Bastard Swordsman Chapter 2

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Part-time Janitor

I don’t remember what caused me to reincarnate in this world.

There was probably some trigger, but since I was a baby after being born, my early memories are hazy.

I feel like I regained my previous self’s ego before reaching an age of awareness, so the events leading up to my death are still a mystery. But it’s not like not knowing is an issue, so I don’t worry about it.

I was born in a small village between the Kingdom of Harpelia and the Holy Kingdom of Sunglaire. The village officially belonged to the Harpelia Kingdom.

The Harpelia Kingdom and Sunglaire Holy Kingdom really hated each other, and fought wars and made peace over the lands along their border.

It was a time of peace when I was born, but when I turned nine, the war resumed. My parents died then.

The annoying thing is, my parents were a mess.

My dad was from Harpelia and my mom from Sunglaire.

Having lost my parents, I went to my dad’s uncle in a faraway town, my only relatives. But as you’d expect, they weren’t thrilled to take in a half-Sunglaire kid from the enemy nation.

Probably didn’t want to adopt a brat who looked obviously mixed-race, with black hair and white strands.

They didn’t get violent, but paid me off like severance and kicked me out. For a normal kid, it was around here that life would have hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, I’m not normal.

Around age five, I awakened to some strange power, maybe as a reincarnation perk or something. I don’t really know.

But it let even a frail kid like me find work to scrape by a living.

I personally wanted appraisal or infinite storage skills, though. Oh well, my actual gift was capable enough that I could make do without those.

Hearing all this, it sounds like the backstory of a protagonist destined to rise up, right?

A reincarnated war orphan with magical gifts. Of course something big would happen.

And it’s not like I didn’t aim for success and fortune, tired of poverty with no family.

But after continuing to live day-to-day at the guild I joined as a foothold, I was just like…this is fine, isn’t it?


I mean, sure, I could probably rapidly gain strength by defeating strong enemies, and a harem life isn’t unimaginable either.

But would I risk my one and only life for that?

On the contrary, I hate even small cuts and bruises. I don’t want anything besides safe work.

For the same reason, I don’t use knowledge cheats either.

When I was in the village, I tried making a Reversi-like game and profiting from it once, but in the village it quickly became known as a game invented by the mayor’s shitty son.

Just that much I could handle, but around a month later…the shitty son went missing.

…Nowadays Reversi spreads through the kingdom as a “new game thought up by some esteemed noble somewhere”.

It’s not immensely popular, but sells decently well, available in moderately priced cafes.

…Yeah, power is scary.

After hearing that, you still wanna use knowledge cheats?

It makes me feel like no number of lives could be enough.

“Mongrel, cleaning duty again? Even though you’re not injured?”


I turned in my request form at reception.

The job was menial tasks that even the lowest ranked guild members could do. Urban cleaning.

It hardly pays and is unpopular, but gives above average contribution points.

Most of all, as a clean freak, cleaning isn’t that bad a job for me.

No, this city is just dirty. Overall.

I want at least the roads I often use to be clean.

There’s also separate sewer cleaning, but no way am I doing that. It reeks.

“Oh my, Mongrel, cleaning again? Not even hurt…”


I get addressed by acquaintances while picking up trash.

The bakery lady nags me especially, either really bored or talkative.

Annoyingly, she gets more naggy if I haven’t bought bread for several days.

I can feel the implied “Buy something!” pressure. She should really stop.

“By the way, heard about the knight who came from the capital?”

“Ah yeah, I heard one was coming? Sir Something. Must be tough for the inns.”

“I know, right? The innkeeper was complaining. Says the knights are well-bred but don’t know how to use a room.”

“How’s business at the bakery? More orders?”

“That’s the thing! Everyone only goes to restaurants, no one buys anything. It’s so aggravating!”


“What’s so funny?”

“Sorry, I’ll come buy something next time.”

“Oh goodie! I’ll be waiting, ‘kay?~”

Chatting with the townsfolk while cleaning the town.

It makes me feel like part of society, and the town gets cleaner too.

It’s all upside.

Most of all, this visage of poverty through menial work is important.

The well-off get targeted by criminals fast, but idiots don’t mess with poor-looking guys like me.

I’m seen as harmless and stupid.

I somehow feel that’s an important approach in dealing with the world.

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