About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 1

Tiffy’s Piano Competition

In the early days of July, the sunbeams were pouring down intensely on the ground. Whether due to the season, the sun was exerting its vigor to the fullest, and the powerful sunlight that didn’t seem like morning was scorching many areas hotly.

In the corner of a certain room, a young girl was lying on her bed looking uncomfortable from the heat. Even though it was still the morning hours before the day got fully hot, the room was oppressively hot and steamy, disturbing the girl’s sound sleep.

The girl tossed and turned many times, rocking the bed as she writhed around. However, the girl didn’t seem likely to get up. Even amidst the heat that would naturally wake her up, the girl was still fast asleep.


The girl was groaning uncomfortably.

The summer weather was roasting even the girl’s room to a crisp. The girl’s pajamas were sloppily revealing her stomach, and as she slept, she was scratching that exposed belly absentmindedly. Her body was twisted from tossing and turning so much – she was far from having a cute, tidy sleeping posture, exhibiting a rough disheveled state instead.

“Hey! Tiffy! Wake up already! Breakfast is ready!”

Next to the bed of the girl called Tiffy stood a boy. His name was Rymar, and he was Tiffy’s older brother one year above her.


As if responding to her brother’s words, the girl let out a voice and tossed in her sleep. Thinking that his sister was waking up, Rymar looked down at her, but only the sound of her breathing in sleep could be heard from Tiffy. Rymar’s temple throbbed in irritation.

“Hey! Dummy! Stupid Tiffy! We’ll be late for school!”

Rymar shook his sister’s shoulder. It was a shake that had the warmth of family…or rather, it was a rough shake containing some anger.


Tiffy groaned as she slowly lifted up her body. Rymar sighed in relief, heaving a big sigh.

“…G’morning, big brother,” mumbled Tiffy.

“Yeah, good morning, Tiffy. It’s already morning.”


And then after letting out a large, sloppy yawn, Tiffy said,

“…G’night,” and flopped back down on the bed. Rymar’s temple throbbed even more. Her brother felt like just carrying her out to the living room forcibly at this point.

In their family’s living room, there was a delicious smell of breakfast in the air. Sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, and salad were served on plates, to make sandwiches by putting them between slices of bread – that was today’s breakfast.

Tiffy wandered tipsily into the living room, pushed on the back by her brother. Her hair was a beautiful golden blond like her mother’s, but whether due to bedhead or the texture, the tips of her short hair were poking out everywhere, spread out sloppily.

Swaying unsteadily left and right with eyes still half-closed, she walked down the hall precariously, as if she might bump into the walls at any moment. Rymar supported his sister’s body to change her direction whenever she seemed about to crash into the walls. Tiffy was still more than halfway asleep.

“Oh, good morning Tiffy,” said her mother Sophie, who was in the living room.

“…G’mornin’, Mom,” mumbled Tiffy.

Sophie had a vague look on her face, with the same golden hair as Tiffy, except Sophie’s hair was neatly styled.

“…Where’s Dad?”

“Of course he already left for work a while ago,” answered Tiffy’s question not her mother, but her brother. Their father’s name was Costas, and he worked at a pharmaceutical company’s research institute. He was an accomplished specialist with high work performance.

“Okay Tiffy, hurry and eat up. We don’t have much time left,” said Sophie.

“Yeah,” replied Tiffy. When she sleepily looked at the clock, there were only 10 minutes left until they had to leave the house. Even so, Tiffy sat in her chair at the table without any sign of rushing. For her, this much was an everyday occurrence.

“G’morning, big sis,” said her little sister Corona, who had finished eating breakfast when Tiffy started. The siblings were three – two sisters and a brother.

“Corona, g’morn…” mumbled Tiffy.

“The older sister is more trouble than the younger sister!” complained Rymar with a snort, hand on his waist.

“Well, I guess the older sis is pretty hopeless compared to you?” said Corona wryly.

“Grr…” Rymar growled, and Corona chuckled. Tiffy was eating breakfast half-asleep.

“Now now Rymar, don’t get angry. You should head out soon too,” said Sophie.

“That’s right! I can’t be late because I’m fussing over Tiffy!”

“Corona, do you have everything you need?”

“Yes, I’m all set, Mom. Thanks for the food.”

“Yes, thank you for the meal.”

With that, Corona returned to her room. With the time constraint, Sophie combed Tiffy’s hair with a comb while she was tipsily eating breakfast. No matter how much the comb went through Tiffy’s unruly golden hair that stuck out everywhere, her hair would immediately spring back up. Tiffy herself didn’t care much about grooming her hair, but her messy hairstyle was also largely due to the texture. As usual, Sophie smiled wryly. It had improved considerably from when she first got up, but Tiffy’s hair was still disheveled.

“I’m going, Mom!” said Rymar.

“Have a good day, Rymar.”

Despite having plenty of time, Sophie saw her son dash out of the house looking slightly flustered.

“I’m going too, Mom,” said Corona.

“Have a good day, Corona.”


“Are you sure you’ll be okay, big sis?” Corona poked her face out of her room. Sophie smiled and conveyed to her that it would be fine, but when she returned to the living room, Tiffy had her eyes closed, nibbling on the bread half-asleep.



The two were stunned speechless.

“…Mom, I’m a little worried about big sis’s future…” said Corona.

“…A 3rd grader shouldn’t be worrying about their 6th grade big sister’s future,” replied Sophie. But in her mind, Sophie was thinking the same thing as Corona.

While this was going on, the doorbell rang with a ding-dong.

“Oh, are they here already?”

Sophie jogged to the front door and opened it. The familiar faces of Tiffy’s friends were there.

“Good morning, Auntie Sophie!”

“G’mornin’ Sophie-san.”

“Good morning Yuki, Kasumi,” said Sophie.

The ones at the front door were Yuki and Kasumi, Tiffy’s classmates. They were best friends at the elementary school, and they always came to pick up Tiffy when going to school like this. Yuki’s parents and Tiffy’s parents had been friends since middle school, and that relationship also led to Yuki and Tiffy being childhood friends.

Yuki had light blue hair grown out long, and as if to block out the hot summer sunshine, today she was wearing a cute straw hat. She was a spirited girl, and perhaps because she acted a bit pretentiously mature, she had an interest in fashion unusual for a child.

Next to her was Kasumi, a girl who had become friendly with Tiffy and Yuki at school. Letting her semi-long black hair flutter about, she was a kid with a unique way of talking that reminded one of olden times.

“Sorry, Tiffy’s still not ready. Can you come inside and wait? “

“No surprises there. Don’ worry ’bout it.”

“Pardon the intrusion.”

As Kasumi said, this was so normal that Kasumi and Yuki entered the house casually without hesitation. They greeted Tiffy’s little sister Corona as she passed by, and Corona left the house as if switching places with them.

“Ah! She’s asleep again!”

“Hey, Tiffy! Yuki and Kasumi are here already.”


Sprawled sloppily in the living room was the sight of Tiffy lying there. As usual, with the help of many people, Tiffy would make it to school just barely avoiding tardiness.




“Okay, here we go! We’ll reveal them on the count of three! Ready!?”

“Let’s just hurry up and get it over with.”

“Yuki-han loves stuff like this.”

In the corner of a 6th grade classroom, Yuki, Tiffy, and Kasumi had their heads together doing something. The sun was high in the sky, the hottest time of day. The heat was pouring relentlessly into the classroom even through the window glass, but the classroom interior was comfortably cool thanks to the well-functioning AC. This was a private school, and the learning environment was maintained with abundant funding.

“Here we go! On three! One!”

Yuki shouted energetically. She was a smart kid. Her grades were excellent, and she always scored 100 points on the school’s tests. She was in the top class at her cram school, where she also scored perfect or near perfect scores. Feeling a lack of competition in academics, she was dissatisfied.

“No point in asking us to get good scores. I’ve got no motivation to study,” said Tiffy.

“Y’know she’s got no desire to study, right Yuki-han?” said Kasumi.

“Looks like I’ll just have to hurry up and drag Rain to this school…grr…” muttered Yuki.

“By the way, Tiffy, you didn’t write anything in the answer column for like the whole second half…did you run out of time?”

“I got sleepy and took a nap.”

“Loyal to your desires, I see!” said Yuki.

Tiffy made a V-sign, slumping over her desk sleepily. Kasumi said it was nothing to brag about, laughing cheerfully.

“I want to start getting over 100 points soon…” said Yuki abruptly.


“Whatcha sayin’ Yuki-han?”

Yuki was suddenly spouting nonsense.

“I mean, I always get 100 points, so I want to surpass my usual self soon…It’s so frustrating to be constrained by the 100 point score the teacher arbitrarily decided on! I want to transcend the teacher soon and go bigger!”

“Rebellious phase, huh,” said Kasumi.

“I’m writing neatly, making my own problems and solving them, drawing pictures in the margins, but she absolutely won’t give me more than 100 points…” complained Yuki.

“As eccentric as ever. Yuki, you’re weird,” said Tiffy.

“If Tiffy is calling me weird, I’m in trouble…” swallowed Kasumi.

The two of them were birds of a feather, so to speak.

“I think I could beat Yuki-han on a test about fortune-telling or theology, y’know?” said Kasumi.

“I’m not very interested in those,” replied Yuki.

“I’m better at piano than you two,” declared Tiffy.

The three asserted whatever they wanted. Even though they were always together, their interests and strengths were all over the place.

“Hey, you girls over there. Test returns are finished for everyone so quietly return to your seats,” called the teacher.

“Yessir,” they responded.

“Yeah yeah,” said Tiffy.

They were supposed to be in class right now, but in the brief time for test return, Yuki and company had been chatting freely and even holding a test score competition event.

The unrestrained three were minor troublemakers at the school.

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