Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 2

A few days prior to my visit to Christie Corporation, I had made a fascinating discovery while conducting research in the mansion’s study. Through interviews with the mansion’s maids, I learned that the concept of rinses, toners, and similar products was virtually nonexistent in this world. Though cosmetics were known, the idea of post-makeup care was unfamiliar.

The catalyst for this realization occurred when I stumbled upon an “aloe” plant while engrossed in a book about plants in the study. It made me wonder if aloe actually existed in this world, so I casually remarked, “You know, there used to be aloe toner.” Danae, who happened to be nearby, looked puzzled and inquired, “What’s toner?” I gave Danae a brief explanation, and she was astonished, wondering how I knew about such things.

I had assumed that this knowledge was common, but apparently, it was different in this world. Curious, I probed Danae for more information, but she had never heard of such products. Since skincare had never been a significant consideration to me in my previous life, I hadn’t expected to delve into it so deeply. Driven by curiosity, I asked Danae where I could find aloe within the estate, and to my surprise, she informed me that it could be found on the premises. It seemed to be a remnant of my father’s research on various plants from other countries before he shifted his focus to olives.

“By the way, did you know that aloe is known to have beneficial properties for wounds?” I asked Danae. In response, she wondered, “Really? Does this peculiar plant possess such effects?”

True to Danae’s words, when she showed me the location where aloe grew, there were indeed thriving aloe plants. Using aloe from the mansion, I created a prototype of toner, which I believe turned out quite well. When I asked Danae to try it, she exclaimed, “It’s amazing!” which filled me with confidence.

Next, based on my vague memories from my previous life, I concocted a conditiioner using olive oil. Figuring out how to make shampoo proved elusive for now. Nevertheless, since “soap” was already considered a luxury item in this world, I reasoned that offering a conditiioner could sell reasonably well among the nobility. All my knowledge in this field came from the entertainment videos I watched in my previous life.

After creating the prototypes, I pondered how to sell them. I concluded that partnering with a reliable corporation would be the best approach, so I consulted with Galun and learned about Christie Corporation. That’s why I find myself here now, explaining the conditiioner and toner to Christie, and the response seems even better than I anticipated.

Initially, when I engaged in conversation with Christie, her eyes lacked a smile. I believe she thought it was a waste of time. If a young child, even if they were a noble, approached to discuss business, I’m certain most people would consider it a waste of time and simply listen before dismissing them. That’s the typical reaction.


However, as soon as I mentioned the concept, usage, and recipe ideas for the toner and conditiioner, her expression subtly changed.

“Have you come across similar products or concepts, including in the Empire or other countries?”

“No, I haven’t. This is the first time. If they existed, I would definitely know.”

Hearing Christie’s words, I felt a sense of relief, at least for now. It became evident that these types of products were not yet available or known in this world. Perhaps I can make a breakthrough.

“But without any actual products, it’s merely wishful thinking…”

“Oh, in that case, I have prototypes with me.”

“What? You already have prototypes?”

In response to her surprise, I nodded and placed the prototypes of “Olive Rinse” and “Aloe Toner” on the table.

“These are prototypes, so there is still room for improvement before they can be commercialized.”

As Christie’s eyes sparkled while she gazed at the products on the table and murmured, “Can I try them?”

“Sure, would you like to try the aloe toner? As for the conditiioner, it can’t be used here unless you follow the usage instructions I mentioned earlier. Can I leave it with you?” I asked.

“Understood. I trust you with the conditiioner. Please keep it confidential for now,” Christie replied.

“Of course. Let’s try the toner right away,” I suggested.

Christie picked up the prototype from the desk and accidentally spilled some of the lotion on the back of her right hand. Using her left hand, she spread the lotion evenly over the entire back of her right hand. She raised both hands to compare them, observing the difference in texture. As she did so, her expression began to sparkle, and with shining eyes, she exclaimed,

“This is fantastic! It’s truly remarkable! This is amazing!”

Surprised and grateful, I replied, “Thank you very much.”

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She leaped up in excitement, unable to contain her joy at the remarkable effect of the prototype lotion. Our eyes met, and she let out a soft murmur, her cheeks blushing, before settling back down on the sofa. Taking a deep breath to compose herself, she cleared her throat and spoke.

“Ahem… It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve been struggling with dry skin for quite some time. I never even dreamed of such a product or concept. I’m truly amazed.”

“I understand. I’m glad I could help,” I replied.

It seemed that the introduction of the lotion and conditiioner had gone better than expected.

“Mister Reed! This will definitely sell!” she exclaimed enthusiastically.

“I’m glad you like it, Christie. I tried it myself, but I wanted to hear a woman’s opinion,” I confessed, grateful for her positive feedback.

“Mr. Reed, please call me Christie. Let’s absolutely commercialize this!” she declared with determination.

“…Yes! Thank you very much!”

And so, I began doing business together with Christie from Christie Trading Company. I was initially unsure of how things would turn out, but as the conversation came together, I felt a sense of relief deep inside.

(Scene Transition)

After settling the discussion about the lotion and conditiioner, I proceeded to share my plans for future endeavors, which were the crux of the matter. I expressed my desire to accumulate personal wealth and outlined several ideas. One particular objective was to obtain medicinal herbs that could lead to a cure for “magical depletion” through Christie Trading Company. Unlike before, Christie listened attentively, visibly intrigued by my proposals.

“Mr. Reed, you’re quite something. I was already surprised by your ideas and the concept of the lotion and conditiioner, but now you have even more ideas. And a cure for ‘magical depletion’? If that could be realized, it would be truly remarkable,” Christie remarked, captivated by my depth of knowledge and ambition.

Grateful for her understanding, I explained further.

“I don’t seek recognition per se, but there’s something I want you to help me find.”

“What would that be?” Christie inquired, genuinely interested in assisting me.

“It’s the Rute Grass and Moonlight Grass. Have you ever heard of them?”

“Hmm… I haven’t heard of either of them, but I’ll do my best to find them,” Christie assured me.

“Thank you. Today has been incredible. I appreciate your support,”

“Likewise. It has been a meaningful and enlightening time. Thank you,”

As we rose from the sofa, I extended my hand, and without hesitation, Christie firmly grasped it. We exited the reception room, joining the two guards before leaving Christie Trading Company. Christie and the girl from the shop bowed respectfully until we were out of sight, expressing their appreciation for my visit.”

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