Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3

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It was settled with Father conceding reluctantly, unable to refute our united front.

After this we repeatedly conferred and reached an agreement to provide her a new registry and name, allowing her to embark on her second life.

I’d obtained the powerful piece Alice, but…

“My, how embarrassing~”

“Seems quite elated. I wonder which family she’s from.”

“Uwah… Let’s keep our distance from that guy…”

She really stood out. A maid clearly conducting herself inappropriately for one on a day like this at the school gates naturally drew attention.

Alice was beautiful too, so even more so.

Yet she showed no sign of stopping. Rather, she seemed to be waiting for something.

And thanks to our dense month of interaction, I knew what she desired in situations like this.

“…Keep devoting yourself to me.”

Saying so, I stroked her neatly combed hair along its length.

She lowered her head slightly for a moment, but quickly reverted to composed.

“Yes! I will dedicate everything, body and soul, to Lord Ouga!”

No, your voice is too loud… Looks like I wasn’t the only one fired up for the entrance ceremony.

But oh well, I’ll take it as fine.

Having someone as strong as Alice swear her loyalty makes me happiest of all.

In the sense of not fearing for my life. And manly pride.

It would inevitably draw attention immediately anyway.

Because I’m the man who’ll stand at the top of evil in this academy!

“…Hey, that guy just now was Ouga, right…?”

“Huh? So he’s the fallen son of House Vellett? The one rumored to lack magical aptitude?”

“Must be nice being a young noble who can enter through connections.”

“…Kukukuku. It feels good to receive such jealousy, Alice.”

“You truly have great composure, Lord Ouga. Perhaps it’s best to simply ignore such playful words.”

However, judging from the reactions of the other students, it will be difficult to find a harem member, I mean, a subordinate among them.

Not many people are curious enough to approach me–

“Oh, Ouga!”

–except her.

A girl with fiery red hair tied up in a ponytail emerged shyly from the shadows.

A girl, well, that’s what I assume. She’s wearing male clothing, but judging from the slight bulge at her chest, she’s probably a girl.

Emerald green eyes. The feather-shaped hairpin of emerald color… Hmm? Wait, I think I’ve seen this girl before… No, I remember now.

“Ouga might not remember, but I…”

“Karen, right? It’s been a while since we were five years old.”

“–! Y-Yes! Karen Levezenka! Long time no see! You… you recognized me?”

“You’ve grown, but you still have that familiar aura. Also, it’s the hairpin I gave you for your birthday. I recognized it right away.”

“R-Really…? Yes, I treasured it because Ouga gave it to me…”

Karen scratched her cheek, looking embarrassed.

Her slightly slanted double eyelids and a straight nose. Even though she wears the male uniform, she still fits the description of a beautiful woman.

We used to play together a lot when we were young, and she always stuck closely by my side… But once it was revealed that I had no aptitude for magic, our relationship abruptly ended.

I cared for her, and at that time, I was thinking about making childhood friends. Even now, she’s quite pretty, but it would’ve been great if she had a bigger chest…

Apart from her appearance, I think her personality has changed a lot. If it were the shy girl from before, she wouldn’t have approached me so proactively when I’m regarded as a sore loser.

I don’t understand why she’s dressing as a boy… I can guess, but it’s not necessary to dig into such topics that might dampen the mood on this important day.

“It’s a great opportunity. Would you like to come along?”

“Really? I… I mean, why not?”

“Why do you think it wouldn’t be possible?”

“Well, um, it’s just… I…”


She probably regrets cutting off all ties with me. From Karen’s current appearance, anyone can see that she didn’t make that decision of her own will. The Levezenka family is infamous for being bound by old-fashioned ideals, even among the duke families.

“Your Ouga-Velet was never one to hold onto such small things, right?”

“N-No, it’s not like that! Ouga was always… mine…”

“Hehe, you still get nervous just like before. I’m relieved. Well then, let’s go.”


With Karen’s happy response behind me, I start walking.

While listening to Karen’s explanation of today’s program, we head to my room, where we unpack our belongings. After that, a new student welcome party will be held to foster friendships.

Once the long speech by the headmaster is over, it’s time to head to my room.

“Well then, Ouga, see you at the party.”

“Yeah. Looking forward to talking again.”


Saying that, Karen walks to the dormitory, still blushing and shaking her head.

She does have a fiance, but such courtesy is probably just a social convention. According to rumors, their relationship isn’t that good.

Not that I’m planning to intervene.

After parting ways with Karen, Alice, who was handling procedures, returns with the key.

“Ouga-sama’s room is 1005 on the tenth floor. Let’s use the automatic levitation magic device.”

“Sure, guide me there. I want to finish unpacking before the party. We still have plenty of time until evening.”

“Understood. I will handle it promptly.”

We head to the room, and Alice efficiently places the delivered packages on the furniture.

Most nobles would leave everything to their attendants, but I am different. Time is limited. It’s more efficient to do it together, and it’s not wise to be separated from Alice within the academy.

Seems like I’m being underestimated by those around me…though I don’t think it’s the case, I can’t help but imagine there might be some fools who dare to provoke Alice…

“Oh, Lord Ouga. This should be the last of the luggage… Was it too cold for you? I apologize. I’ll bring your coat right away.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just a little… shiver of excitement, that’s all.”

“I see. Would you like some tea then? We have enough time for a break before the party.”

“No, I’d like to walk around the academy. Join me.”

“Of course.”

I also wanted to familiarize myself with the structure of the academy.

But there was another important reason.

During my prior information gathering, I wanted to approach a particular student who caught my interest.

Visiting someone’s room out of the blue might be strange, and they might be strolling around the school like me.

This person would be the only one who doesn’t have any preconceptions about me.

“This is such a huge school. Truly befitting the Kingdom’s finest.”

“Yes… Though, I can’t say the same about the students’ quality.”

Despite walking around for a while, I couldn’t find the person I was looking for. It was almost time to head to the party venue.

When I turned a corner, I saw a scene of despicable bullying.

Three male students were intimidating a single girl…

“Hmm, that face…?”

“Lord Ouga.”

Alice’s gaze seemed to penetrate my skull.

I know what she wants to say.

I should just go and help, right? That’s what she expects anyway.

But I won’t allow such a selfish act.

Because the girl being bullied right in front of me is the very student I’ve taken an interest in.

Mashiro Leiche.

The only commoner who managed to enter the elitist Rishburg School of Magic.

Kukuku, I’m quite lucky.

If I can swoop in and save her, she’ll undoubtedly develop some favorable feelings towards me!

“Of course. Let’s go, Alice.”


With Alice’s happy response behind me, I walked forward.

I can’t miss this golden opportunity to earn some goodwill.

“Don’t you dare think a filthy commoner like you is on par with us!”

“You should feel grateful that we’re teaching you some manners!”

“Stop giving us that disgusting look… Don’t you dare look at us like that!”


Among the three bullies, one of them picked up a stone to hit Leiche.

Of course, I won’t allow that to happen.

“Hey, what are you doing so early in your school life?”

“Huh? Who the hell are you?!”

I grabbed the arm of the boy holding the stone and twisted it.

I tripped him up lightly, causing him to fall to the ground.


“You! What are you doing?!”

“Shouldn’t that be my line?”


One of the enraged boys rushed towards me, but I deflected him with my hand.

He came in with such force that I used his momentum to deliver a swift front kick, taking him and another one down.

I grabbed Luark by the collar and tossed him towards his friends, eliciting screams.

“Wh-Who do you think you are…?!”

“Luark Bourbon. The second son of the Bourbon Earl.”

The Bourbon family is a military family under the Levezenka Ducal House, Marisro’s family. Originally from another country, the Levezenka family recognized their talents and brought them under their wing.

Such a guy is considered on par with the Ducal House? It reveals the military’s lack of standards. I can now understand my father’s irritation.

Well, let’s settle this with my favorite title, as we discussed.

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