The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 15

Episode 15 – The Cave of Ember Stones

Defeated. Fallen.

With the passage of time, it solidifies into certainty.

“Ah… I’m exhausted.”

Although I was taken aback by the sudden surge of activity and heightened momentum, somehow we managed to overcome it. The cursed ring shattered, but I’m relieved that I didn’t have to utilize the [Royal Garment Ring] that I had prepared for emergency.

After confirming Deophil’s loss of consciousness, I begin gathering the cursed rings, including the [Oathbreaker Fang] adorning his finger.

The cursed ring is in pieces. I’ll make use of this opportunity. It seems to align with my preferred attributes as well.

“[Earth Shackles]”

With the obtained [Earth Shackles] magic ring, I bind Deophil with chains of earth, removing any concealed weapons from his attire. With the cursed rings recovered, we can consider Deophil neutralized.

“…He truly lost,” Elinne unintentionally mutters, wearing a nostalgic and gentle expression. Perhaps due to her complete defeat at Deophil’s hands, she appears vacant.

“It’s all right now. You can cry, rejoice, and express your gratitude.”

“Hah… You’re right. Well, regardless, I’m glad. You brat prince. No…”

Elinne’s countenance softens, as if reminiscing about a distant past.


Did she actually acknowledge me to some extent? If that’s the case, maybe I should reciprocate by showing a little courtesy.

“Well, it’s a relief that you didn’t sustain any significant injuries, old lady. No… Elinne.”

“Hey, you brat. I didn’t mean it like that when I called you”

“Shut up. Since you’re calling me that, it’s only fair.”

The fact that they can exchange banter like this indicates that Elinne’s injury is not truly severe.



“Lord Al!”

Witnessing the complete conclusion of the battle, Charl and Makina rush over.

“Are you all right?! Are you injured anywhere…?”

“Nothing noteworthy. At most, just a scratch.”

Upon hearing my response, Charl breathes a sigh of relief. Makina, on the other hand, seems exasperated. She’s always fretting about something, but this time it appears that I went a bit too far.

“I apologize for causing you worry.”

“Well, it’s no big deal. It’s always like this, isn’t it? Makina-chan is a loyal maid, so she’s accustomed to it.”

Makina swiftly returns to her usual self. Although I feel somewhat remorseful for causing them concern, my attention is drawn to the entrance of the cave that Deophil and the others had attempted to rob.

“Are you curious?”

“Of course.”

“Well… very well. You aided me, so you have the right to see.”

Elinne stands up and simply says, “Follow me,” then enters the cave. We trail behind her. As we traverse the cave, we arrive at a spacious area that appears to have opened up.

The dome-shaped space boasts exposed crystals on its walls and ceiling, emitting a faint glow. The dimly illuminated surroundings, enveloped in a soft radiance, exude a mysterious yet comforting ambiance.

“It’s breathtaking…”

Beside me, Charl murmurs her impression, captivated by the scenery. Indeed, this view… it’s stunning. It’s peculiar how gazing at it soothes the soul.

“Ah, is that the one that emanates light through magical power? It’s frequently used in magical tools, isn’t it?”

“Here, you can find high-purity natural firestones. When I have free time, I often come here to meditate.”

Elinne strides toward the center of the space, and we follow in her footsteps. As we progress through the cave, we reach a spacious area that has opened up. In the midst of this space, I notice something built in the center.

“A tomb…?”

Unlike the natural firestones that are clearly of natural origin, this structure is unmistakably man-made. It’s a tomb.

Elinne silently begins to dig into the soil and retrieves something wrapped in a cloth. With delicate movements, she slowly unwraps it. Throughout this process, she remains silent.

What is revealed from within the cloth is… a magical stone emanating a mysterious golden glow.

“Amazing…! I’ve never seen a magical stone with such purity before…!”

“Neither have I. In terms of quality, it wouldn’t be surprising to use it for the [Royal Garment Ring]. Stones like these are rarely encountered.”

“…The thieves from earlier must have been after this.”

Elinne speaks with a determined tone, both in her words and expression.

But why was something like this buried beneath a tomb? And why hasn’t Elaine, a skilled [Goldsmith], crafted it into a magic ring?

“…Why do you have a face that wonders why I haven’t fashioned this into a ring?”

“I didn’t mean to make that face.”

“It’s all right. It’s a valid question, after all.”

Elinne gazes at the golden glow, but her eyes don’t seem to focus on the immediate surroundings. They seem fixed on a distant place, forever out of reach. No matter how much she reaches out, she will never touch that far-off and eternal realm.

“…I owe you all a debt of gratitude. Since the thieves targeted this stone, and I ended up fighting them… I can’t remain silent. It’s the right thing to do.”

She ponders where to begin her tale. Elinne falls silent for a moment…

“First and foremost, this tiny magical stone used to be… a human.”

With a sigh, she puts the truth into words.

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