Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 2

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What did he just say…? Disappointed, he said…?

I slammed my fist on the table glaring at him.

Yet he didn’t avert his eyes in the slightest, even as wood fragments from the cracked table scattered about.

On the contrary, he just heaved sigh after sigh.

“You’re letting your emotions rule and lashing out. What happened to a Holy Knight’s pride?”

“…Oh shut it! I’m not a Holy Knight anymore!”

“I loved you as you were, a Holy Knight.”


“You encouraged your comrades, never lost hope against the Demon King’s army, never bowed your head.”

“Ah…aah… Stop it…”

Don’t talk about me like that.

What you describe is the me of the past. The me who already gave up and discarded that self.

I left that in the past to admonish myself for who I am now.

“I…can’t go back…! Chris Lagnika is dead…!”

“Then you can still start over.”


“If she’s dead, if you threw it all away, then begin again from here.”

His warm hand cupped my cheek.

My downcast face turned up, toward him.

“Come with me. I’ll cut a path where your justice can shine.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks unstopping.

Endlessly spilling the filth inside me outward.

Despite my wretchedness and misery, he wouldn’t let me stop crying.

He gently wiped the tears with his fingers and enveloped my hands.

“Show me that radiance at my side once more. My knight, Chris Lagnika.”

In that moment, my life sprouted anew. My heart quivered with elation.

By instinct I understood. My lord was not the country, but this person.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“I pledge my sword for you, Lord Ouga.”

—My goal was accomplished. That Chris Lagnika had sworn her loyalty to me.

And this was the first mission accomplished outside by Ouga Vellett. I couldn’t help clenching my fist feeling the tangible sense of steering my bright future with my own hands.

“Then Lord Ouga, may I take some time to prepare?”

“I’ll provide everything you need here. Don’t worry about it.”



scene transition



“No, to demonstrate my skill and ability, I’d like you to wait if possible.”

I see. I had heard skill with one’s weapon could measure ability.

Chris might bring a weapon to test on me.

Honestly, I’m not very knowledgeable about weapons’ merits, but with her skill she’d use only the best.

Has to be a great sword.

“Fine. But don’t take long. Keep it brief.”


With that, she left the room.

Once I could no longer hear her footsteps, I sprawled back heavily against the chair.

“…Heh. Fuhaha.”

Everything went perfectly!

She would now serve me for life.

Go ahead and demonstrate your sense of justice to your heart’s content.

But when she realizes the man she believed an ally at her side is actually the greatest evil, what face will Chris make?

Just imagining…kuku, it’s delightful.

That wasn’t my only reason for poaching Chris. This colosseum where we bet would continue to grow.

Becoming its shadow leader would bring massive profits.

With perfectionist her that disturbed match fixing gone, things would also become easier for the owner to manage.

Including that future agreement, negotiating with the owner over Chris’s price and concluding matters would be simple.

Ah, as expected I’m a genius…!

The goddess must be cheering me on to become the great Demon King!

Unable to contain my laughter, I waited for Chris to return.

I waited. And waited. …And waited.

“…She’s taking quite a while, huh?”

Is she hesitating?

Honestly it’s already decided I’m hiring her so any weapon is fine, but…oh well.

I’ll go get her myself.

I’m in a good mood right now anyway.

Just as I moved to grab the door handle, the door on the opposite side opened with a clack.

“My apologies for the wait, Lord Ouga….Did I make you wait too long?”

“No, not at all. More importantly, let me see a demonstration of your skill, Chris.”

“Understood. Please come this way.”

Oh. I thought she hadn’t brought anything, but maybe it’s just a very large weapon. Easily displaying power with size would be convenient.

I followed behind Chris. Where she stopped was in front of the colosseum that should be lively with matches right now.



“Yes. The purging is complete, so please take a look.”


Before I could voice my question, Chris opened the door.

What leapt into view were countless dead bodies stacked atop each other. Not just the fighters, the spectators had joined the piles.

Atop them was the figure of the owner I’d been chatting pleasantly with earlier.

…Huh!? Don’t tell me they’re all dead!?

“C-Chris, this is…?”

“Yes. I wished to quickly demonstrate my justice and skill to you, so I carried this out.”

What initiative…!

Carried out, my ass!

I wanted to milk them for juicy profits!

It’s meaningless if you exterminate them all…!

Yet she looked at me expectantly, as if waiting for praise.



…I really don’t want to praise her. But…

“You did well.”

“Ah…! Thank you!”

Chris bloomed a beaming smile. Contrary to her image, her expression changed readily, but it was easy to grasp so not bad.

Weighing this incident against the benefits she would provide, the latter overwhelmingly won out.

She seemed likely to trust me unconditionally too, so feeding her false info would let me easily crush opposing organizations and such.

I’m a genius. I can definitely handle her properly.

“Listen, Chris. I’m not satisfied with the present. I’m aiming higher.”

That’s right. A small underground colosseum in this worn-down town wasn’t worth mourning.

Something on a larger scale… Yeah, maybe something like the slave markets.

Anyway, I’d gain enough power to not obsess over a mere colosseum.

“That’s why I obtained you. You understand what I’m saying, right?”

“Of course, my lord.”

Without caring about the filth at all, Chris knelt with one knee on the ground and bowed her head.

“My power is yours, Lord Ouga. My accomplishments are also yours.”

She swore this looking up at me.

If you understand, then it’s fine.

Just work properly for my glory.

“Well then, shall we go back? I want you to meet Father too. There are various other formalities.”

Since Chris was officially branded a criminal, I couldn’t hire her under her real name.

It would damage the Vellett family reputation.

But that sort of engineering was our specialty.

Creating a new registry for her would be simple.

“Chris, do you have any preferences for your new name?”

I asked her as we walked down the filthy road, her one step behind me.

“Anything you bestow upon me, Lord Ouga.”

That would anger mothers nationwide, Chris-kun. I’m not good with naming either, so it’s troubling, but…

“Then let’s follow convention. Father adds [Ga] for sons and [A] for daughters to their names. And twisting your name a bit… Alice. Yeah, how about Alice?”

T/N : Ku risu -> A risu

It suited her golden hair nicely too. Perhaps it was rather good?

I glanced at her a bit smugly, awaiting her reaction.

“…Oh, thank you so much…!”

She’s crying…! Her face is scrunched up with tears…!

Did I say something weird?!

[Alice] wasn’t a name ridiculed in this world or anything…

Though flustered, I quickly passed her a handkerchief.

After keeping her head lowered for several seconds and wiping her tears, she had already reverted to the beauty termed Alice.

“Lord Ouga. Then, allow me to swear once more.”

Alice took the same stance as minutes ago and made her oath under the newly bestowed name.

“I dedicate everything to you, Lord Ouga.”

“Very well. I’ll be relying on you, my sword.”

“Ah…! Yes…!”

And so, I succeeded in making Alice my pawn as intended initially.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The blue sky! The white clouds!

I’ve arrived at last, the prestigious national Rishburg Magic Academy!

The foundation of my bright future, free of parental bonds…!

Since recruiting Alice, more time had passed and I was at the awaited entrance ceremony.

My house’s power had already investigated what sorts of talents were enrolling.

Even the guys passing by me were immediately connected to information drilled into my head.

Kukuku… It’s not just seeing them on paper, being before the actual people ignites an excitement like no other.


“You called?”

When I voiced her name, my right hand maid came to my side.

“Take pictures with the magic camera. This is the start of my destined path of conquest!”

“Please be at ease, Lord Ouga. In my excitement, I’ve already captured the moment on film.”

The beaming Alice spread out photos of me from various angles.

They were all closeups of me with barely any background visible.

“I-I see. Well done.”

“You praise me overmuch…!”

On one knee indicating deference, the maid uniform-clad Alice.

Even Father was surprised when I first brought her back…

“Father, this is the attendant I’m bringing to the magic academy, Alice.”

“I’m Alice. I will devote my life serving Lord Ouga. Please treat me kindly.”

“…Hmm. My son, there’s one thing I want to ask.”

“What is it, Father?”

“No matter how I look at her, she’s the former Holy Knight Order Grandmaster, Chris.”

“No, she’s the knight I found, my knight Alice.”

“Ah…! Yes, I’m Lord Ouga’s Alice!”

“…But still, Chris—”

“I’m Alice.”

“She is Alice.”

“…I understand. We’ll take it as such.”

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