Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 4

Early in the morning, Luna Maria left Ishka’s gates and headed towards a nearby forest. The scent of vegetation along the road wafted through the air.

The season has already changed from spring to early summer.

Although it was early in the morning, it was hot enough to make you sweat just standing still.

The summer season was uncomfortable… but Luna Maria wasn’t sweating just because of the heat.

As she walked along the road, Luna Maria gently placed her hand on her sage robe.

This purple-colored robe is proof that she is a graduate of the Sage Academy. It is armor that can only be worn by those who are qualified as sages, providing increased defense, greater resistance, and an increase in magical power.

The fabrics woven with mithril thread are resistant to heat and cold, designed to be worn in both summer and winter.

Years ago, a director of the academy criticized the conventional robe as “slack” and incorporated it as a fashion style.

Now, Luna Maria is wearing a winter coat that covers most of her skin.

Naturally, it’s hot. Very hot. If you were wondering why she’s wearing it, it’s because if she didn’t, her indecent outfit underneath the robe would be visible.

The silk outfit that Sora gave her on the day she became a slave had exposed shoulders and thighs, with minimal fabric covering her chest and waist. For a completely modest elf, it was like being naked.

If she wore a summer robe, it would boldly expose her shoulders, chest, and legs, so she had no choice but to go with the winter robe.

Still, it’s a fact that she was walking with an almost naked appearance. It’s embarrassing. She couldn’t help but feel that. Originally, Luna Maria is an elf and also a sage, so she often stood out.

After being an adventurer for five years, she should have gotten used to the strange looks, but after being forced to wear that outfit, a different kind of tension was added, and the gazes of others worried her more than ever.

And seeing that embarrassed Luna Maria, her master happily distorted his mouth. Just remembering that face made the sweat start pouring out of her body.

After walking for a while, Luna Maria reached a forest that was her destination. The place was not like Tittis where magical beasts roamed. Squirrels roamed the ground and birds sang in the treetops, making it a relaxing place for Luna Maria. So, she took off her robe and felt relieved.

At first, she was worried if someone might be watching, so she would never take off the robe outside, but recently, she started thinking that it would be fine as long as there was no one nearby.

Whether with that outfit or with the nocturnal act, Sora intentionally tries to embarrass Luna Maria.

By continuing with that kind of life for over a month, even a forest fairy would get used to it.

Sora, who shook off Luna Maria’s embarrassment, stole her lips after enjoying her reaction.

At that moment, she felt a sensation as if extracting a certain physical strength, magical power, or something else. Luna Maria wondered what it was. But she still hadn’t found the answer.

Remembering that sensation, Luna Maria’s body trembled unconsciously. As if frightened. Or as something alluring. It was a significant feeling.

A mysterious sweetness, similar to sexual pleasure. A powerful presence—that gave her a sense of security to her heart and soul.

Every time Sora enveloped Luna Maria in his arms, she was transported to that feeling. No matter what Sora did, she would accept it. That was her decision when she became a slave.

No, mere acceptance was not enough. Enduring it was not atonement. One must accept the actions of the other person and make them their own.

It was all for the master. That was Luna Maria’s thought as a slave.

…..That’s how it should be, but now she not only had that feeling of acceptance and endurance, there was also a part of her that enjoyed what she was given. Rather, there was even a sense of desiring it for herself—–

With that thought in mind, Luna Maria vigorously shook her head. Her golden hair fluttered in the air.

She became a slave for atonement. Despite being exposed to nocturnal acts, it shouldn’t be possible to experience sweet emotions in less than a month.

After taking a deep breath and calming herself, Luna Maria slightly bowed, jumped, and grabbed onto a branch of a nearby tree.


Today, Luna Maria and Seal were resting by Sora’s orders. In these days, he surely knew that the two of them had worked hard to raise the clan’s name.

So, Luna Maria came to this forest. There was something she wanted to make sure of.

This forest served as a training ground for her to keep her body in shape.

Luna Maria, being a sage, a spirit bearer, and a hunter, would come here when she had free time and run through the forest to maintain her physical abilities.

She used the branch as a foothold to propel herself. Shortly after, Luna Maria squinted her eyes sharply and kicked the branch. From branch to branch, from tree to tree. Sometimes she used the ivy as a pendulum and ran on the trees like a monkey. She moved through the forest relying solely on the strength of her body, without using magic or depending on spirits.

Even though it was called a forest, it was too narrow to compare with Tittis. Although she circled it in less than an hour, Luna Maria wasn’t even exhausted. That was exactly what she wanted to confirm.

No matter how light an elf may be, it would be impossible for them to run through the forest with all their might for almost an hour without being out of breath.

“As I thought, my physical strength has improved considerably. Not only physical strength, but also magic and my connection with the spirits.”

She had noticed it even in the city, but running through the forest made it even clearer. She could feel that the power of the spirits was stronger.

Perhaps if she were to use spiritual magic now, she would be able to unleash a greater power than before. A rapid increase in power. Naturally, she thought it was due to leveling up, but the number hadn’t changed.

Her strengths had increased dramatically. She had noticed it a month ago. In that case, the cause could already be considered to be Sora. Indeed, when she was with Sora, Luna Maria was full of energy in the morning and afternoon. Could it be said that she was always in good shape?

During the first few days, she thought it was a temporary shock due to a sudden change in the environment, but as it lasted three days, five days, and more than ten days, she could no longer say it was a “temporary shock.”

She could only think that there was a reason for it. And being a sage, Luna Maria had an idea about that reason.

“It is said that one cannot discard the materials of a dragon, but…..”

Scales for armor, blood for medicine, claws for weapons. Both the eyes and the bones, even a single strand of hair, were precious as materials.

That’s the dragon species. Unlike dragon subspecies like Wyverns that are born from eggs, true dragon species are said to have no egg stage.

A true dragon doesn’t have parents to begin with.

Like a lightning bolt. Like a tornado. Like an earthquake. Or like a volcanic eruption.

A phenomenon that is triggered when the conditions of the world are met.

A mythical disaster born in flesh and blood.

That’s a dragon.

Therefore, the body of a dragon is composed of a super dense mass of magic in the form of blood and flesh.

It is only natural that a piece of bone or even a strand of hair cannot be discarded.

Drinking that blood will cure any disease, and eating that flesh will rejuvenate the body—–such rumors are not entirely wrong.


What would happen if a dragon took the form of a person? Or if a person came into contact with a dragon.

What changes would occur in that person where a great power resides?

“I wish it were just my imagination, but…..”

But Luna Maria had to judge that it was unlikely. Rather, there was another example besides Luna Maria.

The beast girl called Seal.

Her strength had also visibly increased since Sora started calling her at night.

Luna Maria, who had been entrusted with Seal’s education, could clearly see the difference from Seal before being called by Sora.

It was possible that Seal herself had also realized it.

It would be terrible if it were known that Sora’s blood had the same value as a dragon. To avoid that situation—–

“I should speak my mind properly.”

Until now, Luna Maria had forbidden herself from asking about the dragon inside Sora.

She was a slave for atonement, not to uncover Sora’s secret. Besides, she also knew that Sora’s attitude would quickly harden and show his true colors.

However, if the symptoms appeared so clearly, it would be dishonest to remain silent. Regardless of how Sora judged or treated her properties, he should understand.

With that in mind, Luna Maria decided to talk to Sora when he returned. With her decision made, she lightly tapped her cheeks and jumped back onto the trees. In addition to that, she wanted to find out what her current physical strength limit was.

Tap, resonating with a small step, the figure of the elf disappeared into the forest.

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