Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

“It’s a bit chilly, isn’t it?.”

After leaving the director’s office, we moved to the museum’s rooftop, and I sat on a chair exposed to the chilly night breeze. This rooftop is usually open to visitors and features famous bronze sculptures by renowned artists. From here, you can overlook the city’s illuminated streets, where lovers often visit to admire the night view and make confessions, sometimes resulting in rejections. However, today the museum was closed all day, and at this moment, only Princess Krell and I were on the rooftop. Behind the already beautiful Princess Krell, there was a picturesque night view… I felt an overwhelming urge to shout out that I love her.

Noticing that I was staring, Princess Krell tilted their head and asked, “Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no. I’ll make you happy, I promise.”

“Please don’t make a random confession.”

“I apologize.”

I bowed my head and apologized for the confession that I couldn’t hold back. I understood how those guys who made confessions without thinking felt. But I wasn’t rejected. All the previous confessions were just casually brushed aside. Until I receive a proper answer, I will continue to dedicate words of love to Princess Krell. So, I’m different from those who were rejected.

Feeling superior to the men who were defeated there, I explained to Princess Krell, “It’s just that, you see, it can’t be helped.”

“What do you mean?”

“You, who are more beautiful than the world’s finest gem certified by a jeweler, are contemplating seriously with a stunning night view as your backdrop. It would be cruel to ask me not to whisper words of love. Besides, this is a famous confession spot. I thought you’d appreciate it more than an ordinary confession.”


Princess Krell turned away from me and muttered with a hint of embarrassment, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Even the usual confessions… aren’t ordinary. They truly resonate with my heart.”

“I want to hold you.”

“W-What are you saying?! And besides, you should pretend not to hear that! In most stories, the protagonist’s confessions are often unheard, right?”

“Princess Krell, I apologize, but I am a man who wants to wring such a protagonist like a rag and sink them to the bottom of a river.”

“Indeed, I don’t like people like that either, but… Wait, this isn’t the time to be talking about that! You still haven’t heard the purpose of coming here!”

“That’s right… The Guardian Shield Key.”

I summoned the magic key.

Having been captivated by Princess Krell—always captivated—I had forgotten. I didn’t come here to make a love confession. I came to perform the most important task.

“Boundary Perception.”

I activated the magic by forming a magic circle in front of me. Instantly, a translucent mana membrane spread throughout the entire museum from my position, covering the entire area inside the premises.

Sensing the faint flow of mana, Princess Krell asked,

“What did you do?”

“I used a magic to capture intruding rats. It’s called Boundary Perception. It forms an extremely thin mana membrane that covers the entire museum, and if anyone from the outside tries to penetrate it, I’ll sense it. Essentially, it makes external intrusion impossible.”

Anyone touching the membrane can be tracked by me, so there’s absolutely no way to escape. Moreover, it’s impossible to know the membrane’s presence in advance. Even after activating the magic, the watchful mages guarding the place continue their vigilance just like before. I don’t know if they’re highly skilled or not, but my proficiency in magic is too high.

“The Boundary Perception membrane is a perfect trap that even first-class mages can’t detect.”

“Indeed, you’re an expert in protection. It’s almost impossible to steal the etoile’s Magic Key by bypassing this defense.”

“…The name of the Guardian Expert would be disgraced. I couldn’t even detect such a classic poison.”

Oh, it seems like I’m genuinely feeling down. It’s been a while since I felt a sense of defeat or self-reproach like this. I even think it’s fitting punishment that I was tormented by the poison of the tree’s blood.

As I chuckled with self-mockery, Princess Krell hurriedly offered comforting words.

“Well, it can’t be helped! Nobody’s perfect, and it’s natural to let loose a bit in a familiar place!”

“Thank you, Princess Krell. However, your kindness feels like rubbing salt in the wound right now.”

“Uh… W-well then…”


After fidgeting for a moment, Princess Krell finally mustered the courage to stand up from the wheelchair and slowly sat down in the chair next to me. Then, pulling the chair closer, she rested their head on my shoulder.

“How about now? Does this lift your spirits?”

“Now I feel like I could easily defeat all the Seventh Heaven Key mages.”

“That’s an exaggeration.”

How could I not feel better when the person I love has her head resting on my shoulder like this?! I could feel Princess Krell’s body warmth and the subtle touch of her fingers, and my condition reached its peak. I felt invincible, like I could do anything.


This is wonderful. I should definitely continue doing this every day. Maybe I’ll even submit a paper to the Magic Society. The title will be ‘The Doki-Doki and Cuticle Perfect Healing Effect of Princess Krell, Third in Line to the Throne.’ Perfect. Researchers worldwide should bow down to Princess Krell’s magnificence after reading my paper.

Thinking about such things seriously, I took off my jacket and put it on Princess Krell’s shoulders.


“You said you were cold, right? I’m a little hot, so feel free to use it.”

“Hot, you say?”

“Yes. When my emotions are high… my body temperature rises. Especially before a battle.”

The current temperature is low enough for Princess Krell to feel cold. The flaming star that pours its heat onto the earth has disappeared, and the cold wind is blowing, so not many people would feel hot in this situation. However… due to the excitement before the battle or something like that, my heart rate increases, and my body generates excess heat.

“Hurry and show yourself. Stand before me and engage in battle. I will not only seek revenge for my master’s life but also show you a hell so agonizing that you’ll regret being born.

I can feel the restrained emotions within my heart shouting those words in anger. To prevent the other side of me, the one that should be described as such, from surfacing, I took a deep breath to calm myself.

Well, no matter how well I hide it, my master seems to have seen through me.

As I have the closest view of her, she also has the closest view of me.

“You seem quite angry.”

“It’s only natural. Although I haven’t lost myself completely, the rage and killing intent still linger in my heart. Emotionally-driven beings cannot easily erase the feelings they once held. Even if they think they have, the embers still smolder within their hearts. What I harbor is beyond mere embers, though.”

“But, Roth. I…”

“You don’t want me to kill anyone, right?”

My kind-hearted master despises the idea of me taking someone’s life, even if that someone was an enemy who tried to kill her. Her kindness is both her virtue and a significant weakness. I know all too well that showing mercy can sometimes be the downfall of oneself.

“That’s true, but…”


I interrupted my master’s words and placed my hand on my chest.

“My role is to accept my master’s wishes and fill in the gaps. You might have forgotten, but I am an extraordinarily competent butler. I can fulfill any of Princess Krell’s wishes and compensate for anything lacking.”

I serve my master with the readiness to accept all her weaknesses. I can grant any minor requests easily, as I am exceptionally skilled.

After a moment of silence, Princess Krell smiled and placed her hand on her mouth as if saying, ‘You are so venomously eloquent, overconfident, and mischievous, aren’t you?’

“That’s not all… You are also someone who loves me immeasurably. Don’t worry, with such an outstanding butler by your side… Princess Krell, you are an invincible and strongest magician.”

“Well, I find that reassuring. By the way… What will you do once you catch the culprit?”

“That’s… well…”

I want to kill them! I want to say, but it’s not something Princess Krell desires, so I dismiss that idea. That means inflicting a living hell upon them.

“Shall we try putting powdered chili peppers in their nose? Of course, in copious amounts.”

“That sounds quite painful…”

“For a heinous criminal like them, it’s only fitting. Either way, they will probably end up on the guillotine, even if I don’t take any action.”

Assassination attempts on royalty result in an automatic death sentence. Without me doing anything, the captured culprit will undoubtedly meet the guillotine after the trial.

As I glanced at my wristwatch, I noticed that there was less than an hour left until the scheduled time… yet there was no response from the boundary detection.

“We still have time. Could they be coming at the last minute?”

“No, that would be too late.”

I explained to Princess Krell, who seemed a bit puzzled.

“They are not just going there and coming back. They need to infiltrate the museum, avoid surveillance from numerous magicians, and reach their target location to steal etoile’s key by 9 o’clock, as stated in the warning. That means they need to complete the intrusion into the museum and head towards the ‘Key Chamber’ at least an hour before the scheduled time.”

“So, are they lying about targeting etoile’s key?”

“I don’t think so. Since they have already initiated an attack, it’s clear that they genuinely intend to take the key. But…”

I told her my speculation, which I believe to be the most likely scenario based on various situations and evidence.

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