Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

Using that power, a rare large-scale massacre is currently underway, unveiling the secrets of history. It’s only natural to want to know the reason behind it.

“What Erne said about revenge, who or what is it directed towards…”

“I don’t know the details, but it’s definitely not something trivial.”

To plot such a massive massacre implies holding deep grudges. Targeting the imperial capital means holding a strong grudge against the empire. For an individual to hate a whole nation, there must have been significant reasons.

Although I’m very curious, for now, we need to do something about that black sphere.

“Let’s get going soon.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. We’ve rested for five minutes, so there’s no need to――”

Stopping my words, I reflexively snapped my fingers and created a transparent barrier behind us. A moment later, the blazing dull-colored flames collided with the barrier, scattering heat and sparks before vanishing. Mirage-like images were produced around the flames, but naturally, neither the heat nor the sparks reached us due to the barrier blocking them.

“Tch, as expected, it won’t reach with this kind of magic.”

“Of course not. I have no blind spots.”

After shaking my hand and making the barrier disappear, I glared coldly at the woman in front of us――Erne.

“I thought you would continue hiding, but did you come out in a hurry because you thought the black sphere would be destroyed? Either way, I planned to find you, so it saved me some trouble.”

“Really… it’s audacious to show up later and act so arrogantly. Anyway, I’ll be troubled if that black thing is destroyed.”

Wind Blade Storm!”

Erne covered her right hand, deployed a formation, and fired invisible blades of wind towards us.

Both precision and speed were passable.

It can be considered as a combat force worthy of a magician. However, it doesn’t come close to reaching me.

“Mirror Wall.”

Immediately after lightly shaking the Guardian Shield Key, a wall polished like a mirror appeared in front of us. The wind blades that hit the mirror, reflecting the reverse world, changed their direction by 180 degrees and approached Erne. Panicking to evade it, she released flaming arrows and ice arrows that scattered cold air, but they were all deflected and neutralized by the barrier.

No matter how much magic she uses, I can stop everything without moving an inch. My role is to protect Princess Krell, who is targeted by many, so I can’t be a failure as her escort. Besides, it’s essential not to allow third-rate magician’s magic to pass through.

After repeating meaningless magical attacks about a dozen times, Erne was left panting and kneeling with one knee on the ground.

“Haa… haa…”

“The excessive consumption of mana from forcing out the power of etoile’s key seems to have exhausted her considerably. Just a dozen shots, and she’s in this state.”

Come to think of it, that’s only natural. Even if she uses only the mana contained in etoile’s key to activate this magic affecting the entire imperial capital, the mana used to draw out that power must be significant. It’s only natural that she would be on the verge of collapse just from that, and yet she continued running and engaging in combat, further exhausting her mana. It seems that the mana contained in the Fifth heaven Key is reaching its limit.

Sure enough, Erne was suffering from an overwhelming sense of fatigue due to excessive mana consumption, and it appeared that she couldn’t move her body well. However, despite trembling all over and struggling to stand, Erne stared intensely at me.

“What… You have time to counterattack but choose only to defend. Are you waiting for me to run out of mana?”

“That’s not the case. I just have one thing I want to ask. I’ll leave you half-dead after hearing the answer… Princess Krell.”

Prompted by the master who had been observing the situation from behind, she responded with a nod and asked Erne.

“Erne-san… could you tell us? The reason why you’re trying to take the lives of the people in the imperial capital.”

“…I said it’s revenge, didn’t I?”

“Yes. But we don’t know the details of that revenge. That’s why… Roth.”

“What is it?”

Responding to the call, Princess Krell glared at me slightly and spoke.

“Why do you need to deploy the barrier right now?”

“Because Princess Krell, you were getting too close to her.”

I replied, averting my gaze.

Now, in front of her, there’s a transparent and thin, sturdy barrier. It’s not for defending against Erne’s attacks, but rather to prevent Princess Krell from getting any closer to Erne.


Princess Krell approached Erne, who was kneeling, and I couldn’t overlook the danger since she was defenseless against magic and could be caught off guard. I couldn’t ignore that risk.

But Princess Krell seemed dissatisfied.

“Remove the barrier immediately.”

“I can’t. It’s dangerous.”

“It’s okay! If you’re so worried, then just stay by my side, Roth.”

“That’s not possible.”


“Because I would kill her.”

Princess Krell widened her eyes at my response, and I shot a glare filled with killing intent at Erne. She would surely sense how much I wanted to kill her right now.

“If I get close to that woman… I will undoubtedly grab her thin neck and snap it. I won’t even bother asking her about the reasons behind her charade.”


She must have realized that I wasn’t lying or joking. Princess Krell held her breath, struggling to find words to say.

Then, Erne spoke in place of Princess Krell, who was struggling to respond.

“That’s right. I’ve been feeling your desire to kill me since earlier.”

“Quick on the uptake. I appreciate it.”

“But, I wish you had removed the barrier.”

Erne placed a hand on her neck and smirked.

“Even with little remaining mana… I could still cut off that princess’s neck…”


That thought, and I was already moving. With astonishing speed, I dashed, crushing the floor beneath me, and in less than a second, I closed in on Erne. I grabbed her neck with my right hand, firmly held it, and plunged the blade of the knife into her mouth. Blood stained the knife as it cut her mouth, but I ignored it and maintained my posture. I should be grateful that I didn’t cut her throat instantly.

“Ah… gah!”

“Stop it, Roth!”

Princess Krell shouted in a desperate voice to make me stop, but I tightened my grip on Erne’s neck.

“Should I cut off your tongue so you can never speak such insolence again?”


“Or perhaps you prefer to have your head severed? Don’t worry; I can be called a pro when it comes to cutting people’s necks. I’ve practiced it hundreds of times.”


Just as Princess Krell shouted my name again, I withdrew the sharp knife from Erne’s mouth and released the hand holding her neck. I had recently lost control and almost killed a waiter. I won’t repeat the same mistake twice.

“If you want to die, I’ll gladly oblige… but speak before you do. The ‘King’s’ desire is absolute. There’s no room for refusal.”


Ignoring the coughing Erne, I bowed to Princess Krell.

“Now, if you will.”

“I thought you were really going to kill her…”

“You just scolded me, after all. I won’t make the same mistake twice. Words spoken by someone I love, I don’t forget.”


Princess Krell’s gaze glanced at the knife I held in my hand. It was the one I had put into Erne’s mouth, and the blade was stained with her blood and saliva.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Please throw that away quickly.”

“Princess Krell, I’m only interested in your bodily fluids.”

“I’d appreciate it if you don’t say that out loud!”

Returning a smile to Princess Krell, who blushed, I quickly discarded the knife. I don’t want to use a knife covered in someone else’s bodily fluids, even if I wipe it. Luckily, I have plenty of knives in stock, so throwing away one or a hundred won’t be a problem. I regularly replenish them, anyway.


Princess Krell sighed.

“I also…”

Erne, lying on her back, murmured softly and began speaking.

“There was a time… when I lived happily with the person I loved, my beloved master.”

“Master, huh. In other words, the previous you served someone, just like me, as a servant.”

“Yes. Just like you, I was a follower to someone and… just like you, I fell in love with my master. Well, in my case, I had sworn a future with my master.”

Without making unnecessary interruptions, I moved silently closer to her, careful not to make any noise. Erne, still looking up at the sky, smiled as if reminiscing about that time. However, her eyes were covered by her arm, so I couldn’t see her exact expression.

From here on, it will be her monologue.

Deciding not to interrupt her words, I listened attentively to Erne’s story.

“I was a maid at the Earl Yuriel’s noble house in a small country called Safira Kingdom, located in the southwestern part of the Carreralonde Empire, until five years ago. It wasn’t very noble-like, considering it was a small territory with a small title.”

The Safira Kingdom is a small country with limited influence over its neighboring nations and weaker in terms of national strength compared to larger countries. On the other hand, it’s renowned for its abundant natural resources and has never experienced famine.

“I’ve been there once too. It’s a lush, green country, and everyone there is kind-hearted. It was a wonderful country where I spent happy days, and everyone at the estate got along well. Above all, being by the side of the person I loved, I had no complaints at all.”

“But you abandoned that content life and came to the Empire.”

A living environment without complaints is not something one would readily give up. However, Erne left her beloved master’s side and became a museum researcher in the Carreralonde Empire.

There must be some special reason behind it.

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