Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4 At times, people harbor desires so strong that they’re willing to sacrifice their own future to achieve them.

And on the day of the warning, at 7 o’clock in the evening…

“It certainly feels intense.”

“Yes. Everyone seems quite tense.”

As we entered the magic museum’s grounds in a carriage as usual, each of us expressed our thoughts on the scene of numerous security magicians with alert eyes.

In front of the museum, on the main square, several magicians holding magic keys were standing, their gaze sharp and full of hostility. An eerie tension hung in the air, and their eyes showed strong vigilance. Even as our carriage entered the premises, everyone pointed their magic keys at us simultaneously.

It was commendable that they maintained their attitude towards the given mission and remained highly vigilant. However, aiming hostility at a carriage that Princess Krell is on was too disrespectful. I rotated my Guardian Shield Key and countered the hostility with a dense release of mana. The momentarily intimidated magicians looked at us from the window, and I gave them a nod of acknowledgment, and they straightened their backs, saluting, and returned to their duties.

By demonstrating an insurmountable difference in strength and providing reassurance that an absolute powerhouse stood by their side, I relieved the tension and allowed them to relax. If they remain too tense and cautious, they won’t be able to perform at their best when it really matters. There are still two hours left until the time of the warning, and if they stay tense from this early, they’ll get exhausted. I was complimenting myself on having deftly eased their tension when… Princess Krell, who was sitting next to me, lightly tapped my head.

“Don’t scare them.”

“I merely demonstrated the difference in our strengths. Just by considering that an overwhelmingly powerful ally is with them, it should ease their minds, right?”

“Well, it might be, but… Can you be gentler about it? Oh well, let’s consider your warning as just a gesture. For you, this is gentle, right?”

“Of course, milady. There’s no bloodshed involved.”

“You have such a scary way of thinking. Anyway…”

Princess Krell paused for a moment, then looked at the seat where she was sitting.

“Why are you sitting next to me today? You usually sit on the opposite side.”

That question was one of the thirteen questions I expected to be asked. Right now, Princess Krell and I were sitting side by side on the same seat in the carriage, and our shoulders were almost touching.

I made my Guardian Shield Key disappear from my right hand and answered.

“I was poisoned when we were sitting face to face at the restaurant before. To prevent that from happening again, I decided to stay closer to protect you.”

“You don’t have to get this close, though…”

“That was what I thought, and I got tricked.”

I think I had been overconfident.

When it comes to protection, there’s no one better than me. Breaking through my defense and harming Princess Krell is impossible. That’s how I had thought, and as a result, I was almost served with poison mixed into my food. It could have led to losing my precious Lady.

I deeply reflected on my actions, reevaluated my abilities, and considered what I should do to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Finally, I came to the conclusion that if I stayed closer to Princess Krell than before, I could sense danger earlier.

When I came up with this idea, I couldn’t help but praise myself, “Am I a genius?” It not only allows me to perfectly protect Princess Krell from any calamity but also lets me feel her close presence. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, as they say. I even asked God if it means that I get double the happiness, considering how well I understand Princess Krell’s beauty, magnificence, and cuteness. God should understand those things very well too, so it wouldn’t be strange for me to say such things. Or rather, it should be expected.

“…But still, it feels too close.”

“…Is it uncomfortable?”

I asked Princess Krell with an uneasy atmosphere, and she briefly held her breath and turned her face away.

“I-it’s not like I hate it! If Roth thinks it’s a good idea, then I don’t mind!”

“Thank you.”

Too easy.

If she had been born into a kind ordinary family, she might have been deceived by a bad man by now. I have to protect her from those harmful scumbags.

And so, the carriage stopped, and we arrived at the back entrance of the museum.

Both Princess Krell and I got off the carriage and placed her in the wheelchair prepared for her, heading towards the director’s room.

As we passed through the corridor, many security guards briefly showed vigilance towards us, but when I raised my hand, they bowed and returned to their positions. It’s reassuring.

We proceeded on the path to the director’s room, which I remembered from my previous visit, and knocked on the rather grand door firmly three times. We immediately heard a response from inside, so I opened the door and entered.

“…I think I mentioned this before, but could you knock on the door a bit more gently, Roth-sama?”

“Knocking lightly might not be noticed. So, I’m making sure the director definitely notices the knock. Please appreciate my small consideration and bow your head to the floor. Right now. Go on.”

“Roth, this is no time for jokes, you know?”

“I’m being perfectly serious.”

“It’s even worse.”

It wasn’t a joke, but I admit that it might be unnecessary banter at the moment.


Really, I wish the director would consider the time and place. That’s why his daughter hates him, you know.

Thinking such things, I brought the wheelchair closer to the sofa and said to the director, “Anyway, there’s quite a tense atmosphere inside the museum. I unintentionally responded with hostility when I was targeted.”

“Rather, it wouldn’t be right to have a light-hearted atmosphere in this situation. Everyone is capable of activating magic immediately if an intruder comes.”

Is that really necessary?

The museum has many exhibits besides the etoile Magic Key. If they recklessly cast magic spells in pursuit of intruders, it would cause quite a mess in the museum. Especially for some paintings that are not covered by glass cases. I think that’s something we can control, considering that we’ve gathered imperial palace magicians… but I still have some concerns.

However, the director seems to be completely unconcerned, and he continued with the conversation.

“By the way… I heard that you went through quite a difficult ordeal.”

“Thanks to you. But I’m satisfied that I was able to protect Princess Krell, and it was fortunate to confirm the presence of those impudent fools who are hostile to her. I was able to get rid of the annoying pests.”

“Oh… It seems like you’re highly motivated.”

“Yes. I’m fully prepared to kill. Of course.”

In reality, I can’t actually kill them, so it would probably just be a punch to the face.

“Roth. We don’t have time for idle chatter.”

“I apologize.”

“Good grief… How’s the security situation? I know that there haven’t been any major problems so far, but what about the arrangement of each exhibition room?”

Princess Krell asked the director, and I couldn’t help but be impressed. Using your brain was typically my area, but it looks like Princess Krell is starting to use hers… Princess Krell turned around and gave me a sharp look.

“Are you thinking something rude?”

“I’m not. I love you, Princess Krell.”

“…Trying to deceive me like that…”

“I’m not, so rest assured. So, director?”

Prompted by me, the director nodded.

“On each floor, we have three security personnel as before. Of course, they are all magicians with a certain level of ability.”

“What about areas other than the floors… like the hallways and the parts connecting to the outside? It’s impossible to have Roth guarding every single passageway.”

“Naturally, we have personnel stationed in all areas. In case anyone breaks in, we have bells that will ring throughout the museum instantly. As for the ‘Magic Key Room,’ we have ten imperial palace magicians, three resident security guards, and Erne-kun.”

Hearing that, Princess Krell’s eyes widened.

“Erne is on security duty?”

“Well, she seems to be a magician too, so it’s only reasonable.”

Of course, the protection of the room where the etoile Magic Key is kept is the most stringent. We also have personnel stationed in other areas, but regardless of how tight the security is, there will always be weak points. We must ensure they are not exploited.

“If the security is tight, then that’s fine. What remains is how strong and cunning the bastard who sent the warning letter is… but there’s no point in us trying to figure that out. We can only hope that the magicians won’t be defeated head-on.”

“You can’t assume the enemy is just one person, Director. There’s also a possibility that they might attack with a large group. And there are magicians who can defeat many opponents at once, like Princess Krell and me.”

“…Yes, you’re right.”

Well, I said that to the director, but it’s unlikely that magicians as powerful as Princess Krell and I will come. If someone has that kind of strength, there would be no reason for them to go through all the trouble of stealing the etoile Magic Key…

It’s about time.

“Then, we’ll be going.”

“Hmm? Where to?”

As they were leaving the director’s office, pushing Princess Krell’s wheelchair, the director asked from behind. Maybe they thought they could stay here until the appointed time, but they couldn’t be so carefree.

Since Princess Krell had been attacked, I had decided to actively involve myself in the case.

“It’s decided—It’s Hyper Lovey-Dovey Time.”

“Don’t lie!”

Without waiting for the director’s response, I closed the door to the director’s office.

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