Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 3

The road that connects the Tittis Forest with the city of Ishka has been passed over into perfection many years by adventurers and hunters traveling between the forest and the city.

Even I could walk the road with my eyes closed. At this moment, I was walking on that road from a different perspective.

The height of my vision is more than twice the usual. Strong vibrations shake my body, and my view trembles constantly.

For a while now, those who pass by unconsciously open their eyes and mouth as they look this way. Fufufu, I’m attracting attention.

That’s natural. It’s not very common to see a Wyvern walking on the road with a human on its back. Everything was going according to plan… but there was an unexpected factor.

“Ugh… this shakes a lot…”

“M-Master… um… I feel a little sick…”

As she spoke while sitting in the saddle, Seal, who clung to my waist, murmured something similar.

I put her up there because it seemed like she wanted to, but it looks like it wasn’t necessary.

Then Luna Maria, who had been walking on the ground from the beginning, spoke up with a clear face.

“Wyverns are a species specialized in flying. Walking on the ground would be a weak point.”

“I know that… but it would be my debut as a dragon knight. It would be better if they saw me riding with the saddle… Oww!”

“Are you… are you okay, Master? Oww!”

Both of us accidentally bit our tongues due to the commotion. Luna Maria narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“It’s nice to see you two getting along.”

“Ah, should we fly closer? But if we get too close, we’ll be shot down by ballistae and catapults on the wall…”

Approaching carelessly with a Wyvern would make them mistake us for being attacked by a magical beast from Tittis and intercept us.

Because of that, we kept a certain distance from Ishka’s gate and are walking like this, but…

“Well, when we went to Mount Skim and Lake Toya, we were basically flying. So it’s uncomfortable to walk like this.”

As I murmured unintentionally, the Wyvern made a sound like “Pugy…” as if apologizing.

Ah, darn it. This little guy is more delicate than he looks.

“No, no, you can keep improving in the future! The way you fly is much better than before!”


The Wyvern’s neck turned towards me as if to say, “Really?” Yes, really. So have more confidence.

Ah, but it’s better not to breathe fire in too much joy. If you hit the walls that can be seen in the distance, it would be very bad.

While the Wyvern was both delighted and calmed down, Seal laughed cheerfully.

“After all, this Wyvern can understand the Master’s words. I wonder why it doesn’t react to my words.”

“Maybe there’s a certain hierarchy. First would be me, and second would be him.”

“Ah, I see. So he treats me as lower rank than him. Like, ‘Newcomers should stay quiet’ or something?”

Seal nodded as if convinced, and Luna Maria added a few words.

“Wyverns only recognize humans as food unless they’re familiar with them. I guess he doesn’t understand anyone other than the Master.”

“In that case, would Seal’s words be like a mosquito buzzing in his ear?”

“T-That’s very cruel. But sometimes I feel like he’s looking at me with a dangerous gaze…”

Seal’s body trembled, and she tightened her arms around my waist.

She may have imagined herself being crushed by the Wyvern’s tail, which is thick like a trunk. Feeling a strongly elastic sensation pressed against my back made my cheeks naturally loosen.

No, wait. It’s not time for that yet. I have to be careful. With that in mind, I remembered the nocturnal events. Not in an erotic kinds, but in the way of devouring souls.

My current level is “7”. It increased when I defeated the griffin.

But then it came to a refreshing stop. The Scylla and the Werewolf were quite good, and I’ve been devouring Luna Maria’s soul every day, but the next level is farther away than ever.


If I were a normal adventurer, I should be level “20” with the amount of souls I’m devouring.

At first, filling a cup of soul would raise my level. The next amount of souls required was a full bucket. The next was a barrel… and the game continued that way.

After all, Luna Maria alone is not enough at night. Seal hasn’t caused me any harm, so she’s not a target for devouring her soul.

It will probably take some time to prepare for obtaining Iria.

Contacting Miroslav in this situation could jeopardize my plans.

Recently, I’ve been wondering if I should devour Seal. But asking for the consent of a slave who has gave me the right to live and die is no different from coercion, so I can’t do it in the current situation.

For now, I have to settle for hunting monsters or magical beasts.

—And while I was thinking about that.

“H-Hey, stop right there!”

A faint warning voice hit my earlobe. Realizing it, we were surrounded by guards patrolling the city gate. It’s obvious, but they are clearly on alert with us. However, it’s probably because of the presence of the Indigo Wyvern.

They might be more concerned about our affiliations than the strength of the magical beast.

Dragon knights riding Wyverns are the heart of the Kingdom of Canaria.

Dragon-riding knights are influential people, and most of them belong to the aristocracy. Among them, tne the Captain should be the head of the duke’s family connected to the royal family.

No, was he the next head? Anyway, the dragon knights are an elite group.

The guards seem hesitant to draw their weapons when they see me on top of the Wyvern. They probably think I’m a dragon knight.

Some of the guards might recognize my face, but the power of the Indigo Wyvern seem to overpower the rider in front of them.

When they ordered us to stop, I pulled on the reins of the Wyvern and jumped to the ground, leaving Seal in the saddle.

Although it was quite high, I landed smoothly and faced the guards.

“I am Sora, the leader of the ‘Bloody Sword’ clan. I request permission to enter.”

“B-Before granting permission, what is that dragon? Are you a dragon knight?”

“No, not at all. Previously, this Wyvern was injured in the Tittis Forest. After helping it, it strangely became attached to me. So today, I brought it to register as my follower monster.”

“I-Is there no danger of it going out of control?”

“Do you think a Wyvern that is hostile to humans would let a person ride it? There won’t be any problems as long as anyone doesn’t resort to hostility. Well, just don’t point a spear at it.”

I said it loudly to the surrounding guards. It was amusing to see the strong guards tremble.

By the way, a follower monster is a monster that submits to a person. In some cases, follower monsters are trained with sweets or whips, and they can also be made obedient through magic.

There are times when there is quite a rigorous examination of follower monsters. I don’t know if the Indigo Wyvern will be recognized as my follower monster, but well, if it’s not recognized, it doesn’t matter.

Now that the Indigo Wyvern has been exposed to the public, my goal has already been achieved.

If taking clients away from the guild and creating a clan was the “Peaceful way to fight against the guild (Introduction),” then letting them know that the leader of that clan is a private sector dragon knight would be the “Peaceful way to fight against the guild (Intermediate).”

The presence of such a dragon knight will be known throughout Ishka in an instant, and then throughout the Kingdom of Canaria.

It will surely also be known that this dragon knight was expelled from the guild and started working with his own clan.

In that case, it will become known that the guild, or rather, the guild master, let this gem slip away.

—–In fact, my expulsion is lawful under the Guild rules, and at that time. I didn’t have any talent at that time, but surely now those who hear Elgart’s claim will think it as an excuse.

It’s possible that other guild masters from other cities will hold Elgart responsible.

A dragon knight who should have been secured by the guild was discarded with guild master own hands. That would already be a big mistake.

The adventurers’ guild is not a charitable organization, so strength is everything. Being a dragon knight, the limitations of terrain such as forests and high mountains can be ignored. Furthermore, considering the distance covered by a Wyvern, important missions can be accomplished.

The Ishka adventurers’ guild missed out on that possibility. The more I act like a dragon knight, the more the guild’s stupidity in expelling me will be exposed.

Suddenly, I remembered the words that the receptionist named Liddell once told me.

“If you’re an adventurer or a staff member of this guild, you should keep in mind that you have an obligation to work for Ishka.”

I couldn’t agree more. I have already been expelled from the guild, but as someone who lives in Ishka, I fulfilled my duty.

Even if it didn’t benefit the guild, people didn’t care. Because we are also obligated to work for Ishka.

Due to my own presence and benefit, there is no way the guild can try to obstruct my actions.

There is no way they can do something so brazen.

—–Kuku, I let out a small laugh.

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