Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 1

Chapter 5: Excitement

One month later, I became a temporary member of Night Dragonfly.

Surprisingly, Camilla-san seemed to appreciate me, mixing in Night Dragonfly-style jokes. It seems that was part of her persuasion tactics.

Since I received such kindness, I decided to stay with Night Dragonfly as a temporary member for a while.

The reason it’s temporary is due to the Adventurer Guild’s rule that states, “Those who leave a party cannot join another party for three months.” This period is commonly referred to as the “membership restriction period.”

Currently, I managed to find my place somehow. Or at least, I’d like to think so.

My basic position is between the front line and the rear, going to reinforce as the situation demands. I also inform those around me of any findings or predictions I come across during reconnaissance, without interfering too much.

It’s similar to when we delve into the labyrinth.

I continue the morning training with Camilla-san.

And the pay is unreasonably high. It’s easily ten times more than during the Dragon’s Wing era.

Truly living up to being the top party in Fieldblon, but more than that, I’m grateful for everyone’s kindness. They’ve found a use for someone like me and recognize it.

That trust is also demonstrated in another form.

Surprisingly, the teleportation formation is no longer kept secret.

While repeatedly exploring the labyrinth with everyone, there was a moment when I wasn’t blindfolded in the necessary place. I raised my concerns, but it was already too late to do anything, so we continued as planned.

Since then, I haven’t been kept in the dark about any information, and I’m allowed to participate in strategy meetings.

There’s no doubt that having access to information can lead to great rewards.

Yet, the fact that they continue to disclose information is a sincere demonstration of the risks they’re willing to take.

I’m starting to feel that there are people who appreciate me.

And at the same time, I’m realizing that I’m not completely worthless.

Of course, it’s because everyone in Night Dragonfly is amazing, so I shouldn’t get carried away.

“Vim, could you show us your combat ability?”

After one of our labyrinth dives, just a little before the teleportation formation, Camilla-san suddenly said that to me.

“Uh, but I’ve already fought many times…”

“I mean your individual combat skills. As an Enchantment Mage, you should be able to enhance yourself and fight.”

“Well, um, in a way, I did some low-level monster hunting with Dragon’s Wing, so I can fight to some extent…”

“Is that so?”

“Well, but I’m weak, you know?”

“I won’t let you die if it comes to that. Besides, we’re almost back, and your task is almost complete. The next monster will be the last big one.”

“Yeah, but, um, excuse me, but does it really make sense?”

“There’s a reason.”

“…Well, I mean…”

“You’re reliable enough, but the way you’re currently being utilized requires caution. If you can fight to some extent on your own, we can handle you a bit more roughly, right?”

“…I see.”

“The next labyrinth dive— the large-scale one I mentioned before— we want to properly assess our combat capabilities for that.”

When they say they need to be cautious with me, it’s hard to refuse.

And it seems they’re treating me a bit excessively respectfully. It’s almost like I’m a non-combatant. It makes things a bit awkward.

“[Large golem confirmed! Distance: 140! Quantity: 1!]”

I received a group transmission of Jimon-san’s report. Large golems are powerful monsters, but they can be safely defeated if frontline adventurers team up.

“Alright, it’s just as planned. Vim, how about it? We can assist you with ease if it’s just one golem. Once you’ve fought a bit, we’ll also dispatch Hans and the others.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Well said!”

Could it be that Camilla-san is starting to understand how to handle me?

“[Everyone focus! Vim will go alone to assess our combat capabilities! We’ll provide support!]”

A blocky humanoid made of earth stood before me, twice the size of an adult man.

To describe a golem in a word, it’s a large doll made of mud. Its flat appearance gives no indication of any sensory organs. There are no eyes or even an attempt at ear-like shapes on its face. The prevailing theory is that it gathers information through vibrations.


I received a private transmission from Heidemarie.

“[We’re here with you, but don’t let your guard down.]”

Shouldn’t that put me at ease…? But I guess it’s just like her to make sure I stay on my toes.

I glanced back briefly. Everyone is watching over me. I don’t want to embarrass myself.

“But still…”

Honestly, the chances of winning are almost nonexistent.

The reasoning is simple. It’s because Enchantment Mages are few in number, and that’s why they’re treated as non-combatants.

In short, Enchantment Mages are incredibly weak.

After completing the rite following the end of the second puberty, those who acquired the profession undergo physical changes, gaining about ten times the strength of an ordinary human. They also use magic manipulation and weapon handling, but overall, they’re still not strong enough to defeat a group of ten ordinary people.

They then learn how to utilize their newfound strength and improve it. Someone like Camilla-san is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, capable of fighting a thousand opponents.


However, even after acquiring the profession, Enchantment Mages only become slightly stronger than regular people.

Even when the mage enhances themselves, they don’t become much stronger than individuals of other professions.

In the end, the operation method for Enchantment Mages boils down to a simple strategy. They continuously enhance their fellow party members who have acquired professions and then stay in the background so as not to get in the way.

Moreover, the poor usability and high difficulty of Enchantment Magic explain why there are very few Enchantment Mages. They are weak in their base form and not particularly useful. The only advantage is that their physical changes are minimal, making it easier for them to fight immediately after acquiring the profession.

The golem turned towards me.

Its limbs started trembling. It’s strange, I’m not scared, but for some reason, I always end up like this when facing a formidable opponent. Well, I guess I’m just a coward.

There’s no use in being wishy-washy. I have no choice but to give it my all, assuming the worst and relying on those behind me.

I draw the mountain blade hanging from my waist. It’s been a while since I drew it in the labyrinth. I’ve been careful not to neglect training, but I hope it’s enough.

“[Momentary Enhancement – Double Boost]”

When enhancing myself, there’s one significant difference compared to when I enhance others. I don’t need to create a pathway to deliver my commands. As a result, I can adjust the enhancements much more precisely and quickly, with almost no time lag, compared to enhancing others.

To be more specific, I can roughly double the density of the enhancement layers. It allows me to apply two layers of enhancements to a single muscle that would normally only accept one layer per unit of time.

Since the enhancements don’t last long, it’s a short-term battle. Of course, seizing the initiative is essential.

I firmly grip the mountain blade with my right hand.

From here on, it’s a delicate balance of probabilities. I have to apply the necessary enhancements to the appropriate parts at the right time. Failure would mean instant defeat.

I have already applied enhancements to my core, right leg, and left arm responsible for recoil. As I pull back my left arm, I kick the ground with my right leg, accelerating dramatically. My body floats.

My target is the golem’s leg.

I swing the mountain blade with all my might, striking the right thigh. The purpose is to sever it in an instant, so I focus on getting the blade through. However, it’s mud, and there’s a strong resistance against the handle.

It went through. Since there’s still momentum from kicking the ground, I continue with a rotation.

The image is like a Daruma doll falling over.

Next, I momentarily increase the output of my left leg and right arm, extending my left leg as if reaching up and trying to kick the separated leg of the golem as far away as possible. As soon as I land, I quickly create distance.

Success. The golem loses its right leg, loses balance, and props its right hand on the ground.

And I prepare for the pain.

Although I have limited and efficient enhancements, applying powerful enhancements to a weak body inevitably introduces errors that can damage muscle tissue. Depending on these errors, I could be defeated instantly.


However, the pain doesn’t come.

Why? Did I improve? Was the margin of error smaller?

There’s no time to think. The golem, off-balance, is trying to repair its entire body by flowing mud from the location where the right leg was severed.

I leap at it again, thrusting the blade into the shoulder of the arm touching the ground. This time, I blow away the entire arm with both feet. I quickly sheathe the blade and land on both hands, going into a momentary handstand, then jump with my arms, creating a significant distance.

I witness the golem falling completely to the right. And I prepare for the pain, but it doesn’t come.

Could it be that I can go a little further?

I was intoxicated by my good condition. It’s something I would never do under normal circumstances, but I became greedy. Something within me that used to stop me from such actions seems to have weakened significantly.

Translator note: Looks like I make a big mistake about the title of this novel,

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