Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 17

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Mob No. 17: ” How can You not notice the big, erotic body…? That nerdy mercenary… Who is he? Or is he just a useless? “

T/N : welp the title is super ambiguous and I can’t translate it properly, you’ll understand after reading the chapter

After the turbulent evaluation and reward ended, exhaustion suddenly hit me.

So I headed to the lodging facility to take a nap for about 2 hours.

Incidentally, Ms. Fino’s actions and decisions were met with a storm of praise from everyone present.

According to the guys from the same guild as the arrogant guy I heard, his evaluation seems to be [good skills for a newbie, but a selfish brat typical of stupid nobles].

Considering that, the hero guy is still better than treating unrelated strangers as his servants and such.

Well, you could say the vector of annoyance is different but still.

Then I heard a familiar voice from the lounge I was passing.

“Magnificent! Miss Noswile! You really are a wonderful woman!”

“Oh, thank you…”

In the lounge, the hero guy was holding Ms. Noswile’s hand and seemed very moved.

He was probably part of the reinforcements earlier.

Ms. Noswile looks quite standoffish though…

If I think about it, maybe the hero guy and Ms. Noswile are targets for Ms. Rossweisse to pick up?

Since they have good looks and skills.

Anyway I should hurry past before I get noticed.

I arrived at the lodging facility without incident, took a bath, and was about to take a nap when I had a visitor.

“Got a minute?”

It was Ms. Noswile.

And like the first time, we went to the garden outside the building.

“So, what business do you have with me?”

“I wanted to thank you for various backup on the battlefield, okay? Can I ask why? “

The reason is easyd.

“Because if you got injured or somehow shot down, just the connection of knowing you would make it all my responsibility.”

Above all it’s for my own sake.

It’s heartless to say to her, but better than being misunderstood if I tried to dodge the issue.

“Ahaha… sorry, um,”

“I’m used to it so no problem.”

She seems to understand her own influence and the kinds of articles the media would write.

“Come to think of it… is it really okay if I keep the mercenary guild’s special bonus and letter of appreciation?”

She anxiously asked about that.

When she went on stage to receive them earlier, she looked quite troubled.

Clearly it’s irregular to commend someone not from the organization, so it’s understandable she’d be wary they resent her stealing the spotlight.

“That was probably some kind of instruction from your noble sponsors in [Crystal Weed].

[A professional planet racer who just happened to get caught up shot down more vicious space pirates than professional mercenaries in a real battlefield.]

The publicity from that would be tremendous right?

Also it’s the mercenary guild showing generosity to encourage new membership.

Well, the military or someone else may have had other intentions, but I wouldn’t know.”

Just speculation, but these are probably the reasons the mercenary guild gave her the special bonus and letter of appreciation.

And with her being a famous beauty, there was no dissatisfaction from anyone except the arrogant guy, whether that was coincidence or intentional I don’t know.

Anyway I guess that concludes this talk.

As I was thinking that, she called out to me.

“Hey, Uzos. Won’t you… join my team…. right?”

It was about the recruitment offer from before.

But knowing what I think, she drew back immediately.

That’s the difference from Riole Burnnext.

“Yes. Unfortunately impossible. Though not as much as that arrogant guy, all mercenaries are selfish and whimsical, so the mercenary guild is just right for me.”

Firmly declining again, she made a slightly lonely expression but quickly changed her expression.

“Then at least come see me race if you can get tickets. The grand champion race if possible.”

“That’s the biggest race right? The competition for tickets must be intense but…”

Frankly it’s a super platinum ticket.

Reservations have probably already ended.

Just then she got an incoming call on her general purpose terminal.


“Sorry. I forgot I have a strategy meeting for the next race.”

Flustered, she put away her general purpose terminal and

“Let’s meet at the racetrack if you can get a ticket! See you later!”

“Well, if something comes up to let me get one then see you.”

I left the spot with those parting social niceties.

Well, chances are low we’ll meet again.

She’s someone beyond the clouds, no, in the far reaches of the galaxy after all.

When I finished talking with Ms. Noswile and was about to return to the lodging facility,

“You there!”

I got accosted by the hero guy.

Then there’s something I need to say.

“I’ll have you know, I was working here before you right? “

I didn’t come chasing after you to harass you okay?

Rather, you’re the one who came here.

You’ve got no grounds to complain.

But the hero guy grabbed me for a different reason.

“Why were you talking with Miss Noswile?!”

Oh I see, it’s that.

An obsessive fan.

You should understand if you saw how he acted when I was with Ms. Noswile the first time!

But I haven’t done anything shady at all.

She came to thank me because I helped her on the battlefield.

“She worked with me out on the battlefield you see. I just happened to meet her and I was thanking her for that.”

But there’s no way the hero guy would believe she helped and thanked me.

Then I should speak in a way he’ll trust.

“Even so, don’t talk to her! Someone like you!”

“No, then I wouldn’t be able to thank her.”

“You can tell her manager!”

“No, her manager doesn’t seem to be here on the ship…”

My bad.

Seems just talking to her at all is out, regardless of content.

There shouldn’t be an issue just talking when she’s not a noble lady but…

I guess obsessive fans can’t be reasoned with after all…

“Anyway! Don’t get near her! Don’t talk to her! Don’t look at her! Don’t let her talk to you! Got it!”

No, not looking and not letting her talk are impossible dude.

I thought he was about to get violent again but this time he didn’t.

He probably didn’t want to waste time finding Ms. Noswile.

Surely nothing more would happen at this point, I was able to end the request and head home without incident after my nap.

Heroine Side: Skoona Noswile

Rejected again…

With his situational judgement and battlefield [eyesight], he’d likely be very active not just in races but also future activities.

I can understand him not wanting to get close to me now considering his personality and position.

Because approaching a woman like me who has obsessive fans like earlier and gets hounded by the media would bring various troubles.

Yet though we both survived that incident, he didn’t get swarmed by the media.

The unpleasant reason for that is looks.

For the media, someone with decent looks like a tall high school girl, or a flawed but handsome noble guy will get them more sales and viewership than someone who looks good on screen.

It seems to be a wish come true for him since he apparently doesn’t like standing out.

While thinking about such things, Aeroll called out when I returned to the [Seed 1].

“Welcome back! How’d it go?”

Aeroll is a pilot for the same planet race team as me.

“Rejected again after all.”

“Aw man. I really wanted those [eyes].”

“It’s because of the [eyes] I got rejected.”

Actually after seeing John Uzos’s movements, she and several others reached the conclusion to scout him.

In that past operation using our base as a decoy, excluding the machines with silver and yellow winged helmets, and the all black machine, he worked the most effectively.

He easily shot down several of the combat ships I was remotely operating.

My comrades were also impressed by his [eyes] and movements.

“Those [clairvoyant eyes]. [Tactical eyes] right? It’d make races and plans so much easier if we had those~.”

Aeroll muttered regretfully.

“Hey Skoona. Did you try seducing him or something?!”

Then she looked at me discontentedly and said something outrageous.

“Wha-! Of course not! And he didn’t seem interested in me anyway.”

It’s not that I lack confidence in my face or figure.

I’ve experienced gazes stalking me many times at racetracks and party venues.

But I didn’t feel that kind of gaze from him.

If anything, it was more like looking at a work of art or painting.

“He doesn’t look at your unnecessarily big and sexy body… What is he?! No, is your sexy body just useless?!”

Aeroll started making indecent groping motions at her chest while thinking hard.

“Don’t talk about my body being sexy and stuff!”

Aeroll is a cheerful, cute girl but extremely vulgar in that direction.

“Well, forcing him would just end badly. Oh, if you’re gonna sincerely persuade him, I can coordinate underwear and outfits and stuff for you♪”

“I won’t do that!”

It’d be meaningless if he’s not interested!

It’s a little frustrating but…

I headed to the conference room with Aeroll, holding my head.

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