Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 4

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“Let me introduce myself. I am Ouga Vellett. Does that ring a bell?”

“Vellett… You’re from the Duke’s family?!”

“That’s right. So, don’t you dare think a commoner-like earl’s household is on par with my bloodline, belonging to the Ducal House.”

“Damn you! Remember this!”

With a bit of intimidation, the three boys hastily ran away.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; that’s how it works in my world.

To be honest, they’re no match for a first-rate villain like me. A third-rate bully like them won’t be any good against me.

“Well done, Lord Ouga!”

“Anyone could have done that. Anyway…”


When I turned my gaze, Leiche’s shoulders trembled in surprise.

And in sync with that… her large breasts also jiggled.

Even through her uniform, it’s evident that she has an ample bosom.

To be honest, that’s the reason why I decided to get close to her.

Breasts. Breasts that can’t be contained by my hands.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t do such a silly thing.”

“Um, well… I mean…”

“I’m a first-year student named Ouga Vellett, and this is my maid… No, my sword, Alice.”

I quickly corrected myself during the introduction, feeling an immense pressure.

What? From now on, do I have to say something like “my sword” everywhere I go? It’s embarrassing…

“What’s your name?”

I already knew but this was our first formal meeting.

I had to properly hear her name from her own mouth.

“I-I’m Mashiro…! I’m Mashiro Leiche! Also a first year!”

“Good to meet you, Leiche. Can you stand?”


Helping the hand I extended, Leiche shakily rose to her feet.

Seeing her head-on again, her face and figure were top class.

Crystal aqua and emerald heterochromia eyes.

Her blue hair was bundled into a softly puffy bob cut.

And beneath that were her aggressively asserting breasts!

The buttons on her straining shirt looked about to burst off.

“Um, thank you very much. I was saved thanks to you, Lord Vellett…”

“Don’t worry about it. I dislike that sortof things.”

Insulting the weak purely to affirm themselves. I hear the Bourbon heir is excellent, but no such talk about the second son. Meaning that’s how it is.

They’re trash unworthy of evil’s wind.

“The party will start soon. This may help.”

Saying so, I took a handkerchief from my pocket and passed it to her.

Specks of dirt from being knocked over were visible on her skirt.

Going to the party like this would draw attention.

“I-is it really okay…?”

“I don’t mind. Toss it after using it.”

“No! I’ll properly wash and return it!”

“…I see. Well, don’t be late. See you at the venue.”


After confirming she was smiling, I turned my back and left the spot.

That expression… No doubt about it.

Her affection for me had skyrocketed!

For everything to go so smoothly…

This should place me in the kind people category in Leiche’s mind.

If so, she was mine.

Surrounded by nothing but frightening nobles, she’d certainly rely on me.

Meeting her expectations would further raise her affection, naturally shrinking the distance between us.

I saw it! The future of Leiche confessing to me!

“You seem in good spirits, Lord Ouga.”

“Yeah, I feel great too. I got the result I hoped for.”

“I’m also proud to have you as my master.”

Alice also seemed extremely pleased that I’d helped Leiche.

Oblivious that there was any ulterior motive to my actions… I was truly delighted to have also earned Alice’s loyalty.

“Follow me, Alice. My path is the path of conquest!”

“Yes sir! Ever at your side!”

Exchanging our oft-used lines like that, we soon arrived at the party venue.

“Hmm… Rather spectacular.”


The party venue was in a different location from the main school building.

It seemed to be used for events and celebrations. I nearly forgot I was on campus grounds with how dazzling the decorations assaulting my eyes were.

Yet it didn’t feel cluttered, retaining refined beauty—as expected of the prestigious national Rishburg Magic Academy.

“Lord Ouga, I’ve brought you a drink.”


“What will you do next?”

“If following the plan, there’s someone I want to speak to but…”

I glanced around the area.

Several maligning gazes from students keeping their distance pierced this way.

“…Shall I stop them?”

“Don’t mind it. Most are unrelated to our life anyway. No need to bother with them.”

They were also likely uneasy.

Whether their own skill would prove useful.

When minds are unsettled, if there’s a supposed incompetent noble of higher rank but no magical aptitude, looking down on them brings a moment’s reassurance.

I understand that feeling’s not entirely unreasonable.

To fill the handicap of lacking magic, I’d immersed myself in research and rarely showed my face.

Father also seldom mentioned family publicly. He knew it could become a weakness.

So they probably mistook it as abandonment by House Vellett.

“Proving myself with skill will be enough. In time, they’ll be the ones twisting their faces. Right, Alice?”

“Yes, I believe you’re absolutely correct, Lord Ouga.”

“That’s good. Just believe in your lord.”

“Lord Ouga…! Serving you makes me happy!”

Yeah, we were drawing even more gazes.

If your loyalty is that staunch, be a little more considerate of how I feel.

…I’ll take it as endurance training starting now.

“Alice, we’re going to greet Karen and her fiancé.”

Facing the succession of young ladies arriving center stage with contrasting expressions were two people.

One was my childhood friend, Karen Levezenka.

And the other was her fiancé, first in line to inherit the throne, Arnia Rondism.

“A pleasure to meet you for the first time. I am Ouga Vellett, eldest son of the Vellett ducal family. Please accept my apologies for the late greeting.”

When my turn came, I briefly introduced myself.

Then he looked at me with strong crimson eyes and sneered.

“Oh, so you’re the rumored one lacking magical aptitude who passed.”



scene transition



The students in the hall were all chatting away. So only Karen beside him and Alice heard the Crown Prince’s disparaging remark.

Understanding that, he deliberately brought up my handicap needing no mention.

I plastered on a grin and continued speaking as if it were his joke.

“Even the Crown Prince has heard of me? I’m honored.”

“Of course. You’re famous after all. I wonder what means you used to enter the academy. Please teach me if there’s magic for that—I’d love to know.”

“O-Prince Arnia! What do you mean?”

“No deep meaning, Karen. I’m just praising him for passing by skill despite lacking magic.”

Aristocrats often have arrogant personalities like this.

Why? Because nobles in this world are clear [winners]. They look down on others because they live in higher positions. They don’t question the act.

But he should have been taught how to behave with nobles… Seems this Crown Prince was raised quite freely.

“Indeed, as you say, I passed by skill, Your Highness. I’m eager to demonstrate that knowledge, but tonight is a pleasant party. Surely delving into stiff topics would be a waste of such a time?”

“Ah, true. What a waste of time.”

Crown Prince Arnia chuckled.

He probably misunderstood I was avoiding the issue and looked down on me as some connections student.

He apparently didn’t really believe Rishburg uses pure meritocracy.

No wonder the likes of those three fools are born with this guy as the top of the generation.

It would be simple to humiliate this idiot prince here, but that would go against the Three Precepts of Evil. Abandoning my own beliefs would be a terribly uncool way to live.

Therefore I also merely smiled.

“Well then, I’ll take my leave. Until we meet again, Miss Levezenka.”

Bowing, I promptly left the spot. From the corner of my eye, I saw Karen waving slightly low by her side, so I waved back with only my hand where the Crown Prince couldn’t see.

“…Well done, Lord Ouga.”

“You endured well too. The world will know me in time. Wait a little longer.”

“I’m certain that day is not far off. And my place will always be at your side, Lord Ouga.”

“Heh, it makes me happy when you say pleasant things.”

While Alice’s recklessness was frightening, I could honestly take joy in her unwavering loyalty.

Having such an outstanding woman acknowledge me bolstered my confidence.

Now that I realized direct contact would be difficult, there was no need to remain at this friendship deepening party but…

“…She’s not coming.”

I was checking the entrance but there was no sign of Leiche arriving at all.

Was a handkerchief not enough?

Then again, giving her a brand new skirt might seem creepy.

No no, she must just be changing clothes.

“Lord Ouga, I’ll fetch you a refill.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Killing time like that, I noticed the three fools from earlier enter grinning about something.

I couldn’t hear their voices from this distance, but they lacked the timidity from before.

Dealing with them here would be troublesome.

Nothing for it then.

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