Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6: A Peaceful Way to Fight the Guild

My next target after obtaining Luna Maria is the warrior priestess Iria from the ‘Falcon Sword.’

However, it will take some time to make the necessary preparations. It’s natural for a relationship that has lasted for several years not to break overnight.

Well, I don’t think Lars will go crazy and want to bet Iria for a rematch.

On my part, I would like it if he did… but given Iria’s personality, she would refuse even if Lars asked. Therefore, I need to change Iria’s way of thinking.

So, what should I do in the meantime?

That’s decided. My other target for revenge is the adventurer’s guild.

However, even though I say revenge, should I cut down the guildmaster, Elgart? Should I have the receptionist, Liddell, fired? But I had no intention of resorting to such direct means.

I will seek revenge on the adventurer’s guild because they absolved Miroslav’s sins as if nothing happened.

I won’t let the guild make such foolish mistakes again—that’s the essence of revenge.

But the question is, even if Elgart and Liddell are removed, will their replacements make different decisions from their predecessors?

Will they judge the guilty party properly if a situation similar to the Lord of the Flies incident were to occur again? Will they listen carefully to the words of a ‘Parasite’?

The answer is “no.” It’s natural for people who belong to a guild to prioritize the guild’s benefits.

Especially for lower-level adventurers, they would all make the same decisions as Elgart.

In that sense, eliminating Elgart and Liddell won’t achieve my revenge. In that case, I have to make the organization known as the adventurer’s guild surrender.

No matter who becomes the guildmaster, they won’t dare to meddle with me again—they will be in that state.

This is probably the best retaliation against Elgart and Liddell. I wonder what they will think when they realize that everything they did for the sake of the guild led to its downfall. Imagining that, the corners of my mouth lifted.

Once my next plans are decided, the next step is concrete action. To make the guild surrender, I have to do two things simultaneously.

One is to raise my reputation. If my skills surpass those of the guild, it will be a problem for them in itself. The other is to lower the reputation of the adventurer’s guild. This is to decrease the guild’s ability to act.

To achieve these two things simultaneously, I will fight the guild in a peaceful but with imposing manner in the eyes of the world. The first step would be to take care of the requests that the guild cannot handle, also known as preserved requests.

As a expelled individual, I can’t receive requests from the guild, but now I have Luna Maria.

There is no rule in the guild that says “Slaves cannot be adventurers.” Nor is there one that says “Adventurers who become slaves will be immediately expelled.”

Even after becoming a slave, Luna Maria still belongs to the guild as an adventurer. I took her away from the ‘Falcon Sword,’ but not from the guild, so she will serve as an intermediary to receive requests. As I mentioned before, those will be preserved requests.

These are requests with lower rewards than the risk, reasonable rewards but with a long restriction period, or high rewards but with even greater risk. There are several reasons why they are preserved requests.

Clients also complain, “How long will you make me wait?” However, even if they ask an adventurer, they will only receive a negative response.

There are two main ways to clear these types of requests.

Let an adventurer who violated the rules handle it as a penalty, or have guild staff who have adventurer qualifications take care of it.

However, if it were a general city, this would be resolved, but this is Ishka, an adventure city.

The number of requests submitted every day is enormous, and inevitably, the number of preserved requests increases at an accelerated pace.

In that case, I will take care of those cases that they can’t handle. The clients who have been waiting will be delighted, and the guild will be pleased to see the problems disappearing. What a great solution!

Liddell and others might suspect and refuse Luna Maria’s orders for some reason, but if that happens, I’ll simply have to go to the client and deliver a secret message.

The guild hid the request aside, so we’re unableto accept the request. Something like that.

This way, the client will be furious, and the guild’s actions will significantly decline. And to avoid that, they have to accept Luna Maria’s taking the request.

Then, I will complete the request with the power of my soul equipment.

As I said before, I devised a “Peaceful Way to Fight the Guild (Introduction).”

I decided the steps for concrete plan, but the problem here was Seal Arusu—the treatment of the beast girl, my slave.

At the moment I dragged Lars into the duel, Seal’s role was over. If she wanted, I could release her from slavery and send her back home. I mean, I was going to do that.

Although I spent 30 gold coins to buy her, it’s not money I earned through hard work. I didn’t think it was a loss if I thought of the money simply disappearing.

meanwhile, even if she were to return home, she couldn’t pay the debt again and would have to be sold again.


There was no guarantee that the next master would be a better person than me. She lowered her head and said, “Please use me and don’t abandon me.”

“…From now on, I’ll strive to provide better nighttime service…”

Saying that, she blushed while stealing glances at Luna Maria, who was even more flushed than Seal. Well, she certainly made an effort. So much so that she would spend a night in the adjacent room for the first time in several days when she couldn’t sleep.

I’ll just say that Luna Maria’s soul was as fragrant and delicious as the finest wine. Although that’s an assumption, as I have never tasted the best wine.

Putting that aside, it’s strange to release someone from slavery when they don’t want it.

Regardless of the services, there is no need to worry about insufficient manpower in the future.

Above all, Seal’s sharp ears, eyes, and nose can be very useful in completing requests.

I postponed the plan to release Seal and changed the plan regarding her use.

After that, I sent Luna Maria to the guild as planned and she withdrew from the ‘Falcon Sword.’ Then, I also told her to make a list of preserved requests.

Luna Maria is a sixth-class adventurer just like Lars, so she can take on missions as long as they aren’t too difficult.

In the list Luna Maria made, there was one request that caught my attention.

“…Subjugation of a griffin, huh?”

“Ah, it’s a request to subdue a griffin that lives in Skim Mountain. According to the client, it seems the griffin killed their son and grandson…”

“It’s not a magical beast you come across casually. Weren’t there adventurers who wanted money?”

A griffin, also known as the king of birds, is a powerful magical beast with the head and wings of an eagle, and the body and claws of a lion. It lives at the highest places, out of reach of humans, and has a habit of hoarding gold in its nest.

There are stories of adventurers challenging a griffin in search of great fortunes.

“Yes. They want revenge for what happened to their family, but it’s a problem to face a griffin in a mountainous area. Also, unlike goblins and orcs, it’s not a monster that harms people for no reason. According to what I heard from the staff, the guild tried talking to veteran adventurers but instead they got rejected and accused as greedy fools because insufficient reward.

“So, that’s why it’s a preserved request. And the reward… it’s not low, but it doesn’t seem sufficient to face a griffin.”

If you think about fighting a griffin, you have to be prepared for climbing. So, this reward isn’t very promising.

Now I understand why no one accepted. For that reason, it’s suitable as my first job.

“An adventurer who doesn’t care so much about profits but does care about the client’s feelings… that sounds very appealing.”

“Do you intend to accept it?”

“Yes. Fortunately, there is a way to get around.”

At this moment, what appeared in my mind was the appearance of a wyvern with shiny indigo scales.

The wyvern that recovered from poisoning thanks to the Jiraiya Oaks fruit has settled on the cliff where the Lord of the Flies’s nest is located. Apparently, it thinks that place is my home and is acting as a guardian.

I think it’s as gratitude for helping the wyvern. Every time it looks at me, it jumps happily. It’s possible that it misses me.

I even wondered how an Indigo Wyvern became so submissive when a dragon knight has a lot of trouble achieving that, so I tilted my head in doubt, and the wyvern said, “Pui?” and did the same as me, so the truth remains in the dark.

One possibility that comes to mind is that wyverns are said to be relatives of dragons. That Indigo Wyvern might have sensed the presence of a dragon in me and might be submitting to that.

In fact, it didn’t go against my orders. When I commanded it to be ridden and then to fly, it did so instantly.

However, it seemed to have a hard time flying due to the baggage on its back that it wasn’t accustomed to, so it wobbled from side to side, and we ended up crashing into the forest.

If you think about it, there’s no way a wild wyvern would know how to fly with a rider. I apologized to the Indigo Wyvern, embarrassed by my shallow thoughts.

Furthermore, the wyvern (?) itself seems to be ashamed of that failure, and since then, every time it looks at me, it has eyes that say, “Do you want to ride?” It moves its wings widely, surely meaning that it’s very motivated. Apparently, it wants a chance to regain its honor.

I was just thinking of trying again with a saddle. The trip to Skim Mountain will be a good opportunity to get used to handling the wyvern.

As I mentioned before, in this country, those who ride wyverns are called dragon knights and are respected.

If I can ride the Indigo Wyvern, maybe I can become a dragon knight. This could have been the only way to raise my reputation.

Well, it wouldn’t be strange if the wyvern is no longer there when I return to the Lord of the Flies’s nest, and if that happens, I’ll have to use my energy to force the climb.

In any case, Seal and Luna Maria can’t accompany me on this request. They will take on another request.

“I’ll be away for a while. Complete the requests on the list properly. Also, Luna Maria, I want you to be an adventurer guide for Seal.”

“Understood, master.”

“I-I’ll do my best too! Please take care, master!”

Being seen off by two beauties with slave collars, I left the room.

After giving a silver coin as a tip to the inn’s daughter today as well, I pondered as I walked down the street.

Well, I wonder where I can get a saddle and reins used by dragon knights.

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