Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2 : Enrollment

The Royal Magic Academy of Saint Riolle.

Towering like a fortress amidst the vast natural landscape of mountains, rivers, lakes, and prairies.

This large academy contains school buildings and training grounds, dormitories, even a shopping district. Barriers and illusions are placed over the entire academy grounds, so only those affiliated with the academy can see its appearance. And its location is known only to the country’s authorities.

Except for long vacations, students will live and dine together with their comrades at this academy for three years.

Depending on perspective, this academy can be a “paradise” or a “prison”. Especially for nobles, no small number enroll for status, so while a peaceful place for commoners, for them it is a crucible that will determine their futures.

The new students gathered in the hall, all clad in crisp new uniforms tailored to their tastes, listen to the principal – the Imperial Prince Harrens’ speech, anxiety and hope in their chests.

“Congratulations on your enrollment, golden eggs who will bear the future. At this academy, you will learn much, and have experiences together with your comrades that can only be tasted here. Three years may seem long yet short. I hope each of you will revel in a fulfilling academy life—”

(We can only have a peaceful school life for three years…?)

Just thinking about it makes me want to cry already.

As a student, Raze attentively listened to the principal’s speech welcoming her enrollment.

When he finished, next were words from the new student representative – the rumored Imperial Crown Prince Gaius’ eldest son would make his entrance.

With short golden hair and blue eyes. The very image of a prince. His presence was different.

Many female students, likely half or more, were smitten by the gallant Ruben and his looks.

But to Raze, he’s the big boss she would someday serve. She absolutely could not fawn over the prince along with the other girls.

When Ruben’s speech ended, thunderous applause echoed through the hall. Her Majesty the Empress, who had come to the enrollment ceremony in lieu of the absent Emperor, smiled happily in the VIP seating.

“Next, we will move on to announcing this year’s classes.”

Following the enrollment ceremony, next came the class announcements. Thirty students per class, five classes. Frightfully, they were divided by ability.

A grouping unthinkable in Raze’s previous life, but said to be recommended so each can receive instruction suited to their abilities. Just being admitted here was enough to succeed in society, so Raze didn’t think one needed to worry about class ranking.

(Well, the nobles have their own circumstances and troubles, I’m sure.)

She didn’t want to deny their efforts, so Raze quietly waited for the announcements.

(May I be in a class with at least one commoner.)

Apparently around ten commoners had been admitted. With children of the Year of the Fine Orchid all competing to take this academy’s exam, it had quite an intense applicant ratio. She absolutely wanted to befriend the commoner students who had surpassed nobles to pass the exam.

“First, allow me to introduce the teachers.”

At the announcer’s words, six teachers appeared on the platform.

“From the left, Class A – Scylas Mae Hugan. Class B – Hanna Wei Cocotte. Class C – Gil Zen Zohn. Class D – Reig North Sang. Class E – Chris Lo Vanjance. And finally, Merl Yun Ferrile. She is the head nurse, so if you feel unwell, don’t hesitate to rely on her.”

Looking at them on stage, Raze let out a sigh of admiration.

Their looks made me want to ask “Are you models?” involuntarily. She couldn’t go wrong no matter which class she got.

“The class badges will now appear before you. Check which class, then attach them to your collars. Afterwards, move to the classrooms for homeroom. For anything after that, direct questions to your teacher in charge….Then, enjoy your academy life.”

As the announcer snapped his fingers, badges of light appeared before the students.

The one before Raze had an eagle on it. Can’t tell which class from just that, so she flipped it over and found the letter “A” engraved there.


She unintentionally let out a weird voice, earning a puzzled look from the student sitting next to her.

Raze wondered if it was some kind of mistake, but the small badges had not just the class, but names engraved on the back as well, so there was no error.

Raze Granoll was in the top class.


“Class A, move out first! Follow me!”

At Teacher Hugan’s shouted instructions, Raze hurriedly attached her badge and stood up.

(Oh right, I had a scholarship…)

As a scholarship student, Class A made sense. Seeing Prince Ruben stand as well, it felt like the natural position as his caretaker. She hadn’t wanted to interact much with people likely exceeding her in status, but that may have been inevitable for her duties.

Raze walked striking the floor in her new black lace-up short boots, ending up right behind Ruben.

Along the way.


A girl trying to exit into the passage tripped and fell, perhaps tense.

Though Ruben who noticed also turned around, Raze reacted instantly to catch her.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-Yes! Sorry. Thank you!”


Raze unconsciously held her breath.

The girl who raised her face was an incredibly cute girl with fluffy, milk-tea colored hair and fresh green eyes.

Astonished that such a cute girl actually existed in real life, as Raze helped her up the nervous girl watched her with a worried expression.

“Um, you aren’t hurt are you? I’m really sorry!”

Sensing unease beyond the girl’s eyes, Raze was startled.

(Could she be a commoner?)

A female student speaking so politely. She might be a comrade shrinking back the same as Raze from nobles.

“I’m fine.”

Whispering “I’m a commoner so don’t worry” and smiling had the girl’s face light up brightly.

“R-Really?! Me too!”

Looks like her hunch was right. But she was surprised someone so cute was a commoner.

Dissatisfied that only the noble girls had good looks, Raze became interested in her. She walked alongside the girl as they left the hall.

“Thank you again just now. I’m Folia Crecias.”

And the girl she had helped called out to her.

(What do I do. I’m being approached by an incredibly cute girl!)

Raze’s heart fluttered at the purity of the girl named Folia.

She had spent most of her time surrounded by professional soldiers and scheming men. As such, she had no friends close to her own age she could call them. Come to think of it, this was the first time she had interacted with children her age like this.

Addressed as a student rather than Lieutenant Colonel, Raze’s cheeks naturally softened.

“I’m Raze Granoll. Let’s get along. Oh, feel free to call me Raze casually.”

Hearing Raze’s self-introduction, Folia smiled brightly like flowers blooming.

“Please call me Folia too!”

Off to a promising start, it seemed I had made friends with a commoner rather quickly.

Chatting casually with Folia as we walked down the hallway, we eventually arrived at a spacious classroom.

“The desks are arranged like a tiered platform… The seats on the top row look nice.”

The high-ceilinged room had three rows of desks arranged in an arc around the teacher’s podium. The teacher’s area was quite spacious, allowing for small magic exercises and presentations.

With only thirty students, this room felt too large, but Raze decided to accept it as noble quality.

“The seating is assigned. Find your seat by looking at the blackboard.”

(It’s surprising that the teacher speaks in such a casual tone, considering there are royalty among the students.)

He must have it tough, Raze thought, then bid farewell to Folia and took his seat.

Raze was delighted to find himself seated where he wanted, in the last row on the right side. It was a good position to observe everyone.

(I’m quite far from Folia now, though.)

Folia sat in the second seat from the front in the center column. Beside her was Prince Ruben who had given the excellent representative speech earlier. She was clearly tense with the considerable gap between their seats. I don’t think she needs to be that nervous, but perhaps the distance isn’t enough when faced with a prince. Her innocent puppy-like charm was adorable, and Raze cheered Folia on in her heart.

But in the next moment, Raze’s expression instantly hardened.

Folia’s seat was on the left side of the long desk divided into three blocks. A passage separated it from the central block, and climbing up that passage was a male student at the sight of whom Raze grimaced.

She hadn’t met him before. However, she found his face very familiar.

(–Could it be the Grim Reaper Excellency’s son?!)

A boy with the spitting image of that Grim Reaper’s face despite different hair color was coming this way.

Fantastical silver eyes peeking through the bewitching blue hair. Vexing as it was, it was a beautiful face without fault, same as that Excellency. A pretty boy, exemplary.

The silky hair put her efforts to desperately treat it before enrollment to shame. It sways as if mocking those efforts. He must eat well and live in luxury.

(Oh, the Excellency’s son is also a Year of the Fine Orchid baby… Because I didn’t want to bring up the topic of the Grim Reaper, I wiped his information from my memory…)

Even after leaving the military, I have to see a hint of the Grim Reaper Excellency here. It felt like getting hammered down from heaven to earth.

Wondering how far he would climb and discreetly tracking him, the seat he took was next to Raze’s across the passage.

(Huh?! Close seats!)

She yelled involuntarily in her mind. Trying to stealthily steal glances at him, their eyes happened to meet.

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