Bastard Swordsman Chapter 4

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The Mysterious Inventor, Sir Chaos

“Huh, so this is a new product? A new pen? It just looks like a ceramic stick to me.”

“Apparently it’s the latest pen devised by Sir Chaos. You write by storing ink in the twisted grooves at the tip. Well, the ones here write decently enough, though not exceptionally. I hear the higher end versions write very smoothly without getting stuck, so they’re highly valued. Is this the best your shop can do, Eustace?”

“How rude, Mongrel! I’m on the commoners’ side! Besides, these inexpensive glass pens aren’t anything to sneeze at! Now we wholesale them by the dozens to the guild, and the numbers increase day by day. Considering cost versus performance, there’s no doubt these will spread among the masses.”

“It’s not even made of glass yet you call it a glass pen?”

I’m currently at a general store in town. I stopped by to buy some oil for equipment maintenance.

The owner Eustace himself was unusually minding the shop, so I was poking fun at their new products while I shopped.

That’s when this glass… ceramic? pen caught my eye.

The shape is exactly like a glass pen, but it seems to be made of a ceramic material.

It has the signature twisted nib of glass pens, so it probably writes similarly. On inspection, they seem to expertly carve the grooves after firing. Quite clever. At this point, the manufacturing process makes it a totally different thing from a glass pen.

You should just call it a ceramic pen rather than a glass pen.

“Only the highest end for nobles uses colored glass, but it was named by the inventor Sir Chaos. If you have complaints, go find Sir Chaos yourself.”

“The mysterious inventor, Sir Chaos huh.”

Sir Chaos is an anonymous inventor who has been active for many years now.

He has created numerous convenient tools covering a wide range of types. Efficient farming tools, workshop tools, office supplies, household items. He even tackles furniture and interior design.

Releasing many everyday ideas into the world, his popularity is high due to the familiarity and intimacy of his inventions with commoner life.

Oddly for an inventor, Sir Chaos takes no patents whatsoever, instead leaving his inventions up to workshops and trade companies.

It’s unusual for such a wealthy inventor to selflessly and anonymously distribute his ideas for free all over. That’s Sir Chaos for you.


Or rather, me. I’m Sir Chaos.

“An inventor who sends new product ideas out of the blue by letter. More than a few trade companies have risen thanks to Sir Chaos. My shop too. It used to be much smaller, but now we can hire multiple staff. Sir Chaos is amazing.”

“Yet now you’re watching the shop yourself.”

“I’ve got errand boys for that, leave it be… Now five years ago, Hagyr Trade Company dominated in this town. Back then, no one could’ve imagined they’d decline.”

The Hagyr Trade Company was a large organization deeply rooted in this town’s circulation until a few years ago.

But since they had a monopoly, there was lots of shady price fixing, and absurdly marked up goods.

Then Sir Chaos came along, scattering new product seeds among other shops, and oh boy.

Products directly competing with Hagyr Trade Company’s bread and butter were created one after another, and they went under in a flash.

…While I say that lightly like a tall tale, as someone who knows those days, there were also plenty of bloody incidents.

Where there are riches to be had, people in this world will shed blood and die over it very easily.

Until Hagyr Trade went under, deadly conflicts like gang wars drenched in blood were common.

Eustace as he is now, chatting amiably with me, is one of the stalwart merchants who survived that bloody struggle.

The world of business is intense.

…Well, I’m happy as long as useful tools spread through the world!

Being anonymous means I don’t get caught up in conflicts, it’s great!

Leaving development to others also speeds things up. Once goods are circulating, I can just buy them.

The only real downside is the economy flows too fast, increasing the town’s population. More trash piles up on the streets, unhygienic. It means more work for me. Sheesh.

“Well, I’ll buy one to commemorate. Eustace, one of these please.”

“Right on. However you spin it, you’re a good customer Mongrel, buying in the end.”

“Happened to have some cash on hand. Oh right, get me some sword maintenance oil too. That’s what I came to buy.”

“Got it, but the oil went up a bit.”

“Huh, how come?”

“Increased ink demand thanks to the glass pens. Well, if you’ve got complaints, take it up with Sir Chaos.”

“…Useless grumbling. Fine, I’ll buy it even though it’s expensive.”

“Haha, thanks for your business!”

Inventor Sir Chaos.

Many seek his true identity, but it remains a mystery.

Most think he’s some hobby-loving noble or something.

They’d never imagine he’s an ordinary guildsman like me.

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