Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

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[Stage 1-1] Re: Starting Academy Life as a [Villain]

Who are the winners in life?

Those in the position to use others.

And I’m undoubtedly on the winning side.

Born as the eldest son of a ducal family, attending the prestigious national Royal Rishburg Magic Academy next month is a given.

Naturally I’ll be entering with top grades pounded into me.

My aspiration is to become an absolute archvillain.

Not some hero of justice.

Why should I spend my short life for others?

Doing as I please and living freely. Letting no one interfere.

I want to live like a demon king opposed to humanity.

“I’m flawless as always today.”

My well-put-together appearance reflected in the mirror was satisfyingly perfect.

Finally I turned my gaze to the hanging scroll displayed in my room.

Written in my excellent penmanship were the Three Precepts of Evil.

One, live true to your beliefs without compromise.

Two, neglect no effort to polish your charm.

Three, let no one decide your future but you.

These were three points common to evil figures I considered cool in how they lived.

Those who compromise their beliefs to suit the situation are pathetic.

Without charm, none will follow you.

My life belongs to me alone. I yield my path to none.

My way of speaking and thinking about things had changed considerably from my past life.

All thanks to clinging to the belief of [living freely and doing whatever I want unlike my previous life].

And today would likely be the memorable first day of my wonderful life.

“My apologies for the wait, Father.”

“Good, my son. I know you’ve been diligently studying. Continuing to refine yourself is important.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Seeing me bow, Father Gordon Vellett happily stroked his beard.

His stern expression gives off a strict aura at first glance, but he’s a kind parent devoted to family. Calling him doting might not be an overstatement.

He’s readily provided top tutors for any lessons I’ve wanted to take.

The best environment given by the best father.

“Now then, let me explain my business concisely. Ouga will attend Rishburg starting next year. You know dormitory living is mandatory at Rishburg, right?”

“Of course. To focus magical training by spending as much time as possible, correct?”

“That’s right. And students can bring one person as an attendant to the dorms. Ouga, choose someone yourself over the course of a month.”

“Anyone I choose will really be fine?”

“Naturally. Consider it training to discern useful talent. One of the maids here will do, or I can purchase a slave if you’d prefer. Just bring someone you can entrust assisting your student life.”

I’d been waiting for those words.

A chance to gain an excellent subordinate without spending my own money.

Whoever I pick here I intend to work under me not only during academy life, but lifelong.

In other words, complicit in my misdeeds.

If I just wanted a usable servant, I could visit a slave merchant and buy one with high intelligence.

But that would be boring. I want to see it happen.

A virtuous soul falling to evil.

I’d thought about it before. No matter how often heroes in stories are deceived, they never lose their righteous hearts.

But if continuously exposed to evil, if made to participate in evil acts, what would become of them?

Kukuku… They must squirm in agony. I want to watch that sort of spectacle at my side.

“In that case, there’s someone I already have in mind.”

“Oh… As expected. I look forward to what sort of person you’ll bring.”

Father smiled wickedly.

“Then, I’ll take my leave, Father.”

Bowing, I promptly left the room and headed into town after tidying my appearance.


My time is coming.

My magnificant life.

“Let’s go pick up my first accomplice.”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The furthest edge of the capital. A filthy town virtually cut off from the capital—Woshua.

Drugs, human trafficking, gambling matches.

The place where everything I detest most in the world gathers.

Yet I was at the underground colosseum in this town, the capital’s condensed darkness.

“Yeahhhh!! Kill ‘im!”

“There! Stab! Cut him down!”


Cheers lacking a shred of morals flew about overhead.

Before me was a man over 2 meters tall.

A helmet with horns. Huge axe. Thick iron armor.

My opponent for this match.

“Don’t know your win streak, but don’t get cocky, little girl.”

The man with ragged breathing had been at the top of the colosseum rankings until I supplanted him.

Must not sit well being passed by a woman.

He’d forcibly set up this match.

“Spare me the bluster. Just hurry up and come.”

I thought I heard a blood vessel pop.

Taking the provocation straight on, the man swung his axe powerfully relying solely on strength.

A foolish attack blinded by anger.

He’d likely pushed through everything on power alone until now.

That might have worked on inept opponents.

But I was different.

“–Lunging Sword Line!”


Power brandished against a foe is sure to rebound.

After evading the axe, It pushed his arm to add momentum.

Unable to control it, the axe easily severed the man’s arm.


“Rest in peace quietly…”


I muffled the man writhing in pain by stabbing my sword through his mouth.

The blade pierced his throat, his blood staining the floor.

After wiping the blood from my treasured sword and sheathing it, I left the excited colosseum and found the owner waiting by the entrance.

“Hey, Chris. You’ve got a customer.”

“…I didn’t have any appointments.”

“Don’t care, just come! Otherwise you’re banned from here!”


His tone is very rude, but I had no choice but to obey.

Having lost my former glory and status, this was the only way I could live—killing daily in this place, dying my sword with blood.

How bitterly ironic.

The evil I hate is sustaining my life.

Following the owner, I was led to the VIP room.

Gaudy decoration unpleasant to the eye decorated the room reeking of the nouveau riche. Sitting in the leather chair at the center was…

“…A child?”

“Watch your mouth, Chris!”

“It’s fine. I won’t take offense at that much. More importantly owner, leave her alone with me for a bit?”

“Oh, o-of course! Ah, I’ll keep everyone away so feel free to take your time, heh… Excuse me then…”

The owner clapped my back before promptly leaving the room.

…I’d never seen him so obedient before.

Did this boy have such high status?

As I turned my gaze to him, he sighed with a hint of exasperation.

“That fool. As if I’d debase myself in a place like this.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“That man assumed I came to buy you thinking I was lusting for a woman.”


I was shocked in spite of myself at the familiar form of address.

He knew it well even though it’s been years since I held that role.

The boy urged me to sit before settling deeply into the chair himself.

“I’m Ouga Vellett. Eldest son of the Vellett ducal family.”

“What?! Really?!”

“Yes. As proof, I have this dagger engraved with my family crest.”

What he showed me was unmistakably the crest indicating the Vellett family I remembered.

Falsely claiming a noble family crest was a serious crime. No child would readily have a counterfeit.

If he was related to House Vellett, I could also understand him finding my whereabouts.

They excelled in intelligence and mainly handled diplomacy.

With that information network, even a person like me would be easy to locate.

Though few idiots would use it for a fallen woman like me.

“…So what business does House Vellett have with me? Sorry, but I don’t intend to oblige. I detest you nobles. No need to explain why, right?”

“Of course. It was nobles who judged and expelled you from the Holy Knights.”

“That’s right! Those rotten nobles concealing evil and filling their own coffers!”

As the leader of the order, I had condemned evil.

Because I believed that would bring the people happiness and peace.

In the course of my activities I noticed human trafficking was occurring, gathered evidence, secured the scene, and immediately advised the king to capture nobles.

The king would make no mistaken choice.

I believed that would purge one more evil from the country…!

Yet I was the one driven out!

The mountain of evidence was concealed, the human trafficking site passed off as personnel lending, and through patching together lies I was framed as a criminal guilty of false reporting!

Stripped of my holy knight status and place to live, I wound up at the colosseum.

To think I now used the swordsmanship honed for justice for the prosperity of evil, solely to earn my keep… Such humiliation!

I had no choice if I wanted to survive. Pitiful shame coiled around my heart.

“I also investigated that incident and know the story. But at that time the current Vellett family head…my father was away visiting a neighboring country. If Father had been present, you would not have ended up in such a place.”

“Hmph, so what? Are you trying to comfort me? It’s too late. I’m just foolish Chris now…”

“…To be honest, I’m disappointed, Chris.”


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