude element is earth magic. Nice to meet you.”

TThe daughter of the Foreign Minister, the son of the Head Butler at the Imperial Palace, the grandson of the former Commander of the Cyan Kingdom Knights, and the son of the Finance Minister.

Even with just these individuals, there were already plenty of high-ranking people in the same class. Raze felt overwhelmed just thinking about them. The presence of such esteemed classmates made him feel rather insignificant.

Everyone was casually announcing their “specialties” in magic, but to discern magical aptitude, one needed to undergo a proper examination at an accredited institution, which required paying a fee.

Magic techniques activated by activating magic stones—commonly categorized as “Specialty Type” and “Regular Type.”

This didn’t mean that a person could only use one or the other. Put simply, the type of magic one excelled in was labeled as their “Specialty Type,” while all other magic fell under “Regular Type.”

Once a person learned how to activate magic, they could perform various types of magic. However, there were individual differences and strengths and weaknesses in their abilities. For example, someone might excel in ice magic, able to freeze an entire lake, but only produce fire magic with the power of a matchstick. This kind of variation in abilities was not uncommon. In this case, the exceptional ice magic would be classified as the “Specialty Type,” while the fire magic and other magics would be the “Regular Type.”

The potential for mastery differed between Specialty and Regular Types. Specialty magic was compatible with the individual and had greater potential for growth, as publicly stated by the country’s official institutions.

Hence, mistaking one’s Specialty Type could hinder them from harnessing their true power and might lead to slumps or life-threatening problems for some individuals. Discernment was of utmost importance.

The noble children in the class probably had already understood this concept thoroughly and must have been blessed with excellent mentors. Unlike them, Raze had gone through a challenging process during wartime, having his aptitude forcibly examined using special machinery.

(That was quite tough, indeed.)

Remembering getting her aptitude identified by the machine on her head forcing her brain to activate all kinds of confirmed magic brought back memories.

While reminiscing over her nostalgic past, Folia stood up.

“I-I’m Folia Crecias. My aptitude element is healing magic, I’m poor at other magic but will do my best!”

Bowing her head with a flop, murmurs rose around the classroom at Folia.

Not only was it due to her being a commoner, but also surprise at her aptitude being healing magic.

Those capable of healing magic are extremely rare.

All who can use magic can employ various kinds to some degree, including healing magic. However, with normal healing magic, closing wounds is the limit.

But if it’s an aptitude element, that changes things. Properly honing the skill makes possible things said to be like divine power, such as restoring lost flesh.

Because this “type” difference greatly impacts ability, healing magic is highly valuable.

(Folia-san can use healing magic?)


This surprised even Raze.

“Okay, quiet— Next, let’s go— next.”

Teacher Hugan clapped his hands and the classroom quieted, but more than a few sent curious gazes Folia’s way.

Some may think commoners could be bullied in a noble’s school, but this was Saint Riolle. Fools who would dismiss enrolled students’ skill just for being commoner were scarcely found here. Rather, the nobles gathered here wanted to build connections with elite commoners to benefit their futures. Of course there were some students in full rebellion who did irrational things, but as long as you knew your place, it was livable for commoners.

Therefore, there was nothing particularly strange about Folia garnering attention.

Befriending her now would allow one to receive aid if anything happened. No one would act in a way to make others dislike them from the start.

(Hmm. Maybe I should show something about myself too?)

If compared to her as a fellow commoner, it’d be safer for Raze herself to have some redeeming feature too.

While thinking about what to do, she was listening to self-introductions and then it came time for the ladies’ idol, Prince Ruben.

“Ruben Ankh Roseberry. My aptitude elements are fire and water.”

(As expected of His Highness. Having two aptitude elements is impressive. And opposites of the same attribute at that.)

Even in the military, only a handful had two. And aptitudes of completely different attributes was extremely rare. Stacking specs upon specs, his ability was excessively high.

(So this is a golden egg, huh~.)

Forgetting her own circumstances, Raze was sincerely impressed.

The turns steadily progressed, and on the central right side closest to the teacher’s podium, the Grim Reaper’s son stood up.

“Addis Lag Zarus. My aptitude element is wind. Looking forward to three years together.”

(There it is—)

The smile straight from his Excellency(?). Goosebumps rose on Raze’s arms.

But the sight of girls gazing dreamily up at Addis entered her field of vision.

(Huh, what the, girls?! Why are they looking at him with such enchanted eyes? Don’t be fooled by that smile!)

They may think he looks gentle but I’ve rarely seen someone who seems so wicked.

(I hope they don’t end up like me, tricked by His Excellency into dangerous missions…)

Raze realized with a start. Calmly thinking about it, those young ladies wouldn’t end up in danger like her. Then there was no need to worry, she reconsidered.

Regretting not getting bangs to hide her expressive face, Raze waited for her turn.

“Okay, next.”

Teacher Hugan’s gaze turned to her. Prompted, Raze stood up.

She had completely memorized her background settings. She wouldn’t make any foolish mistakes here.

“I am Raze Granoll. My aptitude element is movement magic. I’ll do my best these three years to keep up with everyone.”

Raze’s aptitude was “movement”. More precisely, the “movement system”.

With transfer magic she could move to marked locations, with contract magic she could move anywhere within 3 km of herself to a desired spot. She also had switch to swap herself with others and objects, apport to move objects, and so on – she was extensively versatile with movement related magic.

Since mobility magic was highly convenient, it was often learned even as common magic. Surprisingly, it was mundane magic that anyone could use.

But Raze had survived together with this unremarkable aptitude magic. Her skill was without a doubt top class.

(Hmm. In the end, just a normal self-introduction…over.)

It would’ve been better if she could claim an amazing system like Folia’s was her aptitude, but lying here would just increase unnecessary worries.

And saying “I’ve already honed most kinds of magic to some degree” would get “Then what did you come here to learn?” so that kind of “commoner” didn’t exist. She could only convey the necessary facts.

“Ah, it’s you, the scholarship student. Okay, okay, got it.”

After Raze took his seat, Hughan’s loud muttering spread through the classroom.

Classmates who had casually perceived her as an unremarkable commoner suddenly turned their heads to look at Raze all at once. She tensed up for a moment.

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